How The Instagram Algorithm Works In Photos And Stories

How The Instagram Algorithm Works In Photos And Stories

how instagram algorithm works

Surely, you have heard about the famous Instagram algorithm and the different ways in which it influences our interaction with the platform. If you are wondering how the Instagram algorithm works, you are in the right place.


In addition, to become a successful influencer, or to make your brand popular in the online social world, this algorithm must go from being a stranger to becoming the strongest of your allies.

How Does The New Instagram Algorithm Works?

Here we will explain what the algorithm is and if its power really affects the popularity of the posts. Let us begin!

When talking about algorithms, we need to explain what they are and how they work. Simply put, an algorithm is a set of specific instructions, which dictate the order of the factors and is never used randomly. For example, if the Instagram algorithm notices that a post reached the highest number of interactions, it will rank better, regardless of the content of that post.

The Image May Be Just A Photograph Of A Pet, But If Users Loved It

The algorithm will make this content available to everyone. On the other hand, we have the opposite case, which may be that of an account that uploads valuable content but fails to capture the public’s attention, it won’t rank and get enough exposure.

At the time of inception, Instagram was not much popular, the Instagram algorithm was simpler. The success or popularity of a post did not matter, they were presented in chronological order.

However, the developers of this social network noted that, in order to make users stay longer, they had to show them exclusive content based on their taste buds. In this way, the first algorithm was finally born and later it was updated to its most recent version.

latest instagram algorithm update

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It is time to explain the changes in the Instagram algorithm, which have undoubtedly surprised users. The most important modification is that the likes, which at the time were the most desired interaction, lost their validity.

Currently, comments took first place. So a post can have a thousand likes, but if it doesn’t have any comments, it won’t level up.

In contrast, a post with few likes, but many comments, reaches a more noticeable position. In the same way, that users share posts among themselves is no longer an isolated action, but also influences the popularity of the publication. So, the scale of importance according to the Instagram algorithm starts with the comments and ends with the likes.

Likewise, the platform will continue to decrease the power of likes. Currently, several of the most famous Instagram profiles have stopped showing the number of likes in each publication. This trend is expected to reach all accounts on this social network.

What Algorithm Does Instagram Use Depending On The Type Of Publication?

So far, we have mentioned the modifications that the algorithm brings to traditional posts, but this is also present in other formats of the platform, such as stories and Instagram reels.

In both cases, the algorithm works in a similar way as with posts, showing the content that it considers relevant. Therefore, the value of a reel or a story will depend on the interactions they manage to have, and not on the number of likes.

If You Wonder How The Algorithm of Instagram Stories Works, Below Is The Answer

However, there is a peculiarity, and it is that the algorithm of the Instagram reels is a little different from the others. This is because the goal of a reel is to entertain the person who sees it, regardless of whether they follow the page that published it or not.

That is, when viewing a reel, the algorithm is showing content that the person might like, and that is positioned according to a specific segment. Therefore, if a user follows several fashion accounts, the internal mechanism of Instagram will show reels related to the world of fashion, coming from other profiles that the main user does not follow.

This has significant advantages, as posting Instagram reels helps small pages reach more people. However, this game of chance will depend on the initial popularity of the reel, and if it does not capture the attention of the public, it will fall on the visibility scale.

Now that we know how the Instagram reel algorithm works, it’s time to start using it to our advantage and reach the goal of growing our profile. Next, we will give you the best tips to achieve it.

3 Tips That Will Tell You How The Instagram Algorithm Works

Handling the Instagram algorithm is tricky, especially since the two easiest factors to master, which are chronological order and number of likes, are out of the game.

This leaves us with two relevant elements, such as comments and shares, but that is elusive to small accounts that do not yet have an established community of followers.

This difficulty discourages many crediting content creators, because no matter the quality or quantity of their posts if they fail to attract audiences, their accounts will stagnate. Luckily, there are solutions to this problem that will help your profile grow:

1. Instagram Algorithm For Hashtags

The first step to beating the algorithm is to befriend the hashtags. These tags organize the millions of posts that are uploaded on Instagram every day, and if you use the correct hashtag, your post will have a better chance of being seen.

“Look for hashtags that are related to the topic of your account, but that is not the most used. Remember, it’s easier to stand out from the hundreds than from the thousands.”

Also, you should use hashtags that people search for, so it is advisable to use a common word and not a particular name, which personally could have a lot of meaning but that most followers would not understand.

2. Instagram Algorithm For Likes

Yes, the likes have lost relevance, but that does not mean that we can forget about them. A post with a large number of likes will attract attention, and it is likely to receive other types of interactions, such as long-awaited comments.

Focus on creating quality content that helps to increase your followers and their attention to your profile. It can be a curious fact or news of the day, the main thing is to capture interest.

Accompany this publication with a good image that is easy to understand and has one or more striking colors, so that it stands out on the timeline and gets more likes.

3. Instagram Algorithm For Companies

Today, it is not enough to know how the algorithm of Instagram images works or to have a couple of trusted hashtags, which always seem to work. Now, content creators need to go further, especially if their account is a business profile.

Actually, the trick that makes companies stand out from other profiles does not exist. If you want your brand account to grow, you will have to create a connection with the people who follow you, they must find the content you publish, interact with it and share it.

In this way, the algorithm will recognize the growth of your profile, and will make it gain relevance.

How To Bypass The Instagram Algorithm?

Certainly, fighting Instagram’s internal software is challenging, and while there are little tricks to make it work for us, we want to answer the question of how to remove the Instagram algorithm.

However, this algorithm is like a huge metal structure, it keeps the Instagram universe standing, but complicates the journey for new competitors. Beyond that, you have to keep your spirits up and draw up a good social media plan.

Remember that keeping an account is a task that requires effort, perseverance, and discipline. So, to beat the algorithm, we must compete by its rules.”

This is done by commenting on the publications of other pages, creating content that encourages debate, responding to the messages of other users, establishing a publication schedule, and, of course, analyzing the competition.

Monitor How Your Endeavors Translates into Results

Social networks are communication platforms, and in them, we can interact with many people, as well as explore trending topics. Positioning yourself in an environment as varied and diverse as Instagram has endless benefits, so it’s worth trying your hardest to get to the top.

Finally, discovering how the Instagram algorithm works is part of a huge puzzle that every content creator must put together so that their virtual account is among the best and most visited on this platform.

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