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Munchery Clone


Are you impressed with the unique concept of Munchery`s food ordering and delivery system? Our Munchery Clone allows you to have that same system works on the same principles. At the same time, you can even add your own unique concepts into your system. This type of combination will not just make you unique but also it will be beneficial for the business from short term to long term and each day of your business.

The pre-ordering and work collaboration with different chefs can be included into your Munchery Clone Script. You can include a collaboration system with different restaurants to provide a more variety of choice to the users. Do your research for customer`s needs and try to search for the most demanded features which the users want. Try to offer such features in your app which will definitely help you out from the initial stages of your business.

Why our Munchery Clone Script Solution?

On-Demand Mechanism

The fast and most demanded services can be provided with the on-demand mechanism which is an identical part of our Munchery Clone Script.

White Labeling

White labeling will help to illustrate the brand identity of the business. The name of business and logo on the app would make it recognizable.

Customizable Solution

Customization is more facility that we provide. Any asked feature could be added into the desired Munchery Clone which you think should be there.

Installation Support

Our free installation support and app launching facility on different platforms would help to start the business as easy as possible and that too with speed.

Want To Know More About What You Will Get With Our Munchery Clone?

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A Bunch of Apps and Panels Is Waiting for You


You Will Get a Bunch Of Apps And Panels As a Complete Solution

Web Panels


Place the orders from a bigger screen

Social Sign Up/Login

The users can register with the service or login into their account with login or register with social media account option. It overcomes the manual login problems.

Create Profile

The users can create a profile and add in some details. Details would be like email address, residential address, contact number, profile picture etc.


Filters are the easiest way to search the exact thing in a very short time. The filters help to find the exact things by saving the time and provides all relevant results.

Multi-Outlet Access

The user can check out the multiple items from different the different stores. It would also help them to order the items from different stores at the same time.

An easy way for stores to handle the business

Set Most Popular Item

The stores and chefs on the app can set the most popular item of the day or the popular item of the week to give an exposure to their business on the app.

Delivery Service Radius

The stores and chefs on the app can set a delivery service radius. That is how they can get saved from doing deliveries at some out of range places.

Extra Charges

For some reason, the stores have the facility to apply the extra charges for any particular order. The reason might be the delivery radius of the exclusive menu.

Max Item Quantity

The order quantity might be limited with the help of the max item quantity setting feature. That is how the chances or reselling could be overcome.

Single screen business management with admin panel

Force Update

In some cases, the business is not able to provide the services at its fullest because of the old version of the app. The admin can do force update for such issues.

Profit Mode

The profit sharing with the stores and chefs is easier with the profit mode option. The admin can change the profit mode with each individual with the help of this.

Payment Mode

The admin can add or remove any payment option from the app. It depends upon the business policies which might be changed at any time.

Add Countries

With the expansion of the business, the admin can add new cities and new countries of every city in which business is running into the ordering app.

Mobile Apps


A user-friendly customer app

munchery clone

Store Details

Checking out on restaurant and chef details is possible. It gives a better idea to the user about the particular restaurant or chef. This can be checked.

Get Notifications

The user can get the notifications on their app. With the help of notifications, the user can stay updated with the latest news, offers, deals, and discounts.

Payment Options

Multiple online payment options for users will provide trustable options to make a secure and convenient payment. It is a reliable idea for an app.

Order History

The users can see the previous record of orders which they have placed in history. they can check such records in the order history section.

An easy delivery with an easy to use the app

Route Optimization

The route optimization is a GPS based pathfinding facility which helps to find the shortest and fastest route to the customer`s destination.


The navigations will help the provider to find the different available routes to the customer’s destination and the frequent update about the current location.

On/Off Service

The provider can on/off the service. That is how they can choose their convenient time of service. They can simply go offline when they are not serving.

Referral Code sharing

The referral code sharing is the idea to give benefits to both the user ends. With the person with whom he/she is sharing the code, the provider will also get the benefit.

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