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Get your multi-cuisine food delivery app with HungerStation clone. This solution offers to present a versatile menu by collaborating with different restaurants offering beverages to desserts, main course or starters, anything on HungerStation like apps. It is a complete solution for the business as it offers multiple apps and panels for each of the app users like the customers, restaurants, delivery providers and admin. The versatile menu attracts people towards this app and such success of the app attracts entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs, the app like HungerStation would be an ideal way to start own food ordering and delivery business. A customizable, scalable, reliable white label solution could be yours. The same versatility for the menu list and similar functionalities could be even yours with our HungerStation clone. The app like HungerStation would allow you to offer deals and discounts, review and rating facility and you can add many other features of your choice in your food app.

Our HungerStation Clone Script For Every Type Of Business

Small Startups

For small startups, our HungerStation clone script would work best and fulfill all the needs of a startup like online ordering, promotions, online payments etc.

Single Restaurants

This HungerStation clone app can be used for single restaurants where they can present the menu in front of a larger audience base with the online presence.

Restaurant Chains

Every bigger business can use our HungerStation clone which is sufficient for big business and can scale up with the expansion of business in other regions.

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What Is There For Every User?


We Offer Distinct Apps And Panels For Each User

Web Panels


For Seamless restaurant management

hungerstation clone

Set Most Popular Item

Each of the restaurants on HungerStation clone can set their own most popular item or item of the day to attract more people and to do promotions.

Delivery Service Radius

The restaurants can set the delivery service radius for free deliveries and they could charge for out the radius deliveries or for far locations.

Extra Charges

The restaurants may charge extra for the exclusive items available on the online menu or for extra requirements like extra cheese or extra toppings.

Max Item Quantity

Setting the max item quantity is a useful feature for the restaurants. With the help of this feature, the restaurants can avoid the chances of reselling.

Easy order placement through the user panel

Social Sign Up/Login

The users of HungerStation clone can do social signup or social login from their preferred social media platform. They need to just click on the icon.

Create Profile

The users can create a profile and add more details to it. By adding more details, the users can make the profile more strong and identical as well.


Filters help the users to search fast for the desired items. The users can use it to shorten the searching process and get a complete result in less time.

Multi-Outlet Access

The users can order multiple items from different restaurants in a single order. The multi-outlet access feature allows the users to enjoy such facilities.

For managing the business flawlessly

Force Update

Sometimes the app would not be able to serve sufficiently, the reason might be the old versions on the user devices. The admin can force update them.

Profit Mode

The admin can set the profit mode. The profit mode might be different for each of the restaurant, that totally depends on the business policies.

Payment Mode

Changes in payment mode are in the hand of admin. The admin can add new payment methods to the app or can even remove any payment mode.

Add Countries

As it is a scalable solution, the admin can add new countries to the apps as the business grows and gets expanded into new cities of new countries.

Mobile Apps


A feature-rich customer app

Store Details

The users can see the restaurant details. All the information added from the restaurant side would be displayed over here for the customers.

Get Notifications

The users can receive the notifications from the app. The notifications might be about any news, updates, offers or deals, referral or promo codes etc.

Payment Options

Online payment would be easy for customers with multiple payment options. The customers can choose a convenient payment option as per choice.

Order History

The order history helps the users to explore all the previously placed orders with all the necessary details of that orders. The user may repeat the order.

Fast deliveries with the provider app

Route Optimization

Route optimization is one significant feature in the provider app. The providers can take the advantage of the optimized route to the customer`s destination.


Navigations helps the providers to keep on the right path and to reach the customer destination with the help of inbuilt real-time navigations facility.

On/Off Service

The service provider can take the advantage of route optimization where he/she will get the fastest and shortest path to the delivery destination.

Referral Codesharing

The service provider can share the referral code provided by the app. They can share the referral code with anyone like friends or family members.

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