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Restaurant App Builder


People used to have a smartphone in their hand all the time so they prefer to order from different restaurant apps developed with restaurant app builder. To get the easy catch of this whole new market of ordering food online via apps we offer white label apps for your business. Our restaurant deliver app maker is a bunch of multiple apps developed exclusively for the user, for the restaurant, and for the provider as well along with that it has a powerful admin dashboard to manage and control all the activities. It is a finely crafted app which will provide a complete solution to satisfy the hunger of users and your business needs.

Now the food lovers can have their favorite food anywhere anytime with the feature focused smart app which allows picking the food as per choice and from any restaurant available on the app. You can launch your app by targeting the audience of any corner of the world!

Built-In Features For Restaurants


The App Developed With Our Restaurant App Builder Includes Many Restaurant Oriented Features To Make The Work Of Restaurant Easy As They Want

Manage Products

The restaurants can manage the products as per need. It is one of the very helpful features for those restaurants which has daily something new on the menu.


The dishes can be filtered with the help of categorization feature. It ultimately helps the foodies to find the exact dish in less time which gives more exposure.

Manage Orders

Each restaurant receives every order separately so it becomes easy while it comes to manage the orders. The restaurants can set priority for each order.

Manage Deliveries

The restaurants can request the providers to make the delivery and they can also track them as well to know the current status of the provider.

Manage Earnings

The restaurants can manage the earnings online within the app so now no need to depend on manual entries anymore which generally creates confusion.

Earning Statistics

It is easy to do the analysis of sales and growth of the restaurant with earning statistics feature. With this feature measuring the growth becomes easy.

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Web Panels


The restaurants can manage the business task seamlessly with our food delivery app builder

restaurant app builder

Social Signup/Login

The restaurant can register themselves manually with the app or they can even choose the social signup option where they need to just simply click on a social icon.

Add Item

The restaurant can add items as per their choice and the number of items could be any. This helps to provide a variety in the menu and get more sales.

On/Off Item

There are some restaurants which frequently changes the menu. They offer same dishes on alternate days. At that time they have the advantage of On/Off item.

Set Most Popular Items

The sales can be multiplied by doing self-promoting activities. The restaurants can promote themselves by setting up most popular items to catch the attention of users.

Delivery Service Radius

Now the restaurant does not need to face any loss due to the deliveries out of their service areas. The restaurants can set the service radius from where they want orders.

Minimum Order Amount

Minimum order amount increases the sales and saves the business from loss. With our restaurant app builder the restaurants can set minimum order amount to reduce loss.

The user can enjoy the convenience of ordering food with a user panel

Real-Time Tracking

The user can know the exact location of the food delivery person with the help of latest and highly advanced feature of real-time tracking.

Rate And Review

The users can give ratings and reviews at the same time they can see the ratings and reviews given by the others so they can know about the overall experience.

Add Favorite

The favorite items of users will never go far from them with the feature of adding the item in a favorite list. This list allows them to make a quick choice.

Referral Code

The user of the restaurant app builder can share the referral code with friends and family to give them the advantage of deals or discounts and they can also receive some benefit.

Add To Basket

This is the cart where the user can put the selected food items. A special instruction note can be added with the help of this feature which makes the shopping easy.

Online Payments

The user can pay online with either credit or debit card or even they can make the payment with any popular e-wallet attached with the app for making the payment.

It is now easy to manage and control the business with a powerful admin panel of our restaurant app builder

Force Update

If there is an updated version of the app is launched but your business can not work efficiently because many users did not update the app. In that case, force update is useful.

Push Notification

The admin can do promotional activities by sending push notifications to the users. Here they can do promotions with various approaches

Check Document

The submitted documents by the restaurant or driver will be saved here. The admin can verify it at any time and have the authority to accept or reject them.

Profit Mode

The mode of profit and the margin along with the percentage can be changed as per the business policies. The admin reserves the sole right to do that.

Manage App Feature

The admin can add or remove any feature from the current app. The admin can manage the features as well to run the business operations smoothly.

Cart Info

The admin can access the cart and see the items added into it. It is a useful feature for marketing and sending push notifications for marketing purpose.

Mobile Apps


The most convenient and time saver app developed with restaurant app builder for the users

Pickup & Destination By Type

The user can save the daily locations which they are using frequently so they do not need to type their favorite location repeatedly every time.

Multi Outlets

Now the user can access multiple outlets of the same franchise so they do not need to compromise with their choice and can order their favorite food.

Order Now Or Schedule

Convenience is must for the users, we know that so we have incorporated a special feature which allows the user to schedule the order for delivery.


This restaurant app builder allows the user to apply the filter to get the exact thing they want. It also saves the time for them and they can order more.

Order List

The user can see the order list which includes the orders placed in past, orders which are still on the way, orders which are waiting to be processed.

Map View

The map view is the most helpful feature for the users. If the user has selected the pick-up, in that case, the one can use the map view to reach.

The providers can provide the services easily with a specially dedicated app

Phone SMS Verification

The provider can provide the documents and once the process of verification is completed the provider can get the notification with the phone SMS verification.

On/Off Service

The provider can work at the convenient time, for this they can off the service while they are in resting mode and they can on the service when they are ready to go.

Referral Code Sharing

The delivery provider can share the referral code for discounts to their friends and family members. So there are multiple benefits for providers using this app.

Route Optimization

The delivery provider can get the destination for the delivery and they can optimize the route for making the delivery process fast. So they can save fuel too.

Calling & Message

In the case of any confusion or delay the provider can contact the user and notify or ask them about the current situation with the calling and message feature.


The driver can track the route and get the navigations on the provider app to know the exact route to the destination to reduce chances of going at the wrong route.

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