Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is EBER?

EBER is our premium taxi app and a complete white label solution. It is a bunch full of different apps like Rider App, Driver App and consoles like Partner Console, Admin Console, Hotel Console, and others. It is an ideal option for entrepreneurs and startup personalities to go with.

EBER is our exclusive native Android and iOS development. Specifically, for Android development, Java is the programming language that we use and the development platform for Android is Android Studio. For iOS, we use Objective-C for the development purpose and Xcode is the platform. The support version for both the platforms are JellyBean and above and 8.0 and above respectively.

Which Type Of License Do You Provide With The Purchase Of EBER App?

With the purchase of our EBER taxi app, we provide a single user license at that time. Such a license can be used only for one business. It is possible to extend the usability of the app for multiple uses. Contact us at [email protected] to inquire about converting your single user business license into a multi-user business license. We are always available to solve your doubts related to our taxi app or any other relevant problem.

Which Default Payment Gateway Is Attached With EBER?

For an improved and enhanced user experience, we have included Stripe as the default payment gateway in our EBER white label taxi app, as it is one of the most popular payment gateways in the world. But the client can get more payment gateways added to the app as per their requirement.

We will be happy to integrate payment gateways of your choice with the app as per your choice. We offer free regional payment gateway integration. That means you will get the most popular payment gateway of your region integrated with the app absolutely free and without spending more from your budget.

Is The Source Code Included In The Purchase Package?

We offer two separate packages of EBER app to each of our clients. One is the standard package and another one is the enterprise package. You can choose the package according to the needs. The availability of the source code for EBER app depends on the package that you choose.

The offered enterprise package does include the source code of all the apps and consoles of EBER with the single-use license. In the standard package, there is no provision to provide the source code of apps and consoles of our EBER app along with the purchase of the single-user license.

What Is Your After Sales Support Policy?

The after sales support lease for 3 months at no-cost from the date of purchase. You can get our support even after the end of the period of no-cost support that ends after the 3 months of purchase. For additional support after the end of the no-cost supporting period, we offer convenient support packages to choose from.

The 3 months of no-cost support period includes the support for issue resolution and crash. Along with that, you will get app updates, if that is required due to the version updates of OS or any other reason. The no-cost support period does not include any kind of feature addition request.

Is It Possible To Customize The App With Custom Features?

Yes, it would be a joyful experience for you watching us adding the features of your choice into your dream app as we provide complete customization facility for our EBER taxi app. You can get the quote for your additional requirements at any time by writing directly to us at [email protected]

It is not always that you need to pay for each and every feature that you wish in your dream app. Some features would be added to your app without any extra cost. For the other paid features you want to be added to the app will be as per our add-ons cost.

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