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Full Fletch System For Your Delivery Business!.

Try the demo of E-Delivery Applications with User and Store Panels.





Customer App and Panel

  1. Sign Up or Login as Customer
  2. Select Items from the Store or Menu
  3. Order Item from the menu displayed
  4. Make online payment for the items ordered
  5. Track your order for delivery
  6. Review for the experience

Store Application and Web Panel

  1. Manage your complete store with App or Panel.
  2. Add/Remove Products from the Panel
  3. Create Order to be delivered.
  4. Add or remove ingredients
  5. Make items available or unavailable.

Delivery Provider’s Application

  1. Register or Sign in as Delivery Person
  2. Get Order Requests
  3. Track Earning and Get Notified of Deliveries.
  4. Check History
  5. Go Online/Offline For Deliveries

Admin Panel to Manage Complete System

  1. Super-panel to track and analyze the application working
  2. Control over tracking revenue and orders
  3. Segmenting the system functionality for specific user or reasons.
  4. Analyse the orders in queue
  5. Check payment history and reports.