E-delivery App Step By Step Flow


A seamless e-delivery app for those businesses who are willing to run their ordering and delivery business online. The app is fully functional and adequate for the business of any field.



The users who are willing to buy something from the app or those are the stores or drivers willing to provide their services, all of them need to do registration first.

Once the registration process completes the user can start enjoying the app while the stores and drives need to wait for the approval of the admin of the app.

For registration and login, we have tried to stress down the process by including a whole new facility of social login where the user can login with an icon.

The social login feature allows the users to get rid of typing lots of things for registration and same username and password every time for login.

Explore The Menu


On home screen of customer, there will be different stores available which are providing different products. There are options for delivery also.

The customer has two different options for delivery. They can choose any one. Getting delivery just after ordering or they can schedule order.

The customer can simply click on any store and check out products, they can add the desired product in basket and manage all products.

Whenever customer is ready with order, they can move forward for confirming order and making payment with the help of online payment option.

Payment Procedure


The customers are having the convenient payment options as per their personal preference they can select any payment method available in the app.

For paying online there is a facility for the customers to select one payment method, either they can pay with any integrated e-wallet or they can pay from a card.

The customer has the flexibility to add more e-wallets and credit or debit card which they are using. It is one ideal way to encourage them for paying online.

The advantage of using referral codes, promo codes, and enjoying deals, discounts and many more things will always be there to provide benefit.

Order Reaches To The Store


As soon as the order is confirmed by the customer and the payment process is done, the order will reach to the store where the store will start working on it.

There will be some important information attached with the order like order number, ordered details, payment details which are used for delivery.

As the order is ready with the store, the store will check out for the nearest delivery person to assign the parcel for making the delivery of it.

If delivery person accepts store request for making delivery, store will handover parcel. Required details for delivery will be available on driver’s app.

Invoicing & Tracking


As soon as order will be ready, invoice will be generated for order and it will be sent with delivery person to provide invoice to customer with parcel.

An invoice will have all the payment details on it, like the total amount of the order, applied tax, any extra charges, and referral or promo code discounts if applied.

Whenever delivery person would take over parcel, the store, the customer and the admin all will be able to track parcel and check delivery status.

The real-time tracking system will keep everyone aware of the delivery person`s position. The delivery status helps everyone to get alerts of the parcel delivery.

Feedback & Ratings


The user can rate and review the products and services of the store or they can even share their views about the delivery services they have got from the app.

The stores can share their reviews about the customers, that is how other stores and customers can know about the quality of the products and service.

Who do not have time for writing a whole review in a detail they can save time by just clicking on rating stars to share their views and feedback.

Check The History

The order history helps to reorder. If the customers are not able to find any product or they are not willing to hassle exploring again can go in order history.

It is one of the quick ways to place the order for something and saving the time. The order history is mostly used for the quickly consumable items and the products.

The order would be shifted to the order history once delivery of the order has been completed or in the case where the order has been canceled.

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