Customer Apps


The user needs to register first with the app and after that login enables them to enjoy all the ultra-modern features of taxi booking.

Social Media Login

Users can directly click on preferred social media icon from the presented ones to complete the process of registration and login.

Set The Location

Setting location is easy by pinpointing the pickup and destination locations on the maps or by entering the address of the location.

Create Profile

The users can create a detailed profile where they can add each and every necessary information into the profile to make it identical.

Vehicle Selection Option

Now the app users can select the preferred type of vehicle according to the requirement from the app`s vehicle selection option.

Ride Now Or Later

The app users can differ the need of a ride like instant and future rides with the facility of the ride now and ride scheduling option.

Fix Rate Option

Fix rate ride is a significant feature of the app where the rider can enjoy fixed rate rides for all the popular riding routes of the city.

Vehicle Details

The user can check all the details of the vehicle they are going to ride in like plate number, vehicle type, car ID, driver name etc.

Apply The Promo

For adding more benefit to each of the rides the user can apply promo codes managed by the admin and get some advantage.

Reviews And Rating

On the basis of service that the riders have received, they can give rating and reviews as a part of sharing feedbacks and views.

Cash And Card Payment

It is up to the riders whether they want to make the payment for the ride in cash or they want to go with the secured online payment.


For the purpose of confirmation, the riders will receive a verification code via an Email or SMS to check the authenticity of the request.

Fare Estimate And ETA

The riders can check the fare estimation even before the ride-booking along with that they can also know the estimated time of arrival.

Able To Call Driver

In any important situation, the rider can call the driver and communicate with them to make them aware about the situation or changes.

SOS Panic Button

It is a specially integrated feature for the riders to help them deal with emergencies by informing relatives with the SOS panic button.

Cancel Trip

At any time, the rides are free to cancel the ride. They can do so with the help of ride cancellation feature included in the rider app.

Surge Price

The benefit of surge pricing would always be there for the riders. As the riders need to pay only the most relevant rate of the ride.

Recover The Password

The riders can recover the password from the app if they have forgotten it or even if there are some sort of serious security concerns.

Invoice Details

Each of the time when a rider rides with the app, they receive a detailed invoice in the app after the completion of the ride.

Wait Time Charges

If the rider gets late to catch the already booked cab, they need to pay extra charges to the driver as waiting time charges.

Favorite Location

The riders can save some of their favorite locations from where they frequently need riding facility to any particular destination.

Real-Time Driver’s Status

It is possible with the app to track the driver and know the real-time location with the help of real-time driver status facility.

Driver Apps


The drivers willing to work with the app needs to register first with the app and then after login enables them receiving ride requests.

Social Media Login

The drives can take advantage of single tap social login feature where they just need to tap on any preferred social media icon to login.

Document Uploading

The drivers can upload necessary documents for verification purpose within the app. They can also upload other documents as well.

Create Profile

If the driver wishes, they can add more details to the profile and make it more specific with the help of added extra details.

Get The Trip Requests

As soon as the driver get approval from the admin, they will be able to get the trip requests instantly after the completion of verification.

Request Option

The request option enables the drivers to accept the request if they are willing to complete the ride request sent by any of the riders.

Auto Offline When Idles

The driver will automatically go offline if they will stay idle for a long time or busy with serving any rider and already on a trip.

Interactive Map

The interactive map feature makes the drivers fully aware of the routes on which they are going to ride the taxi to reach the location.


Navigation feature leads the driver to the destination by showing the real-time distance and routes on the app`s map screen.

Cancel The Trip

In any misconception`s situation, the driver can even cancel the trip from their side if the entered location by the rider is wrong or for any other reason.

Visitor Type

The driver can choose the type of riders they want to serve like they can choose to serve special riders who need special handling.


For each of the time, the driver can check the earnings within the app where they can check the amount along with other details.


The driver needs to complete the verification process first in order to start serving the riders by working collaboratively with the app.

Invoice Details

Drivers can check the invoice with all the details like rider name, ride ID, amount paid, the distance of the ride, the payment platform etc.

Able To Call

The driver can call the rider in case they want to inform the rider about any updates or changes needs to take place for the ride.

Admin Dashboard


The admin dashboard is a single-screen manager for the admin from where they can keep track of each ongoing activity of the app.

Today’s Request

Handling the requests of the current day is easy for the admin. A single click on the button can simply make everything done.

Complete Request

As the ride gets over it gets commence in the completed request category from where the admin can explore it in a detailed manner

Scheduled Requests

The admin can manage the scheduled requests and all its details like request ID, pickup time, rider name, pickup and destination address etc.

Review And Rate

Admin can examine the reviews and ratings stored in the system. They can check on the feedback and provider with other information.

Cancellation Reason

To maintain the quality of the service provided by the app, the admin can check all the cancellation reasons to make the service better.

Map View

The map view is an advantage for the admin as it provides easy to look visuals on the app where all the drivers and users can be tracked.

Online Provider

It is important to manage all the online providers. And to serve this purpose the dashboard has a separate feature to do that.

Approved Provider Details

The admin reserves a special power to check and edit the approved provider`s all the details where the admin can modify the details.

Unapproved Providers

There will be a separate list of unapproved providers from where the admin can check the documents for the verification purpose.

User Details

The admin can manage the user details with the rights of modifying the details and even deleting it in certain situations.

Dispatcher Details

With the help of the admin dashboard, the admin can add or remove any dispatcher and even can modify their details as well.

Hotels Details

The admin can manage the hotel details of all the hotels associated with the app and can add a new one to the list or can remove one.

Service Provider Details

The admin can check all the details of the service providers separately and in an in-depth manner settled under different categories.

Partner Details

Only the admin can add the partner to the app. Without the permission of the admin, a partner account does not get activated.

Multiple Countries

If it is possible to expand the business in multiple countries why the app shouldn’t be expanded along with the business? It is now possible.

Multiple Cities

The admin can add more cities to the app just as they do with the countries. The procedure remains the same and it is an easy way.

Multiple Service Type

The types of services available in the app depend on business policies. The admin can change the available services on the app.

Payment Details

It is an advantage for the admin, where they can check the payment details for each of the ride and its relevant details along with it.

Daily Earning

It is an advanced feature for the business where the admin can check out daily earnings of the business and can also apply filters.

Weekly Earning

Same as the daily earnings the admin can check the earnings on weekly basis and here also they can apply some sort of filters.

Trip Earning

Admin is facilitated to check the trip earnings. That is how the admin can check every single detail of the trip and work for betterment.

Partner Payment

The partner panel board of the admin dashboard enables the admin to see and manage all the activities related to partner payment.

Pending Payment

It is in under the authorization of admin to check and manage all the pending amount and its data with a simple click of a button.

Wallet History

All the wallet history of everyone whether they are riders, drivers, dispatchers or partners, it is possible for the admin to check those details.


Making changes in the different kind of settings like installation of features, issuing promo codes to the app is under the control of the admin.

Basic Setting

From the basic settings area, the admin can manage the business countries, currency changes, time zone changes and many more.

Notification Setting

With a button of start and stop the admin can easily manage the notification settings where they can handle all the notification related tasks.

Theme Setting – Logo

The theme settings enable the admin to set the logo and change it at any time as per their need or policy of the business.

Auto Sign

The theme setting is a versatile area which simplifies multiple tasks from a single place like the auto sign management and changes.

Mail Title Image

The admin can set and change the mail title image for the email templates from the theme settings as many times they want.

Title Icon

the admin can upload, change and manage the title icon from the theme settings as per the business policies permits to do so.

iOS Certificates Mode Setting

It is possible to manage the iOS certification mode settings from the admin panel where the admin can manage different kinds of settings.


Document related settings can be managed by the admin from here where the admin can set the required documents and check the uploaded documents.

Promo Code

Issuing promo codes with details like code, country, code type, code status, expire date is possible with the promo code section.

Installation Settings

Adding new features to the existing app is possible by applying all the necessary settings from the installation settings section.

Mail Template Setting

Adding mail templates to the app and making any kind of changes in it with the details like title, info etc. is easily possible for the admin.

SMS Template Setting

For taking the advantage of in-built promotional stuff the admin can set different SMS templates and change the settings as well.

Admin Setting

The admin can add sub-admins from the admin dashboard by managing and changing the rights allocation to each of the sub-admin.

Send Mass Push Notification

For making aware the riders about any business news, app updates or any promotional activities the admin can use this feature.

Search Required Data

The searching bar makes the data exploration task simple. The admin can use it at any time to search the relevant data they want.

Sorting The Data

The admin can sort the needed data by using the data sorting feature where they can even check the data in ascending or descending order.

Date Wise Filtering

Applying date wise filters makes the searching and exploration of data easier. The admin can apply the different type of filters to get the data.

Explore The Records

All the explored records can be seen in the excel sheet and the admin can download the sheets for the various business purpose.

Dispatcher Panel


The dispatchers can start working with the app as soon as they complete the registration process and login into the app from their profile.

Social Media Login

The social media login might be the biggest advantage for the dispatchers which saves their time whenever it comes to logging in.

Create Profile

Each of the dispatcher willing to work with the app can create and manage their separate profile by adding relevant details to it.

Create Requests

As soon as the registration process gets completed, the dispatcher can start creating the ride requests on behalf of the riders.

Search From Request History

The dispatcher of the app can search for any particular information from the history where they can search for rider ID, driver ID etc.

Data Sorting

The dispatcher can get retrieved all the necessary data in a different manner like ascendingly or descendingly sorted data.

Date Filter

To explore the data for some particular dates, the date filters helps to make it possible by entering just starting and ending dates.

Export The Data

The dispatcher can export the data in the excel sheet format for the requests which they have created on behalf of the riders.

Future Requests

The dispatcher can even create a scheduled ride request for the riders to enjoy the ride in the near future like for next day or next week.

Bank Details

To receive the payment from the admin directly in the bank account, the dispatcher needs to enter the bank details into the profile.

Manage Requests

The dispatcher can manage all the requests which they have created with the details like pick up and destination location etc.

Fare Estimates

After entering all the details for a ride, the dispatcher also gets the fare estimate for the ride request which they have created.

Customer Panel


The login is needed for the riders willing to book the cabs on demand anywhere and anytime. To complete this process registration is the must.

Social Media Login

Using any social media accounts can make the task of registration and login very simple. Just a single tap can complete the task.

Recover The Password

Password recovery is possible from the user panel in case the rider has forgotten the password or just wanted to reset it for any reason.

Set Location

Along with the address of pick up and destination location, the riders can set the locations of that from the rider panel as an easy access.

Create Profile

The riders can create a complete identical profile from the rider panel by adding more details and modifying it as per the convenience.

Select Vehicle type

According to the need of the time, the riders can select the type of vehicle. Like they can select a normal ride or can enjoy a luxury ride.

Ride Now Or Later

The riders can pre-book the cab which they need in the near future like next hour, next day, any day of next week or even for next month.

Payment Option

There are plenty of payment options available with riders to pay for their ride. They can go for cash payment or can even pay online.

Apply For The Promo

The riders can apply for the promo codes issued by the admin to get some advantage or benefit for each ride they are booking.


As a part of ride confirmation after booking, the riders receive a verification code either on their email address or via a mobile SMS.


The riders can check the ride history from here where they can explore various rides like completed rides, canceled rides, scheduled rides etc.

Data Filter

Data filters help the riders to search the exact data which they are looking for in a very less amount of time. So it`s a time-saving option.

Searching And Sorting

The riders can sort and search the data to get an easy reach to the data like IDs or service provider details they might be looking for.

Explore The Data

The riders can explore all the data they want in an excel sheet and can even download that same data for an offline exploration experience.

Driver Panel

Manage Profile

The drivers can manage their profile. They can add, edit or delete details like name, contact number, email address etc. in the profile.


All the history of each and every trip with it`s all the details would be stored in the history section from where the driver can check it.


The driver can apply a different kind of filters to retrieve different kinds of details and to sort and search the data in an effortless way.

Upload Documents

The documents needed to start the service with the app and verification purpose can be directly uploaded by the driver from the panel.

Bank Details

Drivers can add bank details like bank name, bank account number, account holder name etc. to the profile to get paid into the bank account.

Manage Vehicle

The driver can manage the vehicles from the panel where they can add or remove vehicles and can also modify the vehicle details.

Earning Details

The earning details section shows the driver earning for each trip and also daily and weekly earnings for easy analysis purpose.

Partner Panel

Create Profile

The partner needs to create own profile from the partner panel in order to start working with the business activities and to manage it.

Service Provider

Each business partner can add service providers on their own. To add service providers they need to fill the details in the panel.


The request feature enables the partner to create ride requests on behalf of the riders from the partner panel by entering the details.

Partner Earning

It is easy for partners to check the earnings. It is possible to do it online with the help of partner panel which facilitates partners to do it.

Hotel Panel


The hotel willing to collaborate with the taxi business can register with it and then after they can login to start booking cabs for their guests.

Social Media Login

Clicking on any of the social media icon presented on the panel will do the registration and login into the panel with a single click.


For the hotels, profile creation and maintenance is possible with the hotel panel where they can work with a different kind of information.

Exploring Data

From the hotel panel, the hotel can explore all the requests in an excel format sheet with an export data button available in the panel.

Request History

It is possible for the hotels to check the ride request history from the hotel panel which they have booked for their guests.

Create Request

The hotels themselves can create the ride request for their guests from the hotel panel where they just need to add required info.

Sort And Search Filter

For an easy exploration of the data the hotel might be looking for, sort and search option facilitates them to do in the easiest way.

Future Request

The rise scheduling facility for the guests is available in the hotel panel where the hotels can schedule the future rides for their guests.

Date Filter

For date wise data exploration, the hotels have the date filters to apply where they need to just put the start and end date for the data search.