On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Development


The on-demand delivery business model has opened lots of opportunities for every field. One least known field is of alcohol delivery app development with which you can launch your own app and target a totally untouched kind of market. You can grab the opportunities and get the pearls from the depth of that mostly unexplored field of business. You can be the party savior so any party doesn’t get stopped.

It ensures a high return for the investment. And because of less competition, you can be the trendsetter as well. Alcoholic beverages are loved by everyone. When you will have an option to order it online, who will do a stressful exercise of going out, driving long and purchasing just a single bottle? Just a few taps are enough to get booze that thought is even exciting, think about the chances of earnings!

User-Friendly Flow To Order The Booze


Know How The Order Will Be Placed And How Alcohol Will Be Delivered At The User`s Doorstep With Our Alcohol Delivery App Development Solution

Placing Order

The customer will be able to explore the variety and place the order for the favorite bottle of booze.

Managing The Order

The alcohol shops will receive the order and dispatch the order with the invoice as soon as possible.

Get It Delivered

The customer can track the order and enjoy the convenience of shopping along with the doorstep delivery.

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alcohol delivery app development

What Is The Need Of An App In The Alcohol Business?

The alcohol is loved by everyone. The millennials claiming a huge stack as alcohol consumers. They party a lot and sometimes they run out of the booze. The party will definitely spoil, but not if they have an option to get the booze delivered at the party place. You can be the party savior if you have the app. The happiness of saving the party along with the money to earn. If anyone feels that the party is running out of the booze, he/she can simply take out the smartphone and open your app. They will simply have the variety of booze in front of them which you have set to show. They will simply pick one, two or the quantity they want and put it in the cart. As the payment will get completed, the booze will be ready to go. Earnings with servings!

What Will You Get In Alcohol Delivery App Solution?


Below Are The Apps And Panels Which You Will Get As a Part Of This Alcohol Delivery App Development Solution.

Web Panels


An Enriching Experience Of Buying The Booze In Just a Few Taps

Create Profile

The user can create a more detailed profile by adding any likely details as per choice into the user panel. That is how an identical profile can be created.

Product Detail

The stores can add the required details of each product and add it to the product detail feature where the customer can access it in the easiest manner.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking facility helps the users to track their order and allows them to know about the current location.

Multi-Outlet Access

The user can see and place the order from multiple outlets at the same time. This is possible because of the multi-outlet access feature of the app.

Rate and Review

Giving the ratings and reviews are the rights of customers. The customers can rate and review the product or the service that they have received from the app.

Payment History

With the help of payment history feature, the user can know about each and every payment they have made at the various time for various products.

More Exposure For Stores Will Turn Out In More Sales For Them

Set Most Popular Item

It is easy to promote any of the items under your store name. The stores get bright chances for increasing the sales with different marketing approaches.

Minimum Order Amount

The stores can set the minimum order amount so they do not need to make the deliveries for the items which are making less profit for the business.

Extra Charges

For exclusive or costly items, the stores may set extra charges to get away from making any lose. It is one more important financial feature for stores.

Max Item Quantity

It is a special feature to avoid the chances of reselling. It is to avoid the possibility that less priced items do not get ordered again and again with the purpose of reselling.

Order Cancellation Charges

If the store gets any order canceled, at that time they may charge for it as the amount for canceling the order. That is one more feature to save the business.

Delivery Service Radius

The stores now can set the delivery radius so they do not need to deliver at some far location from the store which ultimately increases the costing.

Keep Watch on Every Activity And Keep Everything Under Control

Add Countries

The admin can add counties as the business gets expanded. It is very simple to manage multiple countries for the app and for the panel.

Add Cities

As the countries can be added by the admin just that same way cities for those countries can be added by the admin in which the app provides service.

Profit Mode

Changing in the profit percentage or absolute pricing for the deliveries for a particular outlet is possible with profit mode feature to do any changes.

Payment Mode

Any payment mode including cash payment can be on/off anytime by the admin and the admin has the access to the detailed payment report as well.

Document Verification

The admin can verify the submitted documents and has the right to accept or reject it. Anyone can not start giving service until the documents get verified.

Manage App Features

The admin can add new features to the app, edit the existing features to keep it up to date or can remove any features which is not useful anymore.

Mobile Apps


An Enriching Experience Of Buying The Booze In Just a Few Taps

Change Address

The customer can change the registered address or can change the delivery location address saved in the app for getting the deliveries at the place of their choice.

Real-Time Tracking

It is the highly advanced and the most significant feature of the app where the user can track the order and can stay updated with the delivery status.


It is hard to wait especially when you want to save the party. The user can know the estimated arrival time for the ordered booze.

Give Tip

If the user likes the delivery service and wants to appreciate or encourage the service provider, in that case, they can tip the service provider online.

Order Cancellation

Unfortunate situations may occur at any time. That is why we have incorporated a special feature from where the users can cancel the order.

Call and Message

To avoid the delay, the user can give the update about closed roads or traffic. It is helpful for all to make the delivery as faster as possible.

A Secured And Reputed Way Of Earning With An Easy To Use An App

On/Off Service

The drives can serve at any time, while they want to serve they can simply go online and the other time they can be offline and take rest.

Referral Codesharing

This is a very useful feature for both persons. For the one who is sharing it and for the one who is using it. That is how both can get benefitted.

Earning Details

The driver can check the earning for every delivery trip. It is easy now to manage earnings. Thanks to earning details feature for making everything simple.

Bank Details

The driver can get paid for the service and can receive the payment directly in the bank account by adding the bank account details in the profile.


Navigation is an advanced feature which helps the driver to find the path to the destination for making the delivery. It is a must-have feature for the app.

Route Optimization

The traffic jams and closed roads can be simply avoided with the route optimization feature. The driver can choose the optimum path to save time and fuel.

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