Customer & Driver App Step By Step Work Flow

To provide the reliable service flow to the riders and drivers, we offer Android and iOS customer and driver applications.

Login & Registration
  • Login is the compulsory process to use the application. To send and receive taxi service, users have to do login.

  • If users are not registered and not have an ID & Password, they can do registration with all required details.

  • Social Media platform is available for the login process. Users can use their Facebook or Gmail account for the Login.

App Menu
  • In the app menu, drivers and riders can create their profile with all requires details and profile image.

  • Drivers can send their documents to get the approval from the admin.

  • Riders can see their previous trip history with all details

  • To get the payment amount from the Admin, drivers can send the bank details.

Taxi Booking By Riders
  • Riders set their pickup and destination location to book the trip.

  • Riders have multiple vehicle options. They can select the vehicle from the list as per their comfortability.

  • They get the estimation of time and fare for the trip.

Driver Get A Request
  • Drivers get the trip request from the riders when they are online.

  • They have an option to accept and reject the rider’s request.

  • When drivers are not in their working schedule, they go with the OFFLINE option. It shows that drivers are not active for the services.

Rider Can Check the Driver’s Details
  • Riders can check the nearby driver’s full details with their profile before they send the trip request to the driver.

  • They can know about the driver’s current location and how many times they will take to pick up them.

  • They can check that trip cancellation is possible or not. And if it is possible, then how many charges they have to pay for the cancellation.

Start Trip
  • When they start the trip, they get the estimation of the trip fare and ETA details.

  • During the trip, if drivers don’t know the location, they can use the Google Map to find the location.

  • We integrate the route optimization and navigation functionality for the drivers to reach any location ASAP.

  • We also integrate the calling facility so drivers can call the riders and dispatchers for any query and question related to services.

Invoice Details
  • Drivers and Riders can see the complete Invoice details of the trip. In which they can see that it’s a fixed price trip or not? Which payment method is used by the riders? They also get the details of Referral code and Promo bonus with its amount.

  • At the end of the invoice, they get the total payment amount of the trip and also see the wallet amount details.

Review and Rating
  • Drivers and riders can share their experience by writing reviews and giving rates.

  • Riders share their experience as per the trip facility and services that they get from the drivers. And drivers give their reviews as per the experiences they get from the riders.

Profile Management
  • To make a personal identity, all the users can create their profile with all details like name, contact number, Email address and profile picture.

  • As per the requirements, users can edit the profile details and change their password.

Trip Details
  • Riders can see their completed and pending trip details with the trip date, locations, time, payments, trip cancellation, and drivers details.

  • Drivers can see all competed and canceled trips with all details. They can check their daily, weekly and monthly trip details and know that how many riders they got and from which areas.

Payment Methods & Emergency Contacts
  • Riders have multiple payment options to pay for the trip charges. They can make payment either cash or card.

  • We integrate the SOS Panic button facility for the emergency situation. For that users can add more than one contact number to do call in the emergency situation.

Driver’s Earning Details
  • In the earning reports, drivers can see their daily, weekly and monthly earnings reports with all required details. They can see the graphical representation of their earnings reports.

  • They can see all details about the trip with payment details, earning details and wallet details.

Vehicle Management By Drivers
  • Drivers have the rights to add, edit or delete vehicles and they can ON/OFF their particular vehicle’s services for the riders.

  • Drivers can do the vehicle management in which they can manage all details related to a vehicle like Vehicle’s name & model, number plate, color, etc.

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