Uber App Clone Live Demo


Explore our Live Uber Clone App Demo.

Customer Application


Getting a quick taxi service is not hard anymore. A featureful app is here to save the time and money of every rider. This app has multiple options for registration, login, and payment. The riders do not need to bother for typing so much for registering with the app or logging into it. Features like real-time tracking and navigations, ETA and route optimization are powerful GPS based features. The riders can use any of payment methods which are convenient for them. Ride scheduling and in-app wallet management are some of the additional advantages which riders can enjoy with our app.

Driver Application


Our easy to operate driver app is whole dedicated for managing the driver tasks. The driver app is designed according to the needs of a taxi driver. Drivers will receive the ride request from the riders in their app where they can login manually or with social media accounts. There is a big advantage for the drivers to use the GPS based features like navigations and route optimization for reaching the rider’s location and destination very easily. The drivers can manage their earnings in the app and can add bank account details to get paid directly in their bank account.

Admin Alert Note

For checking out complete app demos you need to do registration process first. If you see an alert box of admin alert on screen, you are about to have access to checking the demo apps. For full access, you need to contact us on [email protected] with your registration details for completion of registration process.

The alert which you are getting is a security process in order to reduce chances of any dummy registration so you do not need worry. Please leave us a mail with all your registration details so that we can assign you access as soon as possible.

Admin Panel


The admin panel is an important element of the whole taxi app from where the app owner can have the full control over the business. The admin holds the exclusive powers to operate the app. The admin dashboard shows different statistics and reports for easy analysis of business growth. The admin can access and manage all the existing profiles on the app. The admin can change, modify or remove the policies of the business and according to that settings can be changed by the admin. All the processes like orders, deliveries, and payments are under the eyes of the admin.

Dispatcher Panel


The dispatcher panel facilitates those users who are not able to book the taxi service by themselves. The reasons might be anything like the rider don`t use the Smartphone or personal computer or they might do not know how to use the app. But for any reason, dispatcher panel is always there to help them out. The rider can send the request for the ride with all necessary details. The dispatcher will book taxi according to the request and needs of rider and will send it to them on desired booked time. That is how dispatcher panel will help riders.

Partner Panel


The partner panel is one more useful element of our taxi booking app where all the partners of the business can maintain their separate profiles. It helps a lot while the business is having more than one owner. Each partner can access the rider`s and driver`s profiles. It helps to manage the business and to keep it functioning. The partners can manage the earnings from their profile and they can get paid directly in the bank account as well if they have added bank details into the profile. They can access the order details, delivery details, and payment details also.

Customer Panel


The customer panel is an additional advantage for the riders. If the rider is not comfortable with the app or they are not able to use the app, they can use the web panel to book their ride from anywhere and anytime for any destination. The riders can manage their profile from the customer panel. The flexibility to schedule the ride, selecting payment option and selecting the type of the vehicle as per need is available in the panel. The customer panel facilitates the rider to take the advantages of referral codes, promo codes, deals and discounts for their rides.

Driver Panel


The drives have all the features and facilities just like they have in the app. They can get the requests for the ride from the nearby riders. They can accept the request or reject it or they can even go online or offline just same as they are doing in the app. Here in the panel, the drivers can manage the profile and explore the history. The driver needs to submit their documents first for verification purpose. Drivers can start providing the service as soon as the verification gets completed. The drivers can manage the earnings also from the panel.

Hotel Panel


Different hotels willing to collaborate with the app, they can have own panel to manage the rides for their guests. The hotels need to create their profile to book a taxi for their guest. The hotel needs to add necessary details in the profile. In the hotel panel, the hotels need to add guest details as well to book taxi. The details of the guest will be like guest name, floor number, room number, pick up and drop address etc. From the hotel panel, the hotels can explore the history. The hotels would get commision for each of the rides.