Understand your customer’s shopping tendencies by having a deep look to improve the process.

Store Can Add Own Providers

Instead of working with the app`s providers, stores can add their own providers.

Store Can Set Own Delivery Pricing

Set your own pricing for your products, items or services you offer as a store.

Store Can Upload Product Item Using Excel Sheet

Now just an Excel sheet is enough to get rid of uploading each item manually.

Store Dispatch Panel

Manage everything easily with a separate dispatch panel for your own store.

Item Inventory Management

Handle inventory in the most effortless manner with item inventory management.

Store Can Make Group Of Product Timewise

Categorize the items and form groups of items timewise for better opportunities.

Store Dashboard

The liberal approach of store dashboard is an integration to empower the stores.

Table Booking

Manage the internal table booking of your store with this additional feature.

Store Can Complete Order

Complete the order by your own from the app with just a tap on a button.

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