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Simplify Online Ordering Experience For Your Customer With wareOnline Food Ordering Software.

Wish to provide an online ordering service to your customers to order their needed product directly online from your restaurant, grocery market or any ordering service outlets?. Then start the online delivery business and provide best online services to your customers. Create online ordering system for your business where you can engage your users online and allows them to operate your offers product service of ordering. Online ordering software allows all scales of business operators to provide a higher level of service satisfaction to the users along with increasing revenue and ultimate profile growth in business too.

Sell More With Online Food Ordering Software Solution


We Offer The Exact Online Food Ordering Software And Digital Delivery Functionality In The Solution That Your Business Needs

Complete Customization

We provide a complete feature customization to ensure a smooth ordering experience for your customer.

Analysis and Reports

Get each module service analysis of your business online with reports and graphical insights.

Multiple Payment Methods

An advanced and fully secure payment process method to pay service charges online with COD option.

3rd Party Integration

We can permit you to request a 3rd party service integration in our custom online ordering solution.

Enterprise Online Ordering System For Any Scale of Business


No Matter How Large or Small Your Order, Delivery And Takeaway Service Firms, Our Online Ordering System Is Suitable For Any Service Ordering Market.

Restaurant Ordering

Grocery Ordering

Flower Ordering

Medicine Ordering

Marijuana Ordering

Alcohol Ordering

Water Bottle Ordering

Courier Delivery

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How Our Online Delivery System Enable Your Service Venture Online


Our Turnkey Solution Works Based On The Proven Top-notch Delivery Provider Companies Business Model. E Delivery – All in One Online Delivery System That Works Simply An Effective Way To Boost Your Productivity And Revenue Of Service Income With Ensuring Your Business Growth.

Single/Multi Location Outlets List Showcase on website and apps.
Customer can browse and choose their needed product
Store owner received order commission from the whole amount.
Store owner updated delivery provider to deliver orders at customer doorstep.

online ordering system

Note: This Online Ordering And Delivery System Can Be Customized As Per Your Own Business Model and Specific Requirements.

What AppEmporio Offers In Custom Online Food Ordering System


Get Your First Online Order Today! With Our White Label Mobile and Online Food Ordering System. We Build Mobile Apps With Web Responsive Version Of Your Online Food Ordering System Along With Website, So You Can Reach More Customers – No Matter The Device They Use.

We Offer A Mobile And Web Version For Your Restaurant Online Ordering System, So Your Customer Can Reach Out Your Venture Without Hassling Of Device Usage.

Social Media Login

Customer can do signup and log in through their social media account like Facebook, Google+ or through email and password.

Custom Ordering

Customer can be customized ingredient of the food as per their needs by using food ordering system.

Track Delivery Provider

Customer can track their delivery providers Geo location status on real-time in Google Map.

Schedule Order

Customer can select their preferred delivery schedule time along with immediately deliver product option.

Multiple Order

Customer can order more than one product at the same time, even they can order with two different outlets.

Secure Payments

Customer can pay their order service charge online with secure payment platform along with COD option.

In This Online Delivery System, We Provide Online Store Handling Web and Mobile Solution. That Provides a Facility Where Store Vendors Can Make Changes For Their Service Menus, Track Their Sales And Order Details Etc.

Manage Product Showcase

Outlets owner can showcase their all offers product online with the help of app and web console.

Online Orders Request

Outlets can get online order request from the customers and as per availability they can reject or accept.

Manage Deliverymen

Outlets vendors can manage deliverymen’s service details with rights of add or decline their profile.

Manage Orders

Outlets owner can manage all dispatched order details along with queue order list and order history.

Earning Reports

Outlets owner manage their earning details based on daily, weekly and monthly along with graphical insights.

Deliverymen Tracking

Outlets owner can track the deliveryman real-time location on Google Map with help of app’s real-time tracking feature.

With Our Online Food Ordering System Delivery Provider Apps, We Will All Set You Up With The Detailed Requirement Of Delivering Product At Customers Doorstep.

Delivery Request

Delivery provider gets online service request from the outlets with accepting or reject service request.

Submit Document

To start service as a delivery provider, its must that the person uploads an essential document through app.

Earning Details

With help of app, delivery providers can manage their delivery service along with all deliver order details.

Email & Mobile Verification

Before start service, Email and Phone verification is must required that comes from the admin.

Online / Offline

Delivery provider can go on/off the manual for service as per their availability for service.

Service Status Update

With the help of mobile app, the delivery provider can update their work status like on a route, arrived etc.

The Ultimate Online Food Delivery System For Any Type Of Business. Make Your Business More Profitable And Successful With Our White Label Solution.

Map View

Administrative person can track all the active user real-time geolocation along with their profile details

Check Order Details

Administrative person can check all complete order details along with payment methods and user details.

Manage User

The administrative person can manage all user profile details with rights of add new, edit or decline anytime.

Push Notification

In Online ordering software, we integrate Mass push notification feature to notify user for any kind of information.

Manage Service Location

Administrative person can add any new countries and cities location for the business while any time on/off rights.

Reports and Statistics

Administrative person can able to see all module reports with graphical statistics that help to understand business growth.

How To Get Started With This On Demand Ordering System


The Procedure Is Very Simple And Easy After Getting AppEmporio’s White Label On Demand Ordering System Solution. You Can Provide a Seamlessly Ordering Service To Your Customers. Even We Provide Customization Option. In Which, You Can Do Changes According To Your Service Needs With Your Brand Name And Logo. To Controll Complete Workflow, We Provide Web Back-end For Business Administrative Along With Web Console And Mobile App For Restaurant or Your Any Delivery Service Store. Mobile App For The Delivery Providers And Customers order their needed product with the web and mobile app.

Administrative Connect With Other Outlets and Vendors

Outlets can manage product showcase online and edit it.

Customer can browse needed product and placed an order.

Business Administrative Get Earn Revenue for each service order.

Clients Using Our Ordering System Across The World


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