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Manage and control your online ordering and delivery business.
A powerful admin panel for easy management of every single and simple task.

Admin Dashboard


Admin dashboard is used to monitor all the activities going on different apps and panels. The admin dashboard shows growth meters and charts.

It is having the facility to apply the filters so that any particular data can be seen easily where also the admin can see the chats for easy analysis.



The admin can manage all the orders from the orders tab by applying filters to access the data and can download it in excel sheets for analysis.

The admin can keep an eye on every transaction held in any panel or app. The admin can see all the details regarding each transaction in the order list.



The admin can manage the deliveries very sufficiently from the deliveries tab and can also see the status of each of the delivery for taking further steps.

The admin has the access to see and download every delivery data like delivery ID, delivery person name, store name, delivery status and transaction mode and the amount.

Order History


Admin can see the history of each order with the status and other details. The admin can apply different filters to get the exact data they want.

The admin can download all the data available in the history in an excel file format. This helps to prepare the reports and do the analysis easily.

Canceled Delivery


It is possible to keep an eye on everything to run the business sufficiently and keeping it in profit mode. Admin can see all the canceled orders.

It is available to facilitate the admin and keeping them aware of their business so that they can take the necessary steps for the good of the business.



User management is one of the most important tasks while anybody is running a business. The admin can see and manage each user registered with their business.

The information of users like first name, last name, email ID, phone number etc can be used for making the user experience better with the business.

Managing Stores


The admin can manage the stores from the very first step. The store cannot provide the service until the admin approves the request of the store.

The admin has access to each of the store working associatively with them. The admin can also download that information in the excel file.

Managing Deliverymen


The admin reserves the exclusive right to approve the delivery persons to work with the business. The driver cannot start working until the admin approves.

Admin can verify the submitted documents by the drivers and check all the details of the drivers and the admin will take the decision or approval.

Map View


The map view is one useful advantage where the admin can check the location of users, drivers, and stores in a map view in the Google Maps.

The admin can check the location of a delivery person or a store at any time. It is used for reducing any kind of complexity in the delivery process.

In the map view, the admin can track the delivery person with the help of maps to check the real-time position and delivery status of the delivery person.

The admin can see new cities and new countries in the map view. It is a must while business in expanding in other cities and countries out of it`s native.

Payments & Earnings


Easy earning management with the earning tab where the record of each order is being stored with necessary details like order ID, user ID, store ID, deliveryman ID etc.

Order earnings will show the details of earings from each of the order, when the order was placed, what was the amount of the order all that will be included here.

Deliveryman weekly earning will show the details of the weekly earnings of each deliveryman associated with the business. The admin can export this details.

The weekly store earnings show the weekly earnings of the associated stores. At the same time, the admin can extract the data easily.

The wallet history shows each transaction with its ID, amount and other necessary details to help the admin in doing the analysis of wallet transactions.

Delivery Info


In the delivery info, the admin can have all the information about the delivery process and the admin can also manage different aspects of delivery.

The admin can on or off any of the stores just with a simple click of a toggle button so on a single platform the admin can manage multiple businesses.

Different type of vehicles can be added for the delivery process. Description and image can be edited and new vehicles can be added by the admin.

As the business expands into new countries, that country can be added in the app and panel from the admin panel. All the required information of the country is in-built.

Any city of any country can be added with the necessary information and functions by the admin. Here the delivery radius can be set.

The delivery price may vary as the city changes, for each different city the delivery price could be set as per the delivery radius and other factors.



Admin setting tab is one of the most powerful features of admin panel from where the admin can actually control the whole business.

There is an advantage of doing the advertisement for the business. The admin can do advertisement of the business from the advertising section.

Each of the promo code can be managed easily with the ID, promo code, creator name, the value of the promo code, and the total use of the code.

As the admin reserves the right to verify the submitted documents by the drivers in order to approve them, all submitted documents will be stored in documents tab.

The admin can create new admins and sub-admins by adding necessary details. That is how the distribution of power is possible in multi-partner business.



The mail templates can be used to do email marketing. The email IDs can be extracted from the registration data of the users by applying a filter.

The SMS template helps to do the SMS marketing. The format of the SMS can be preset and the data for SMS marketing can be retrieved from registration details.

Sending mass notification is the time saver marketing option available in the admin panel. The admin can send bulk messages by using this feature.

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