Golang – 10 Best Web Frameworks for Development in Golang

Golang – 10 Best Web Frameworks for Development in Golang

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Golang is Google’s programming language that came into the market in 2009, and its first version was launched in 2012. It is the latest programming language that has been an attraction to programmers. They offer multiple web frameworks to developers for creating the desired outcomes, and today we will discuss the different web frameworks for development in Golang.
Within a short period of time, Golang has gained popularity among the developers, and currently, more than 1 million developers prefer using Golang for development. Golang can be described as the upgraded or modern version of C and C++. What makes it different and suitable is the number of web frameworks it offers to developers, which is very flexible. It becomes the primary choice for the developers for API development and app development.

The benefits that Golang offers are very impactful in the programming world. The running native language makes it easy and preferable for the developers to use. Another advantage is its compatibility with other applications and is used explicitly for scalability, optimization, and concurrency. There is no compromise and only benefits with these programming languages.

According to a recent survey, Golang is the first choice of programming language that developers are looking forward to learning these days.

Web Frameworks In Golang

1. Revel

Revel stands at the top of the list because of its popularity, and the reason why it is popular is that it doesn’t require installation, and it is an independently run framework. It is a very simple yet effective and high productivity framework. It is loaded with great features and an in-built plugin making developing tasks flexible for the developers. It is best suitable for API, and it is a self-contained dynamic Golang web framework. It is preferred by a large group of developers and is very active.

2. Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic is a lightning-quick and simple web framework. It is a very effective web framework used for creating complex app development easier and flexible. It is very responsive and fast, which is very good for the developers, and it reduces the overall time of app development. It is such a simple and effective framework, and for beginners, it is the best framework to start with your Golang programming journey with Gin Gonic.

3. Web.go

Web.go is one of the most flexible and to-the-point frameworks, making it way more accessible for the developers to perform any projects. Also, it is one of the lightest web frameworks in Golang that you must look forward to.

4. Go-Aah

Go-Aah is a free, open-source web framework that allows developers to create high-profile, secured, and scalable applications. It offers amazing out-of-the-box features with servers and its extension. With its multiple configurations, Go-Aah is a great framework to choose from as developers need to code less and derive results with flexibility. Overall it is a complete package for the developers taking care of all the aspects with a perfect setup.

5. Rest Layer

Rest Layer is the great API development framework useful for creating secure, reliable, and customized API with no repetitive section of code that makes their tasks flexible. It is an extensible framework, and also it automates the routing by defining resources. Rest Layer is a fully supportive and dynamic web framework for development in Golang because of the variations it offers to developers.

6. Macaron

Macaron is one of the most productive and premium web frameworks for Golang. The requirement for using this framework is at least the Go 1.6 version to run. It offers many key features, and that is the reason it has gained popularity. Its outstanding routing with suburls, and flexible combinations is one of the great features.

Also, changing template files at run time is one of the dynamic abilities of this framework. The modular design makes it easy for plugin/un plugin features. Overall, it is a very fast and reliable framework to choose for developers.

7. DotWeb

DotWeb is another high-performance web framework for development in Golang which is featureful, simple, and intuitive. It supports multiple routing, i.e., static, parameter, and group routing, which is very helpful. Global HTTP error handling and log processing are the outstanding features it offers. It requires Go version 1.9 or above, and its use is getting popular day by day because of the configuration it offers.

8. Gearbox

The gearbox is the superior and high-quality web framework in golang used for creating highly productive and high-performance projects. It has a very easy setup loaded with multiple configurations and features that allow smooth development.

It can deal with complex tasks effectively, and it is also prepared for handling dynamic projects with ease and gives secured and high-performance applications. The key features are lightweight, quick, easy execution, and highly secured. It is the framework that many well-known organizations have used.

9. Yoyogo

Yoyogo is a solid, intuitive, lightweight web framework designed for microservices. Its key features consist of smooth and lightning-quick routing with a high level of compatibility with different types of servers. Also, it is extensible and easy to manage the runtime life cycle. It is known for its amazing microservice integration capabilities. It is a great web framework for development, without a doubt in Golang.

10. Gramework

Gramework is one of the popular and dynamic web frameworks for development in Golang. It is great for API development and a very effective, secured, and reliable framework. The applications can be developed in a rapid time and effectively, which makes it convenient for the developers to use this framework. It is also a very cost-effective framework because it requires very little memory. Thus, Gramework is the web framework you can take advantage of depending on your requirements.

Golang is the programming language prepared in the modern high-tech environment, and hence, it can fulfill the complex requirements of development projects effectively. It has multiple uses, and its framework makes it more flexible and affordable for developers.

Pick the Web Framework for Development In Golang After Many Deliberations

The top web frameworks mentioned herewith are reliable, effective, and dynamic, and they have the ability to withstand complex tasks effectively. The powerful frameworks make things easier for getting the desired outcomes. Golang is getting popular, and multiple industries are using this amazing programming language and have got satisfying results using it.

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