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Flower Delivery App Development


Shopping from mobile apps is a fashion right now, and the flowers are one of the most popular items for online shopping. With the help of flower delivery app development get your own florist app instantly with all the features you want in it and it would be a white-labeled with your favorite theme, your brand name, and your logo as well. A first-class experience for your customers while buying flowers online with your app developed in your budget.

Help people to share the emotions with your own flower delivery app and enjoy satisfaction with sweet earnings. People are choosing flowers to express the emotions on various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries celebrations and lot more. It is the best chance to get more business with the help of flower delivery app development.

The Work Process Of Flower Bouquet Delivery App Development


We Have a Dedicated Team to Handle Each Task Of Flower Bouquet Delivery App Development Efficiently

Visual Design

Our designing team has worked for countless hours to give the app a pixel perfect and eye-catchy look.

User Experience

For creating the biggest impact on users, we have focused on user experience for a sensible experience.


The app has been made with huge efforts and with the latest technology to keep everything up to date.


There is never a full stop for innovation within the app, thus we continuously add useful things to the app.

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The Need For Flower Delivery App


It is the necessity of time while every business is serving in a modern way along with the traditional one. So we believe that none of the fields should remain untouched with the facility of an app. That is the biggest reason behind the inspiration of developing a dedicated app for the florists. We believe that every business should get the chance to work with the modern approach. People looking for any special type of flower sometimes roam at many flower stores but it may happen that they don`t get it. This is your chance to provide them perfect buying choice for their favorite flowers without leaving the comfort of home with the help of an app. Launch your own flower delivery app to grab the chance of earning from a large audience base.

flower delivery app development

What Do We Offer In The Flower Delivery App Development?


There Is a Dedicated App And Web Console For The Each Associate of Your Flower Delivery Business

Web Panels


More Platforms For More Sales With App And Panel

Set Most Popular Item

It is an advantage for the stores to promote any product and it is one of the ways of doing marketing and to be in the limelight as well.

Extra Charges

The stores now can put extra charges on any exclusive items or featured items. It is the must while the delivery price for exclusive items needs to be increased.

Order Cancellation Charges

The stores can charge any amount from the user under the name of order cancellation charges. It is for using the resources at a very busy time.

Minimum Order Amount

This feature helps the stores from making any loss. The minimum order amount feature assures the financial feasibility for stores to make the deliveries.

Max Item Quantity

The possibility of reselling is not negligible. Particularly while any store is presenting any product with competitive price. The store can set max item quantity.

Delivery Service Radius

The delivery radius feature is to save the business from making deliveries at any far destination where the store might charge extra for making the delivery.

User Panel For More Convenient Use

Create Profile

The user can create a detailed profile by adding different detailing. This can be done with user panel where the user can add details whichever they like.

Product Detail

The products are nothing without details. The customers can enjoy the product detailing, thanks to the product detail feature where store adds details.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking of the ordered items is possible with a feature specially dedicated to real-time tracking which is already in the app.

Multi-Outlet Access

Multiple outlet access from the same franchise at the same time can be enjoyed with the help of multi-outlet access feature of the user panel.

Rate and Review

The customer can rate and review the purchased product or the delivery service or even about the shopping experience on the app.

Payment History

The payment history of each and every transaction is now possible to see for the users. Doesn`t matter how much old or new the transaction is.

Handing Business Is Now Easy With Advanced Admin Panel

Add Countries

Business expansion is never ending process. When the business scales up in new countries it is possible to add those countries within the app.

Profit Mode

As the time passes it is needed to change the profit margin. With the profit mode feature, the admin can set and change the profit percentage and absolute pricing.

Document Verification

The documents submitted by the drivers and stores can be seen and verified by the admin. Once the admin verifies the document, associates can start working.

Add Cities

Cities according to countries can be added by the admin. The admin can add all the cities of a country or can add only the selective once.

Payment Mode

The admin can on/off any payment mode including the cash payment option and access every payment report which includes all the necessary details.

Manage App Features

Adding any new feature or removing any non-useful one. That decision is in the hand of admin and the admin can add, edit or remove any feature.

Mobile Apps


Easy To Use And Convenient Customer App

Change Address

Address matters a lot for making the deliveries. So the customer can change the saved delivery address for a convenient delivery experience.

Real-Time Tracking

The continuous updating about the parcel is now possible to give with the help of real-time tracking facility. It helps to track the parcel easily.


ETA is one of the highly advanced features which calculates the estimated time of delivery so customer can know exact time of parcel arrival.

Give Tip

The tip can be given online even if the customer is using credit, debit card or e-wallet for making the payment. The process of the tip is totally online.

Order Cancellation

Now the order cancellation is easy and the order cancellation can be done within the app so the user can get the quick refund.

Call and Message

The customer can chat or call the store or the service provider for making the delivery process easy and can notify them if changes need to be done.

Easy Delivery Management With The Provider App

On/Off Service

It allows drivers to provide the delivery service at flexible time. While they want to serve they can go online, and the other time they can be offline.

Referral Codesharing

The referral codesharing is very useful while the driver wants to give any advantage to the family or friends. It gives some benefit to both the parties.

Earning Details

The earning management for the driver has become very easy with this feature. The driver can manage the earnings even for a single trip.

Bank Details

If driver wants to get the earning directly in the bank account in that case, driver can add the bank details in the profile to receive the earnings.


The navigations make pathfinding very easy while the driver is on move to make deliveries. They can reach exact location with the help of navigations.

Route Optimization

The route optimization feature shows the shortest and the fastest path for the delivery destination. The driver can go on that path and can save time.

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