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Add online delivery procedure for your food, grocery, courier, flower, marijuana, booze, medicine, water bottle delivery business and create delivery service app for your business. Trust the expertise of App Emporio to help make it all in a smooth way. We’ve offering white labeling solution with complete customization in native Android and iOS platform. Let’s start your traditional delivery services business online with our turnkey solution.

Develop Perfect Delivery Services App for Every Business

Hail Your Food, Grocery, Marijuana, Alcohol, Flower, Courier, Medicine Online With Our Create Delivery Services App Solution

From Your Place To Customer’s Doorstep

delivery services app
  • Heat up your delivery service business with our app solution. Include features like real-time tracking, detailed outlets and deliver place address along with delivering area navigation drawing on a google map.
  • Manage User expectation with personalizing product solution. With every order status update like (on the way, arrive etc.) Order Confirmation via email and SMS along with real-time delivery provider tracking facility.
  • Provide right direction to the delivery providers with outlet’s location navigation features, Integrate GPS features for real-time tracking and route optimization fatality in delivery provider app.

What We Offer In Delivery Service Apps

App Emporio Make Delivery Service Apps With In-depth Delivery Chain Business Analysis And Craft a Turnkey Solution To Give More Connivance And Reliable Service Experience to Your Customers.

customer App

  • Login/Register
  • Pickup & Destination
  • Categories & Sub Categories
  • Item Detail & Description
  • Ingredients
  • Custom Product
  • Quantity
  • Add To Cart
  • Now & Later
  • Track Your Order
  • Get Delivery Information
  • Status Updates

Delivery Provider App

  • Login / Register / Social Login
  • Submit Documents
  • Go Online / Offline
  • Receive New Order Request
  • Accept / Reject Request
  • Navigation
  • Manage Drivers
  • Track To Store Location
  • Accept / Reject Request

Store App and Panel

  • Login/Register
  • Manage Products
  • Product
  • Types Of Product
  • Manage Categories
  • Billing
  • Dispatch Order
  • Incoming Orders
  • Manage Categories
  • Incoming Orders


  • Dashboard
  • Map View
  • Users
  • Drivers
  • Cities
  • Payments
  • Settings
  • Service Types
  • Stores
  • Trips
  • Drivers

User Panel

  • Tip
  • Invoice
  • Users
  • Feedback
  • Ability To Call Delivery Man
  • Stores
  • Service Types
  • Countries
  • Settings
  • Get Delivery Information

Delivery Services is Deliberate Business

Delivery Details

Manage every delivery service in-depth detail includes fees, pick up and delivery location, product details, payment mode, and profile details of customers, delivery providers and outlets.

Payment Process

Powerful payment platform option that allows a customer to make a future order easy, re-order same product and online order that outlet owner can modify at virtual store.

Charge Calculation

Automate delivery charge calculation based on outlets to a customer location, vehicle types and surge rate depend on the location and setting configuration.

Earnings Reports

At the end of the day, month, year – every business wants a earning details to know how much they profit. We provide details earning data insight along with easy to understand graphical representation.

GPS integration

To provide more reliability in your delivery services procedure, we integrate GPS features to provide services like real-time tracking, navigation, route optimization and ETA.

Manage Users

Paper data storage is brainstorming task in delivering business, especially in a user profile and document management. In the delivery services app solution, we integrate customers, delivery providers, and outlets’s online profile management features.

Clients Using Our Delivery App Across The World

Wish To Develop Your Own Delivery Service App

Delivery is one of the most important services aspects of any business. If you also think same a delivery is a key part of your business this white label delivery service app solution is perfect for you.

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