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Rental Package DIY Package
(Do it Yourself)
Advance Package Enterprise Package
Get A Quote Get A Quote Get A Quote Get A Quote
Installation (addon) Included Included
Monthly Support via Ticketing System via Ticketing System via Ticketing System via Ticketing System
Payment Gateway
- Stripe (Check Supported Countries)
- PaystackNew (Check Supported Countries)
SMS Gateway Twillio Twillio Twillio Twillio
Support Period
( In Between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm IST,
Monday to Friday )
Included Not included 3 Months 6 Months
Paid Support Cost
(Optional to subscribe after free support ends) – Recommended
Included Not included $499 / Month $499 / Month
Source Code
Customized Payment Gateway Addon Addon Addon
Package Includes
Native iOS Customer App
Native iOS Delivery App
Native iOS Store App
Native Android Customer App
Native Android Delivery App
Native Android Store App
Admin Web Panel
Customer Web Panel
Store Web Panel
App Color Change
App Language Translation
Installation to Server
Complete White Label
Submission to Google and App Store
User App and Panel Features
Social Sign Up
Reset Forgot Password
Enter Address Or Select From Map
Multiple Search Filters For Store
Select Multiple Items
Add Favorite Stores
Contactless Delivery
Order History
(List of all previous orders with details)
Multiple Payment Methods
(e-wallet, credit/debit cards, cash)
Share Referral Code
Tip Deliveryman
Chat with Driver or Support
Access Promo Codes
Select Language
Schedule or Instant Orders
Request Special Preferences For Items
Add Delivery Note
Change Delivery Address Before Checkout
Change Profile Details
Invoice Generation
Track Deliveryman
Generate Confirmation Code for Driver
Cancel Order with Valid Reason
Add Multiple Credit/Debit Cards
Book A Table
(From given time intervals, reserve a table in the restaurant, and order)
Provider App Features
Social Sign Up
Reset Forgot Password
Document Verification
Add Bank Details
Add Multiple Credit/Debit Cards
Set Online/Idle Status
Share Referral Code
Navigation from App
Accept/Reject Request
Calling And Messaging
Analyze Earnings
Analyze History of Delivery
Add and Manage Vehicles
Chat With Customers
Update Profile
Wallet History and Transactions
Store App and Panel Features
Social Sign Up
Reset Forgot Password
Add Document for Verification
Add Bank Details
Manage Profile
Create Order for Customers
Create Parcel Order for Customers
Create Pickup Order for Customers
Select Languages
Order List
(Separate Orders List - Past, Today, Tomorrow, Schedule, Table Booking)
Dipatch Orders
Current Week History, Current Month History
Analyze Order and Delivery Reviews
Earnings- Weekly, Monthly, and Overall
Manage Store's Menu
Add Category and Subcategory in Menu
Import and Export Data Sheets
Add and Manage Own driver
Create Sub Admin
Create and Update Promo Codes
(Coupons can be set based on Time, Date, Recursion, Ordering Conditions)
Delivery Time Settings
Store Time Settings
Order Cancellation Settings
Admin Panel Features
Analytical Dashboard
Dispatch Order
Add Countries & Cities
Manage Earnings
Manage Providers
Store Management
Set Referral
Set Admin Profit
Draw Delivery Zone
Add Multi Language
Manage Vehicle
Manage Users
Manage Providers
Add and Manage Sub admin
Check Activity Log
Examine Reviews
Analyze Multiple Deliveries
Set Delivery Fees
Manage Documents
Add Promo Code
Create Ads
View Order Details
Order History Analysis
Set Earnings for Provider
Set Earnings for Store
Wallet History
Send Mass Push Notification
View Store's Location
View Deliveryman's location
Deliveryman Tracking
Set Privacy, Terms and Conditions for Customer, Provider and Store
Force Update Option for Apps

Payment Gateway Supported In Various Countries

- Stripe
Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Canada | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Denmark | stonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hong Kong | Hungary | India | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malaysia | Malta | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Singapore | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States

Request an Invite: Croatia | Gibraltar | Indonesia | Liechtenstein

- Paystack New
South Africa | Nigeria | Ghana