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Rider App

The significant rider app enables the riders with all the futuristic features that will ultimately help them riding with all the convenience they are seeking for and enhance the riding experience as well.

Driver App

The ultra-modern features of the driver app will make the ride management easy and help them to find the routes to each and every location for the riders in the easiest possible way.

A Bunch Full Of Distinct Apps And Consoles

To keep our word of providing all-in-one solutions,
we provide all the required apps and consoles in a single bunch for a complete experience.


Web Panel


Android App


iOS App


Web Panel


Web Panel


Web Panel


Android App


iOS App


Web Panel


Web Panel

Rider App

A specially designed rider app for an enhanced user experience

Social Login

The riders now can enjoy an effortless login procedure with our social login feature which makes the work done in just a single tap.

Create Profile

App users can create a detailed profile from the app where they can add various relevant details needed for an identical profile.

Online Payments

The riders can ride with the app even if they do not carry physical cash, our online payment saves the day with reliable payment options.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is the biggest feature of our taxi app where the rider can track the real-time position of the driver with the tracking feature.

Set Favorite Location

The riders can save the favorite and frequently used locations to avoid the tedious task of typing for the same locations every time.

Ride Scheduling

Ride now or later? That can be managed easily with simple buttons that enable the riders to get an instant ride or schedule it.

Fixed Fare Rides

The riders can enjoy fixed fare rides to travel for some of the most popular riding routes of the city like city centers, airports etc.

Driver App

A featureful app for the drivers for easy ride management

Auto Offline When Idle

Whenever a driver is idle or already serving a rider they automatically go offline so that they do not get bothered by new ride requests.

Interactive Map

The interactive maps show all the possible paths to reach to the rider or rider`s destination and also indicates the ideal path to follow.

Visitor Type

If a driver wishes they can select the preference for operating the rides for special riders who need special handling for the ride.

Trip Cancellation

The drivers can also cancel the trip due to some reasons like wrong address or the destination location of the rider is out of service range.

Document Uploads

The drivers can upload all the required documents online within the app to start working with the app and receive the ride requests.


The navigations help the driver to reach the rider location to pick them up or drop them at the right destination in the minimum time.

Invoice Details

The driver also receives the invoice including all the necessary details of the ride like rider name, total ride amount etc.

Admin Panel

Keep everything under control with a single screen of the admin panel

Ride Request Management

The admin can manage all the kinds of ride requests like today`s requests, scheduled requests, completed requests from the admin panel.

Map View

The admin can take advantage of map view where they can track and check the current location of the drivers and app users on the map.

App User`s Management

The admin can manage all the app users like riders, drivers, dispatchers, hotels, partners. The admin can check the details of all of them.

Dispatcher Panel

Make dispatchers grow your business with a dispatcher panel

Create Request

The dispatchers can create ride requests on behalf of the riders and they need to enter necessary details into the system to do that.

Data Sorting

All the relevant collected data of the rides can be sorted with the help of different types of filters by the app dispatchers.

Data Export

The relevant and collected ride data can be exported by the dispatchers in the form of excel sheets and they can even download it as well.

User Panel

One additional way for riders to book the convenient rides

Password Recovery

The riders have the facility to recover the password from the user panel. This is for security purpose or in case of forgetting the password.

Apply For Promo

It is a beneficial feature for the riders from where they can apply for promo codes and take different kinds of advantages for the rides.


The history feature is a special facility for the riders where they can check the records of each and every ride in a detailed manner.

Driver Panel

Easy ride management with a special panel for the drivers

Manage Vehicle

The drivers can manage the vehicles along with all the details very easily from the driver panel where they can add, edit or delete info.

Bank Details

To get paid directly in the bank account, the drivers need to enter their bank details like bank name, account number etc. into the panel.

Earning Details

Earning details is the special section attached to the driver panel where the drives can check the earnings from each ride with its details.

Partner Panel

Endless expansion of business with a powerful partner panel

Create Profile

Each of the business partners can create their separate profile from the partner panel and they can manage all the partner activities from there.

Partner Earnings

Here the partner can check their earnings including the details like service provider ID, name, amount, services fees and many others.

Manage Service Providers

The partners can manage the service providers from the partner panel and can add or remove them along with editing the details.

Hotel Panel

A special panel for the hotels for immense taxi business growth

Create Request

The associated hotels can create a ride request for their guests by entering all the required information into the hotel panel.

Request History

The hotels can check the ride-booking history with all the information related to it at any time from the hotel panel.

Exploring Data

The hotels can export the ride-booking data into an excel sheet and they can even download it for the analysis purpose.

Client Testimonials

We are the trusted name for our clients spread all over the world as our taxi app is making them happy and they are receiving satisfied rider reviews from their apps.