Store App Step By Step Flow


A Versatile Store App to Handle Every Task of Online Ordering and Delivery That Is Stuffed with Advanced Features for Operating the Business Efficiently.



The information about current orders like name, address, amount of order, payment method, order number can be seen in current orders tab.

The schedule order tab shows all the details just as the current orders do. Along with that the date and time set for each of the scheduled order.


Delivery management task is hardest among all for any online ordering and delivery business. We have simplified it with our delivery tab.
The deliveries tab will show all the required details like name, address, amount, order number, payment method used to handle the delivery.

Items & Products


From here the stores can add new items and products on the display menu. They can simply manage them by keeping enabled or disabled as per need.

All the items and products will contain the fields like product name, item name, product image, item description, specifications, price and stock details.

Account & Profile


Every store can manage their own profile and account with the help of store app where they can maintain the required details about their business.

The stores can add a store image, store name, email address and contact number in order to run the business smoothly every day and keep it evergreen.

Product Management


The stores can add new products or remove any products from the product management tab. That is how the product management becomes easy.

While adding any product to display the of the store, it needs to enter information like product name, item name, and specifications to allow customization in order.
The stock can be managed very easily with a toggle button which can be on/off as per the stock availability remains with the store for any particular item.

Bank Details & Document


The store can directly get paid into their bank account and for that, they can add bank details like bank name, account holder name, and account number.

The stores can add different documents and ID proofs. There is a facility where they can add details of documents along with image of the document.

Payments & Sharings

The payment can be accepted with the help of any integrated e-wallet or card. The store can add more than one wallet or card at a time for more flexibility.

Every integrated wallet shows the current balance and referral codes can be shared so that everyone who is using the referral code can get some benefit.



The total earnings and statistics can be seen in different assorted manner. Different information is available for daily and weekly earnings.

The total number of orders, total sold items, accepted orders and ratio, rejected orders and ratio, completed orders and ratio all information is available in an assorted manner.

Along with all other information the total earning details, received order payment details, and store profit details will be there in the earnings section.



Every store has its own different needs and by keeping it in mind we have tried to facilitate the stores to manage different things through different settings.

The settings can help in frequent dealing with different financial policies presented by the authorities. With the help of tax on bill feature, this can be done easily.

The stores can manage store address, delivery timings, free delivery and minimum order price, free delivery radius, order cancellation charges.

Create Order & Instance Order


The stores itself can create the order. It is helpful for those customers who are not able to use the online facility but they still want to purchase from the store.

The instance order shows different information just as the order amount, delivery notes, address, full name of the customer, and contact number.

Promo List


The promos can be announced in the app by any of the stores. As it is a kind of marketing, it gives a positive push to the stores and the selling.

The promos can be generated with the necessary information as the promo name, the starting and ending date of that particular promo and the total amount.

Reviews & Help


The store can post reviews about customers with store name and photo accompanied by the text as a part of the feedback, date, and ratings.

The stores can take the help by contacting the help desk at any time by directly calling or they can simply send an email regarding the problem.

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