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Medicine Delivery App Development


Buying the way of prescribed drugs is getting revolutionized as the apps are changing the scenario. The medical and health care are among the highest growing industries, just like that medicine delivery app development is the highest demanded solutions for providing on-demand medicine services. It is the high time for digitization in this field for providing medicine delivery app from where the users can buy necessary prescribed medicines online and that too easily.

Medicine delivery apps are like a blessing for those who can not go out on their own to buy it, at the same time the pharmacy delivery apps provides the ease and convenience of ordering even a single strip of capsules. This is the power of technology with which people can order medicines for the relatives who are leaving in other cities or states and it also saves the time as well.

How Does The Medicine Delivery App Development Works?


Know The Complete Process Flow Of Our Medicine Delivery App

Search & Select

Users search for exactly needed medicine or they can explore given categories and options and can select any product or medicine from there.

Add To Cart

The selected items or medicines can be simply added to the cart and at the same time the users can add or remove any item as many times as they want.

Pay & Track

After making the payment, the order will be dispatched as soon as possible and the users can easily track the order and can know its real-time location.

What Is More In The Medicine Delivery App?

Let’s chat and we will give you a detailed idea about the flow and features.


What Is The Need Of Pharmacy Delivery App Development?


There was the need for simple and finely solved options to buy the medicines. As technology grew the new solutions came into the market of medicines. Those were the apps which are making the process of buying prescribed medicines easy. Even the old aged people should be also able to buy the medicine online from the app, that is the simplicity of the app. At the same time, some old age people do not know how to use apps, for them their relatives can order medicines and can make it delivered to the desired doorstep. The technological advantages took the medicine delivery market to a high rise. To grab the chance of doing business with new customers every day it is necessary to keep up with the time and to have your own app from where people can order the medicines and can get the deliveries.

medicine delivery app development

What Does The Pharmacy Delivery App Includes?


The Apps And Panels Listed Below Are Going To Be There In The Pharmacy Delivery App

Web Panels


Increased Customer Base With Expanded Store App & Panel

Earning Details

Stores can manage the earnings and the details online with the help of earning details feature where all the record would be there of each and every order.

Earning Statistics

Earning statistics empowers the stores by showing the statistics of earnings with which the business can prepare reports for multiple business aspects.


Outlet owners can manage the price for any item, tax, delivery charges, preparation time, delivery time and so many other things with the settings option.


The outlet owners can see the history where the full invoice data of each and every order is available and check whether the order is completed order or still in the process.

A User Panel For Extra Features


Filters provide quick and instant solutions to those customers who already have decided about the product or the service. They can simply use the filters.

Add To Basket

The user can add any product or item in the cart with a special instruction note. That is the new facility of the add to basket feature of the user panel.

Online Payment

Payments are secure and convenient with the online payment modes available in the panel where the user can pay with credit or debit cards or e-wallets.

Payment History

The user can see the detailed history of every payment with the information like total amount, extra charges on the order, applied service tax on the order etc.

Keep Managing Everything Easily With Admin Panel

Map View

Real-time location of users and the delivery service provides can be seen by the admin along with the activity details on Google Maps.

Manage Order

Each order in a detailed manner can be seen by the admin. Where the admin can see the details of payment mode, history or order, review.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be used by the admin as a powerful way of marketing. The admin can take advantage of push notifications anytime.

Cart Info

Admin reserves the exclusive right to see the cart of each user anytime and the admin can also access all the details of that particular cart.

Mobile Apps


Effortless Ordering With User Satisfaction

Order List

The user can see the complete order list where they can see the rejected orders, approved orders, orders in the process along with delivered orders.


The users can now enjoy quick access with the help of categorization and subcategorization where finding the items becomes too easy and quick.

Order Now Or Schedule

Users can place the order for instant delivery or they can simply schedule order for getting it delivered at some other time like next day or next week.

Map View

The user can see all the available outlets for making the process of selecting a one easy. It helps to explore all the nearby and available outlets.

A Fruitful Working Experience

Submit Documents

For starting working with the app, the service provider needs to provide their documents for verification. They can not provide service without verification.

On/Off Service

It is the choice of the service provider when they want to serve. So there is an on/off service feature in the app which they can use for serving at their convenient time.

Earning Details

It is now easy to manage the earnings online. The service provider can manage all the earnings with the detail of each delivery earning online at one place with earning details.

Bank Details

The service provider can add the bank details to get paid directly in the bank account. For that, the service provider needs to add bank details in the profile.

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Clients Using Our Delivery App Across The World


Do You Want To Convert Your Traditional Chemist Business Into Online One With Medicine Delivery App Development?


Shifting from traditional methods to online is not at all easy. The apps on which you are going to work needs expertise while being developed. Know more about it along with a free quote.