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Ease of business depends on what easily you get for business. But not everything is available easily. We are here to make you stress-free at least for your business app and other related things. Now getting the app according to the budget is easy like never before. Thanks to AppEmporio`s specially designed packages which provides an ideal choice to pick from.

We have carefully designed packages according to the different needs of the business. It doesn`t matter whether you are a small startup or a big bird of the market. We are having perfect solutions for your business needs. Budget-friendly and efficient packages will help you out to grow your business or a scale up and capture big platform. Have a look at our packages:

Advanced Package: It is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are having dreams of doing big in their eyes. It includes all the necessary things which a new business needs. You can scale it up afterward as per the need. The best part is you can add the features of choice as an add-on.

Enterprise Package: It is ideal for those who are already working fine with a well-established business and want to shift, convert or provide extra online services to their existing customer base. In this package, you will get all the facility just like the advanced package but the main advantage is that you will also get the licensed source code also.

It is convenient for you to choose and pay only for that what exactly you need. Such flexibility will not be there in any other business tasks which you are going to handle soon after the launch of your app! We offer a bundle of different apps and panels where you will get Android and iOS apps so that you do not need to lose any potential customer. Assurance of quality with the best price is AppEmporio`s motto.

  • Package Include Starter Advanced Enterprise
  • Price $3499 $4999 $9999
  • One Time Payment Y Y Y
  • White Labeled (Your Brand Name - Your Logo) Y Y Y
  • Native iOS Customer Apps Y Y Y
  • Native iOS Driver Apps Y Y Y
  • Native Android Customer Apps Y Y Y
  • Native Android Driver Apps Y Y Y
  • Admin Web Panel(Include Billing Module) Y Y Y
  • Dispatcher Web Panel Y Y Y
  • Driver Web Panel Y Y Y
  • Customer Web Panel Y Y Y
  • Partner Web Panel Y Y Y
  • Hotel Web Panel Y Y Y
  • Licensed Source Code - With Additional $4999 $4999 Y
  • 3 Months Support
    ( In Between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm IST, Monday to Friday )
    Y Y Y
  • Live Support ( Need to Purchase in Advance ) $39/Hour $39/Hour $39/Hour
  • Advanced Features
  • App and Web Panel Color Change N Y Y
  • Project Manager support - Text and call via Skype, WhatsApp and Phone N
    Only through Email
    Only through Email
  • Local Payment Gateway Integration N N Y
  • Local SMS System N N Y
  • Multi Language N Any one other than English Unlimited
  • Taxi Hailing Y Y Y
  • Fix A TO B Y Y Y
  • Complete Online Marketing Management with 20% Discount Rates Y Y Y
  • Complete Graphic Designing Service with 20% Discount Rates Y Y Y
  • Apps Installation on Google Play Store and iTunes Y Y Y
  • Bug Resolve Y Y Y
  • License Duration Y Y Y
  • Navigation Service with Google Map & Waze Y Y Y
  • ETA Details Features Y Y Y
  • In-app Wallet for User and Driver Y Y Y
  • Schedule Ride Option Y Y Y
  • Route Optimization Y Y Y
  • Multilingual Integration Y Y Y
  • Custom Currency Integration Y Y Y
  • Graphics Change Y Y Y
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration Y Y Y
  • In-App Notification Y Y Y
  • Multiple Payment Option(Wallet, Cash, Card(Debit Card and Credit Card) Y Y Y
  • Promo and Referral Code Y Y Y
  • Surge Pricing Option Y Y Y
  • Social Media Login (Facebook, Google) Y Y Y
  • Surge Pricing Option Y Y Y
  • Login Via Email / Phone and Password Y Y Y
  • Ride Cancellation Features Y Y Y
  • Email and SMS Verification Y Y Y
  • SOS Panic Button Y Y Y
  • Mash Push Notification Y Y Y
  • Referral System with social sharing option Y Y Y
  • Unlimited Users & Drivers Y Y Y
  • Apps Store Graphics Design Y Y Y
  • Set and Manage Essential Document For All User Y Y Y
  • Apps Store Graphics Design Y Y Y
  • Interactive Map and Navigation View Y Y Y
  • Digital Invoice Generation For The Each Ride Service Y Y Y
  • Rate and Review System Y Y Y
  • Earning Reports Details with Graphical representation Y Y Y
  • Explore Web Panels Data in Excel Sheet Y Y Y
  • Our Special Unique Features
  • Multi country and city configuration and accessibility with single apps Y Y Y
  • Set manual per KM / Miles price for specific country and city Y Y Y
  • Ride Request Based On Gender Y Y Y
  • Ride Request With Baby Seat Y Y Y
  • Ride Request With Special (Handicap) Accessibility Y Y Y
  • Twilio SMS Gateway Integration Y Y Y
  • Manage Cash ride commission through the wallet Y Y Y
  • Heat-map Analysis Y Y Y
  • Auto currency rate change system Y Y Y
  • Same City and Multi-Fare Charge Y Y Y
  • Language-Based Driver Selection Option Y Y Y
  • Fix Airport Price Feature Y Y Y
  • Intercity Fixed Price Features Y Y Y
  • Develop in MEAN Stack Technologies Y Y Y
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