Admin Panel Step By Step Flow

An advanced Admin Dashboard to manage the transportation business. Access your national and international ride-sharing business online.

  • With the help of the admin dashboard, admin can do the monitoring on their business and see that how many countries connect with their business.

  • Admin can get all information related to the earning and payment with the graphical view. They can also get the information related to the registered users and trip request related details.

  • Today’s Request

    Admin can check Today’s taxi booking details with all details like User ID & Name, Provider ID, Service Type, Created and Completed Date, Status, Amount details Payment status, etc.

  • Completed Request

    Admin can see the completed request of the trip with the details of user ID & name, provider ID, service type, created and completed date, status, amount details, payment status, etc

  • Schedule Request

    In which, admin can see the user’s ID & name, pickup time, locations of pickup and destination, payment amount, and payment mode.

User Reviews
  • Admin can check the rider’s review related to trip services in which they can see the trip ID, date, user’s Email address, rating, provider’s Email address and provider’s rating details with advanced filter option and export excel option to download all the data in excel sheet.

Cancellation Reason
  • Admin can see the cancellation reason with details like trip ID, user ID, cancellation date, username, provider’s ID & name, and the name of the person who canceled the trip.

Provider Map View
  • Admin can see the driver’s current location on the Google Map with the details like provider name, car model, service rating, current status and active or inactive service details.

Provider Tracking
  • With the help of GPS services, admin can track all the drivers with all details. They can track country and city wise drivers.

Service Providers
  • Online Providers

    Admin can see the online provider’s details like their ID, name, phone number, profile, car, city, wallet, app version, and all the details related to trips along with edit and decline record option. Admin can explore the details.

  • Approved Providers

    Admin can check all provider’s details which approved by them and working with their business. Admin can see the details like their ID, name, contact number, city, profile, car, wallet, and the trip records with all the details of the trip.

  • UnApproved Providers

    This is the list of providers who send the request to the admin to do work as a taxi driver. Admin can see their ID, name, Email address, city, country, app version and registered date.

  • Admin can see the details of all users and also see the blocked users’ details.

  • Admin can check the blocked and unblocked user’s details with their id, name, Email, phone, trip service request, city, referral code, wallet, app version, registered date with an action of edit and filter option.

  • Admin can unblock the users which are in the block list.

  • Admin has an authority to add a new dispatcher

  • Admin can check the details of dispatchers like how many requests are done by them with their name, Email address and contact no. Admin can sort and search the data as per requirements.

  • Admin has an authority to add a new hotel in their business.

  • Admin can see the hotel details like hotel name, Email address, contact numbers and country name.

  • Admin can see that how many partners are connected with the taxi business? Admin can check all the information like partner name, Email address, and contact number.

Service Type
  • Admin has an authority to add new vehicle type to provide more flexible services.

  • Admin can edit the taxi services with vehicle name and service type. Also make it ON/OFF for the business.

  • To make an international taxi business, admin can add multiple countries in the business.

  • Admin can edit all details like currency and the sign of a particular country with its flag. They can add the bonus to user and referral with referral’s maximum usage.

Service Type
  • City

    Admin can check the list of cities which are added in their business. They can see the city’s country name, and all the details like city name, code, zip code and know that business is on/off in the city.

  • Type And City Association

    Admin can see the details of country and city with on/off services. They can also see that which type of taxi service is available in the city.

  • Trip Earning

    In the trip earning, admin can see the information about a particular trip with trip ID, provider’s ID, name and Email address, when the trip ended. They see the provider’s earning amount details with cash or card payment and promo and referral amounts.

Daily Earning
  • Admin can see the daily earning report and they can search and sort the records with filtering option. They can explore the data in excel sheet.

  • Admin can see the total trips, completed trips, total earnings, different type of payments, earnings of partners and admin. In the separate record, they can check the details like provider ID, their name, email id, date, and fees.

Weekly Earning
  • Admin can see the all over week’s record with the searching and sorting option. They can explore the data with filtering option.

  • Admin can get the details related to drivers like driver’s name, ID number, Email address, trip’s starting and ending date, and fees of the driver. From the action button, get all details in depth.

Partner Payment
  • Admin can know about the partner’s payment details with partner’s ID, name, trip’s starting and ending date and all payment details like total amount and which payment method is used by the riders.

Pending Payment
  • Admin can see that who’s payment is pending with the details of Trip like ID, username, Email address, date, and payment message and trip’s charged.

Basic Setting
  • Notification Setting

    Admin has an authority to do the notification settings and send the notification to the users like to send the SMS and Email for any kind of information.

  • Theme Setting

    Admin can do the settings related to the theme and change it as per their choices.

  • Basic App Satting

    In a basic app setting, admin can set the country details like currency code, time zone, provider’s timeout seconds and search radius or many other things.

  • iOS Certificates

    Admin can set the certificate mode and push the iOS user’s certificate and key file and also set the same things for the providers.

Installation Setting
  • SMS Configuration

    Admin can manage SMS service gateway. We integrate Twilio as SMS gateway. They can manage Twilio Id, Auth. Token, and Twilio Number.

  • Email Configuration

    Set the Domain Email address for the Email Configuration and also update it as per the requirements.

  • Basic App Setting

    In a basic app setting, admin sets the App name and which version is used in the app.

  • Google Map API Key

    To provide location-based services on apps, we integrate and use the Google API service.

  • Payment Configuration

    We integrate Stripe as a default payment gateway. Admin can manage payment gateway ID and Unique key details.

  • GCM Api Key

    Admin can manage GCM key for the services of notification.

  • Android App Url

    Admin can set Android app URL on call to action button for users to download.

Promo Codes
  • Admin can add and manage the information of promo code like a promo code, country, type, value, uses, state, promo code is expired or not. The action button is available to edit and decline.

  • Admin can manage and check the users and driver’s documents with their ID number, name, and country name and they can add or decline them.

Mail Template
  • Admin can manage mail template and essential details like Email template Id, Email Title, Email Admin Info and Email Content etc.

Admin Setting
  • Admin can manage the different mail ID for Email sharing details and set it as per the requirements.

SMS Template
  • Admin can manage SMS template with their unique ID and SMS title.

Send Mass Notification
  • We integrate Mass notification features for the admin to share the news related to business to all connected users. They can use this feature as advertising purpose to share promo code or other details.

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