Customer App

Customer app is available in Android and iOS platform for the users to sign up and use for ordeing service. We build it in the native platform with the latest technology.

Provider App

Provider App is available in Android and iOS platform to sign up and accept the item’s delivery, we build it in the native platform with the latest technology.

Store App

Store App is available in Android and iOS platform to register and update the store items with ingredients details and stock information.

Customer App

Customise customer solution to order the items from the store menu online

Register/Login/Social Login

Customer can Register/login instantly with social media or username/phone number and password.

Pickup & Destination By Type

Setup location of the item and decide the destination of the delivery of product.

Order List

See all completed, rejected and waiting for an approval order list with details of total amount, outlets, and product name.

Categories/Sub Categories

Select the item from the category and it’s subcategories as distributed by outlets.

Order now or schedule

The user can order their items instant or schedule order as per requirement

Multi Outlets

Access multiple outlets in surrounding area or search a particular store with a name.


Filter different outlets list in price, rating, delivery time, product, item and radius wise.

Map View

See all active service providing outlets with a real-time location on the google map.

Add Favorite

Customer can add any particular store as a favorite if they like store’s services and manage that list to add/remove.

Store Detail

See the outlets details along with reviews and like/dislike other reviewer’s comments.


Get an outlet navigation with complete address and other detail.

Get notifications

Customers get notification from the outlets like order confirmation, offers, discounts, status update etc.

Add to Cart

Add selected items to the cart with add/remove item quantity option.

Payment Option

Customer has a payment option like COD, debit or credit card or In-app Wallet to pay order charge.

Order History

User can check an order history with running and completed order’s details and providers and stores details


User gets a digital invoice for their order fees with details of delivery, delivery charge, offers, tax, discount etc.

Change Address

Change delivery location with autocomplete or pin location if customer wants.

Rate and Review

User can rate store and provider and give the review related to their services and rate on a scale of five stars.

Create Profile

User can create and manage their whole profile with details like image, content detail, address etc.

Social Share

Users can share their referral code for their friend, also share a favorite store’s profile on social media.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track the delivery provider’s real-time location with Order confirmation


Customer can get ETA details with order confirmation notification

Custom Order

Customer can custom their order as per their like/dislike

Multiple Order

At a time, Customer can do the order of multiple items with access to multiple store.

Give Tip

Customers can give a tip to the provider if they want

Order Cancellation

Customers can cancel the order for any proper cancellation reason

Re-order From The History

Customers can re-order the items from their old history with new prices of the items

Provider App

Delivery solution to get items delivered – accept or reject items by delivery person

Register/Login/Social Login

Deliveryman can Register/login instantly with social media or username/phone no. and password.

Phone SMS Verification

Providers get verification code via Phone and SMS from the Admin

Submit Documents

Delivery providers upload their essential document to the app to start delivery service

Create Profile

Deliverymen can create and access their whole profile details and edit as per requirements in the app

Delivery Request

Get the delivery request from the different outlets and see all available deliveries.

On / Off Service

If the delivery providers are not in the working conditions for any reason, they can OFF their job services.

Earning details

Deliveryman can see their earning report like daily, weekly earnings and per order earning etc.

Bank details

Deliveryman adds their bank details to take an earning amount from the admin.

Referral Codesharing

Deliverymen can share their referral code to their friends on social media.

Request Option

Provider has an option to accept and reject the order requests

Transaction Request

Delivery provider sees all wallet transactions and sends a request to admin for deposit.


Delivery provider gets outlet and customer location navigation on google map with ETA.

Route Optimization

Route Optimization is available to find delivery or pickup location as soon as possible.

Calling & Messages

Deliveryman able to call and messages to the support agent or customer for any delivery related query


Delivery Provider can see the whole delivery history with complete, pending and cancel deliveries.

Store App & Panel

Update the items and menu of the store through the app and panel and manage item cycle.

Login / Register / Social Login

Outlets vendors can Signup/Login instantly with social media or username/phone no. and password.

Manage Order

Get a new order request online and manage all orders on one-page (active & new) with complete details.

Manage Delivery

See all delivery service details after assigning delivery tasks to the delivery service provider.

Manage Product

Outlets owner can add their offered services and product details with particular group specification.

Add Item

Add an item to product list with price and complete specification with add/edit/decline

On/Off Product

Admin can on/off a product display as per availability of the products.

Multi-selection option

In product, outlets vendors set a multiple product selection options and add items likewise.

Set Most Popular item

Store owner Manuel set a popular item on their profile and also manage stock details.


Show all completed, rejected and enqueue order history details with full invoice data.

Earning Details

See each order earning details with daily, weekly earning reports and graphical insight.

Earning statistics

Outlet’s owner sees the earning with full details like accepted, rejected, completed etc.


Outlets vendors manage settings like a tax, above price for free delivery, price, rating, time, order price etc.

Delivery Service Radius

Store vendors can set a delivery area radius with least-long coordinate.

Order Cancellation charge

Outlets owner can define an order cancellation charge.

Max Item Quantity

Store vendors set a max limit to add quantity for any particular item by the customers

Minimum Order Amount

Store vendors can set a minimum order amount for ordering service.

Categories / Subcategories

Outlets owners set their offered item categories and subcategories wise.

Manage Delivery provider

Manage delivery provider’s profile details with their earning, work activity and service review and bank details.

Extra Charges

Shop owners set an extra charge like service charge, tax charge etc.

Admin Panel

Manage complete cycle of the delivery through a functional panel

Manage Deliveries

Admin can manage all deliveries with details of all users, invoice, and review.

Vehicle Management

Admin can set a vehicle for delivery provider to complete service and manage all delivery service vehicles.

Add Countries

Add multiple countries in business with details like currency, code & sign. Min/Max Phone No. Length along with distance unit Mile or KM with on / off option.

Add Cities

Add multiple Cities under the country and manage details like code, radius, time zone, latitude and on/off services for cities anytime.

Referral Bonus

Admin can set a Referral Bonus for Users, Providers, and outlet’s vendors, Referral rate, no. Of referral etc.

Profit Mode

Admin set a profit mode percentage or absolute price per delivery of any individual outlet.

Payment Mode

Admin can on/off cash payment mode or other payment mode and check the payment report with all details

Wallet Management

See each single transaction detail that is done by wallet from any user. And check that all saved detail in a database.

Service Rate

Set a service rate for deliveries with a detailed information like base price, distance, price per unit, service tax, and min fare price.

Manage Customer

Admin can manage customer’s profile detail with all rights of add/ edit/decline.

Manage Deliverymen

Admin can manage Deliverymen’s profile detail with all rights of add/ edit/decline.

Store Management

Admin can manage outlet’s profile detail with all rights of add/ edit/decline.

Check Document

Admin set an essential document for a registration process and also have an authority to check and edit documents.

SMS & Mail

Admin can set SMS & Email template and send to particular one or all user.

Push notifications

Admin can share Push notifications for business advertisement or new updates.

Map View

See the all user real-time location with their activity details in Google Map

Cart Info

Admin can see the active order request and cart order information with all details.

Manage Order

Admin can see all order information with details of all users, payment mode, review etc.

Earning Details

Admin can manage daily, weekly earning details with provider and store’s earning details with profit rate.


Admin has an authority to do settings like request timeout, App name, Default Search Radius, Admin country, time zone, and dashboard language etc.

App Login Option

Admin can Manage User, Provider, Store Login option (social media login or email login) with on/off features rights.

Manage App Feature

Admin has an authority to manage features of use referral, Email and Phone verification, Document upload, etc with anytime feature On/ Off option.

Google Cloud Management Key

Admin can Manage Google Cloud Management Key for customers, Providers and store app.

Google Key

Admin has an authority to change Android, iOS User, Provider, Store App and Panel, and Admin Panel Google key.

Force Update

Force Update Function for all Android and iOS apps.

Promo Code

Add Promo Code with any extra offers like Some special day discount, First time order discount etc.

Referral Details

Admin can set a referral bonus rate for all users, set a referral no. Usage, check referred user profile and on/off features at any time.

Wallet Payment

See each single transaction detail that is done by wallet from any user. And check that all saved detail in a database.

Rate & Review

Admin can manage rate and review content that given by customers and delivery provider.

Store Promotion

Set a particular store advertisement and edit and delete while anytime.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Add multiple payment gateways to provide more convenience for payment method. (Default payment gateway in this system is stripe)

User Panel

Register and Sign up for users to order the items online through web and make payment for the items selected.

Registration/log in/Social Login

Outlets vendors can Signup/Login instantly with social media or username/phone no. and password.

Create Profile

User can create the profile with full details and edit it as per the requirements

Multi-outlets Access

User can access the nearby store product details.

Product Detail

Access Store Product details and select to order


User can filter different stores by item and service type.

Add to basket

User can add their needed product to the basket with a special instruction note.

Online Payment

User can pay their product charge online with credit/debit card.

Payment History

User can see the Payment history with extra charges details like tax and service charges

Referral Code

Users can share Referral code with their friends in social media

Rate & Review

User can give rate & review related to store’s and provider’s services

Real-Time Tracking

User can track delivery provider location on the map with the real-time transaction.

Add Favorite

Customer can add any particular store as a favorite and manage that list to add/remove.

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