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Store Panel Step By Step Flow


Managing the business is now having an easy way with our store panel.
To handle the daily tasks of any store is now an effortless thing with our feature-filled store panel specially designed according to all the needs of every ordering and delivery business.

Create Order


Order Management

Orders are one of the most versatile features of the store panel where the store gets the information of each order in different categories.
The stores can see the assorted categories of the orders like new orders, accepted orders, in-process orders and ready to delivery orders.
All the order details will contain information related to order like order number, username, contact number, address, along with order status and payment details.

Delivery Managment

A map based delivery tab which is having multiple useful functionalities for the stores to manage the deliveries of each and every product.
The store can check the order number and based on that the date and time of the order, username, delivery person’s name, delivery status etc.
The delivery status of each order helps the stores a lot to manage the deliveries seamlessly, they can also reassign the order if order not delivered.

Keep History


Set Menu


Offer Promo Code


Manage Profile


Settings For Everything


Easy Earnings


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