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Are you a well-established transport or travel business thinking of switching online with an app and website? We at AppEmporio, serve the best in class taxi solutions with our Taxi Booking Software. Our Software is developed with ultra-modern technology that makes it an ideal white label solution to start an online taxi business. Customization and scalability are the biggest advanced elements of our solution that provides a flexible approach to operate a web-based taxi business. Get the featureful and fully functional software that would help to simplify each and every business task and handle everything within the software.

How The Rider Would Get The Taxi?


Know The Complete Flow Of Our Taxi Booking Software

The riders can simply enter the current and destination locations into the software for the ride.

The rider has the advantage to track the driver`s location and know the estimated time of arrival.

The driver can take the help of GPS-based navigation and route optimization during the ride.

After the payment, the time comes to rate and review the Taxi Booking Software and its service.


Registration and then after login enables the riders to book the taxi with Taxi Booking Software.

The nearest driver would receive the ride request and reach to the rider as soon as possible.

Once the driver arrives at the rider`s current location the ride towards the destination will start.

Once the ride reaches to the destination, the rider can make the payment either online or offline.

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Get featureful riding experience with the app

taxi booking software

Favorite Location

The riders can set and save their favorite locations so that they do need to hassle typing for the same location and a single tap will do the work.

Invoice Details

The complete invoice details would reflect in the user's app once the ride gets over. The invoice would contain all the necessary ride details.

Surge Price

The advantage of surge pricing would always be there. The riders can take the advantage of it and get the benefit for each ride for that time.

Fare Estimate And ETA

The fare estimate allows the riders to know the fare for the route they are willing to ride. ETA would show the estimated time of arrival of the driver.

Provide the efficient ride service facility with driver app

Able To Call

In some emergency or in any other situation the driver can call the rider and inform or update about the situation and the current location status.

Cancel The Trip

The driver can cancel the trip if they found any wrong rider information like the destination is out of service range or because of any other reason.


The online verification of the documents facilitates the drivers not to do any physical exercise to get approved in order to start providing the service.

Request Option

If the driver is ready to complete the requested ride, they can simply accept that ride request from the request option of our Taxi Booking Software.

Manage the whole taxi software business from one place

Document Verification

Driver`s document verification tasks can be done online within the Taxi Booking Software where the admin can check the documents and give approval.

Multiple Service Type

The service types can be introduced within the app as per the convenience. The admin can simply add any new service type or can remove any old one.

User Details

The admin reserves the right to check and edit the details of all the users whether they are the riders, drivers, dispatcher, hotels or the partners.

Pending Payment

The admin can explore the pending payments along with all it's necessary details and even can manage them from the pending payment section.

Expand the taxi business to reach a wider rider base

Social Media Login

Social media login ensures a stress-free and seamless login. Each dispatcher can save their time with the help of social media login available in the panel.

Manage Requests

The dispatcher can manage the ride requests with the help of the dispatcher panel. They can simply explore the details and can edit those details.

Search From Request History

If the dispatcher is searching for something within the dispatcher panel of Taxi Booking Software, they can even search directly from the history.

Date Filter

Date filter enables the dispatcher to apply the date filters while they are searching for something. They need to just enter the starting and ending date.

An extended way for taxi reservation

Recover The Password

The riders can easily recover the password in case they forget it. The riders can change it anytime so that the security of the rider account can be improvised.

Payment Option

The multiple payment options available in the rider panel makes the payment task really easy for the riders. As they can go with the most preferred option.

Set Location

The rider can easily set the current and destination locations by pinpointing it on the Google Maps, that is available on the screen of the rider panel.

Export The Data

The riders have the facility to explore and export the data from the rider panel. They can take help of different filters and can apply them for easy search.

Manage the rides in a detailed manner

Manage Profile

The drivers can manage their personal profile by adding details to it, editing those details and even deleting it while necessary from the driver panel.


The history section provides the complete details of all the served rides along with its invoice where the driver can explore those details deeply.

Bank Details

It is required to add the personal bank details into the driver profile if the driver wants to get paid directly into their bank account from the admin.

Manage Vehicle

The drivers can manage the vehicles from the driver panel. They can add or remove any vehicle or can simply edit the details of any particular vehicle.

Get the help of partners to handle the business

Create Profile

The partners need to create their personal profile from the partner panel in order to help manage all the different tasks of the Taxi Booking Software.


The partners can even create the ride request on behalf of the riders. The partner needs to enter the details into the panel for creating the ride request.

Service Provider

The partners can add or remove providers and can even reserve the power to edit the details of them. This helps to manage the business efficiently.

Partner Earning

The partners can check their earnings internally from the partner panel. They can check all the details of earnings and can analyze on a daily or weekly basis.

An advanced booking approach for the hotels


Registration and login are must in order to start booking the requests for the guests and exploring the Taxi Booking Software for the other services.

Create Request

The hotels can book the cab for their guests for an instant use or can schedule it for the future. For that, they need to enter the details from the panel.


Profile creation is easy and also helps to create an identity. The hotels can do so from the hotel panel where they can add various details to the profile.

Exploring Data

The hotels can explore the information of the ride requests in a detailed manner that they have created for their guests from their profile of hotel panel.

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