Customer App

User app with sign up and login along with ordering the items through the app selecting based on the diverse area user belongs to.

Provider App

App for the provider to accept or reject the delivery, keep themselves as online or offline for the delivery and tracking the payments.

Store App

App for the provider to manage the store – adding, remove, filtering the items from the store. Providing detail information and processing the shipment of the items and tracking the same.

Delivery types

Suitable for every kind of delivery that
can blink in your mind, with the interative user interface, and can be customized for a specific requirement.

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Flower Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Water Bottle Delivery

Courier Delivery

Customer App

A user solution to enhance the experience of ordering items using application and website

Login / Register / Social Login

Customer can signup / login instantly with social media or username/phone no. and password.

Pickup & Destination By Type

Setup pickup location of the items and decide the destination of the delivery of the items.

Categories & Sub Categories

Select the items from the category and its subcategory as distributed by the store.

Map View

See all active service providing store details in google map with store address and contact details.

Real Time Tracking

User can track delivery provider location on the google map with the real-time transaction.

Multiple Order

At a single time customer can order for multiple product at multiple outlets and manage them all.

Order Cancellation

Customer can cancel their product order with proper cancellation reason.

Provider App

Solution for delivery companies or individuals to explore the delivery system through apps.

Login / Register / Social Login

Deliveryman can signup / login instantly with social media or username/phone no. and password.

Phone SMS Verification

You can ride instantly with a click or you can schedule your ride.

Submit Documents

Delivery provider upload their essentail document to the apps for start delivery service

Pending Approval

See all pending approval delivery task with complete details and accept or reject option.


Delivery Provider get navigation details from current location to outlets and customer location on google map.

On / Off Service

Delivery provider have a too much delivery jobs, they can do the service off and complete pending task.


Check Complete earning details with detailed reports for daily, weekly, per order earnings.

Store App

System for the Outlets to manage store items using App and Website.

Login / Register / Social Login

Outlets vendors can signup / login instantly with social media or username/phone no. and password.

Manage Products

Outlets owner can add their offerd services and product details with particular group specification.

Manage Order

Get a new oreder request online and manage all order on one-page (active & new) with complete details.

Manage Delivery

See all delivery service details after assign delivery task to the delivery service provider.

Multi-selection option

In product, outlets vendors set a multiple product selection option and add item like wise.

Earning Detail

See each order earning details with daily, weekly earning reports and graphical insight.


Outlets vendors manage settings like a tax, above price for free delivery, price rating, time, order price etc.

Store Panel

Analytic and management dashboard for the complete system.

Upload Items

With Store panel, vendors can upload multiple items with all details and specification like categories/subcategories etc.

Set Pricing and Images

Outlet vendors can set a pricing and images for their offered products item and edit anytime when they wish.

Make Product available and unavailable

Vendors can manage visiblity of certain product as per avaliblity and unabailablity.

Admin Panel

Analytic and management dashboard for the complete system.

User Management

With Dashboard admin can manage customer, delivery provider and stores profile details and add / edit / decline at anytime

Order Details

Manage Each order complete details like customer, store, outlet details, invoice, payment method, review and rating etc.

Manage Application

Admin can handle all apps features like notification setting, login in setting. verification, referral, upload document, wallet, GCM key and google key setting.

Client Testimonials

We have been providing solution based on mostliy mobile application developing disruptive
technology since last 3 years & serving our clients across glob.


CEO, SwiftBack

“Working with Elluminati has been nothing short of an amazing and exceptional experience. The team and developers are extremely skilled across many fields and pay a lot of attention to details. More importantly they are passionate, sincere and committed in delivering the best product and services regard¬less of what it takes.”


CEO, SwiftBack

“Fixati platform is launched with the ambition to build the largest network of professionals across the globe. Extending our technology capabilities working with Elluminati team brings the value of an extensive technical expertise to deliver this platform in the most effective way, making it a fast evolving platform in the market.”
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