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The Evolution of the online taxi dispatch business has made a revolution in the transportation industry. It has now become the most effective business in the gig economy. If you are an entrepreneur and want to start an online taxi service business, you have come to the right place. AppEmporio provides ready to used white label taxi dispatch software for entrepreneur and transportation business holder. We craft this taxi dispatch system with the cutting edge technology to making it perfect for every scale of taxi and ground transportation business. With our taxi dispatch solution, we provide cross-platform support for smartphone we provide native Android and iOS mobile application along with web panels to provide more convenience to your customer.

Why Choose Us?


Start Your Online Taxi-hailing Business With Our Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

White Label Solution

Start your online taxi business with your brand name

In Our cab dispatch software, we provide a white label solution for the entrepreneurs. We will set their company name and logo as per requirements.

Fleet Management

Provide online transportation services with fleet management

With our best taxi dispatch software with fleet management services. You can provide the quantitative transportation services to the

International Business

Start your taxi-hailing business in multiple countries

We help entrepreneurs to start their any scale of taxi and ground transportation online. With this facility, they can manage their business in multiple countries.

Complete Solution Of Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch System


In The Current Industry Of Taxi Services, So Many Online Services Are Working. So The Competition Is High And It’s Very Difficult To Stay In The Market. We Offer The Complete And Strong Solution With Our Best Cloud-based Taxi Dispatch System With Different Applications And Web Panels. These Will Help You To Make a Perfect Online Taxi Business And Make The Easier Process Of The Taxi hailing.

Customer Application


Book a Taxi And Enjoy The Trip With Flexible Features

taxi dispatch software

Ride Now Or Schedule

Riders can book the taxi instantly for the current requirement and do the scheduled booking for the future ride.

Real-time Tracking And ETA

Riders can track drivers and get information about driver’s location and know that when the driver will come to pick up them.

Fare Estimation

Before booking the taxi, riders get the information about estimation fare of their trip when they set the trip’s location.

SOS Panic Button

During the trip, if the emergency situation may be created, they can inform their family members and friend with the SOS Panic button.


After the completion of the ride, riders can share their feedback related to the riding and driver’s services.

Driver Application


Get The Taxi Service Request From The Riders

Admin Approval

To do work as a driver, a person must have to get approval from the admin by submitting the required documents.

Profile Creation

To create the personal identity, drivers can create their profile with all required details and manage it.

Accept/Reject Option

Drivers have the accept and reject options for the taxi service request. If they are not free, they can reject it.

Route Optimization and Navigation

Drivers can do the route optimization and navigation of the current location to the destination with the help of Google Map.

Earnings Details

Drivers can see the daily, weekly and monthly earning details of all trip with all the details of the trip and explore it.

Admin Panel


Manage The Whole Taxi Business From One Place

Manage Users

Admin can manage all users with their profile details and they can edit or decline the users as per requirements.

Add Multiple Countries

Admin can add the multiple countries in their business and anytime make it on or off for their business.

Add Service Type

Admin has an authority to add multiple cars to provide comfortable service like SUV, Minican, Luxuries, etc.

Interactive Statistic

Admin can check the interactive statistic related to trip details, payment details, and profit details.

Check Feedbacks

Admin can check the feedbacks of riders and drivers. If any requirements to take any action, they can take it.

Dispatcher Console


Get More Riding Facility With Phone Calls By Using Dispatcher Console

Profile Creation

Dispatchers can create their personal profile with all details and profile image and edit it as per the requirements.

Dispatch Request

Dispatchers can create the trip request on behalf of registered and unregistered users.

Manage Request

Dispatchers can manage the trip request with all trip details like trip fare, locations, date, etc.

Fare Estimation

Dispatchers can know about the Trip’s fare estimation and say this same thing to the riders.

Earning Details

With the help of Dispatcher Console, dispatchers can check their daily, weakly and monthly earning details.

Partner Console


Grow Your Business With Local Taxi Drivers And Entrepreneurs With Our Cab Dispatch Software

Manage Profile

Partners can create their profile and manage it. As per the requirements, they can edit the details.

Driver Management

Partners can manage the drivers with their details and they have rights to add or decline the drivers.

Manage Vehicle

Partners can manage the vehicle service types. As per the requirements, they can on/of the services.

Trip Details

Partners can check the every trip details with the complete history like trip date, place, fare etc.

Interactive Statistics

With the help of partner panel, they can get an interactive statistics for the trip, users, and profit details.

Customer Panel


Create The Trip Request By Using The Web Panel of Best Taxi Dispatch System

Social Media Login

To book the trip services, customers can use social media for the Login process like Facebook and Google plus.

Create Profile

In the customer panel, customers can create their personal profile with all details and manage it.

Trip Booking

Riders book the trip as per their requirements like to book for instant service or schedule booking for the future.

Set Location

Riders can set their pickup and destination details, then they get the list of drivers.

Payment Method

To pay for the riding charge, riders have multiple payment methods like Credit or Debit Card, Wallet, and Cash.

Driver Panel


Manage The Trip Request And Services With Our Driver Dispatch Software

Upload Documents

To do work as a driver, a person must have to submit required documents to the administrative person.

Get Service Request

Drivers get the taxi service request from the riders. Drivers have an option to accept and reject the request.

Profile Management

Drivers can create their profile and manage its details through the web panel and edit it as per the requirements.

Add Bank Details

To receive the earning amount from the administrator, drivers must have to add the bank details.

Earning Details

Drivers can see the earning details or any particular trip or whole trips with all details of earning amount.

Hotel Panel


Provide Dynamic Facility With Best Taxi Dispatch System’s Hotel Panel

Create Profile

Hotels can create their profile and manage it with hotel name and address. They can edit the details.

Send Trip Request

Hotel send the trip request to the riders on behalf of riders with the details of the trip and user.

Manage Request

Hotel can manage the rider’s request for the immediate service as well as future service.

Fare Estimation

Hotels can know about fare estimation of the trip and say this same thing to the riders.

Attach Bank Details

To get the commission from the administrator, they have to attach bank details.

Complementary Features of Our Best Taxi Dispatch System


Our Flexible Functionality Makes Your Business More Reliable With Best Taxi Dispatch System

Custom Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is a turnkey functionality of any type of development. We provide a complete customized payment gateway facility in our taxi dispatch software to visible your services and firms locally. The custom payment gateway can help to provide extra comfortability and choose to use your payment gateway. Stripe is the default payment gateway in our taxi dispatch system, we customize it as per buyer’s choice.

Perfect Branding

We offer the white label solution of taxi dispatch software. In which, we provide the white label services to the buyers means that we set the brand name and logo as per the buyer’s requirements. Our best cab dispatch software is a completely white label. We help to make the perfect branding for the buyer’s taxi business so they can start their taxi-hailing business with their brand name and logo.

Effective Designing With Modification Option

In Our taxi dispatch software, we provide an effective designing. Our Creative UI/UX designer team creates the attractive design of our taxi module and easy to understand app’s functionality and process. With this, we provide a modification facility to the buyers for that we offer an ‘X’ color option in theme modification that helps to match buyer’s branding and make the perfect branding.

Multiple Language

Online taxi dispatch service is board and multi-region. In the different region, people speak different languages. So we provide multiple language facility in our cloud based taxi dispatch software. We integrate multiple languages as per the buyer’s requirements and business need. This facility provides a grant to the business owners to scale up their taxi business in the multi-region with the single branded app.

Multi-Facility Features of Taxi Dispatch System


Scale Up Your Taxi Business With Our Multi-facility Features

Multiple Cities and Countries Supported

Are you looking to start your taxi-hailing business in multiple countries and cities? We integrate this feature into our taxi dispatch app solution that helps administrators to handle multi-city and multi-country taxi business in a single place along with all transportation and communication information. Administrator person can add the city and country in business with details of their name, service type etc. They have the right to on/off taxi service anytime.

Multiple Selection Option For Service Type

If administrators want to provide multiple vehicle services to the riders, now it’s possible with our best taxi dispatch solution. They can add multiple vehicle service type in their taxi services, like SUV, Minicab, Luxury etc. Even they have an authority to add a new vehicle in the service or decline any vehicle service. They can on/off vehicle service as per their need. They can manually assign any service type for the particular driver and manage that all details easily.

Different Fare Charge In the Same City

In the taxi-hailing business, every trip has a different fare charge. Even it may be possible that same distance has different fare charges and it’s based on the location. It’s possible that the fare charge is based on time or occasion even the demand for services and some region of the city has more traffic compared to other so in the area of traffic fare charge is high. To solve these problems, we integrate features where admin can set different fare charges as per zone vise.

Advanced Features – Taxi Dispatch Software


Stand Uniquely in The Online Ground Transportation Industry With Our Advanced Features


In our cloud-based taxi dispatch system, we integrate the Taxi-hailing facility. In which drivers can do the entry of the riders which are not registered and not send a service request. Drivers get a taxi service on the road like traditional hailing. Drivers can provide the riding services to that type of riders and add their trip’s details like name, place and fare charges. The administrative person can separately manage this kind of trip details. They can filter all details and as per the requirements, they can explore it.

Fixed Airport Price Structure

We integrate fixed airport price structure in our taxi dispatch software. Because in the metro cities, to go and come from the airport is a main targeted area of business. With this functionality, riders can hail the taxi from anywhere and they pay the charges that already prefixed. With this functionality, an administrator can handle the fixed area fare charges and on the dashboard, they can see all trip records with the details and manage it with filtering and exploring feature.

Gender-based Driver Selection

To provide a more comfortable riding facility for your riders, we integrate gender-based driver selection option in our taxi dispatch software. This feature is especially for your female riders. When female riders do the request for the woman driver, they can get this facility. Administrators can on/off this service features as per their rules. To make your business perfectly, we integrate other functionality like handicap seat, wheelchair, and baby seat.

Language-based Driver Selection

If you want to start your taxi business at the international level, then it covers multiple countries and cities where a language communication is different and it’s a difficult situation for the drivers and riders to do communication. To solve this problem, we integrate language-based driver selection for the riders. On a register time, it’s essential that drivers can add their speaking language so riders can request to that driver who understands their language and it’s easy to communicate with each other.

Driver Wallet

Drivers can manage their trip’s earning details by using the Wallet. They can check them all trip’s details with trip’s date, rider’s details, locations, service type, review and rating of riders and payment details etc. To do work as a driver, they must have to put some specific amount on the wallet that is decided by the administrator. Drivers can check their daily, weekly and monthly earning details with filtering and sorting options. As per the requirements, they can explore the report.

Cross – Platform Support

In our taxi dispatch software, we provide the facility of the mobile application and web panel. In with we provide Android and iOS applications for the smartphone users and web panel for other users. All the process and functionality are working similarly in the application and web panel so the users can manage their all activity at cross-platform. Even we provide custom flow for single features and we can modify on our ready-made taxi dispatch as per buyer and business need.

Know More Deeply About Our Cab Dispatch Software


Check The Live Demo Of Our Cab Dispatch Software And Know More About It In Deeply

Customer and Driver apps Workflow

Graphical representation of customer and driver apps and how it’s work step by step and its workflow.

Admin Dashboard

An advanced admin dashboard to handle the business. See how administrators manage it.

Dispatcher Panel

Check how dispatcher can create the trip request on behalf of riders and how they handle all the process.

Customer Panel

Graphical representation of the customer panel to see the workflow of the customer panel with steps.

Hotel Panel

To give an extra funnel of the taxi business, we integrate hotel panel. Let’s see, it’s flow with graphical representation.

Partner Panel

Expand your taxi business and connect more partners in your business to manage the international taxi business.

Driver Panel

Let’s see how drivers get the trip request and how they manage their profile details and earning details.

Price Table

Let’s know the taxi dispatch software prices and how much does it cost for your business.

Algorithm We Use


It Helps To Request Nearby “X” Drivers For The Ride


The administrator can set “x” number of drivers who will receive the request for the trip from the admin panel, and only those numbers of drivers will receive the trip request.

Example: If the administrator sets X = 5 in the admin panel then 5 drivers who are nearby from the driver will get a request.

How We Test The Quality Of Our Taxi Dispatch Software Solution


We Use Sonarqube Platform For The Testing And Analysis Process


SonarQube is an open source platform for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities. It can record metrics history and provides evolution graphs.

We inspect our code quality in SonarQube and we can maintain our score as below.

  • Bugs & Vulnerabilities score: Grade A with 0 bugs and Vulnerabilities
  • Code Smells: Grade A with 0 debt and 0 Code Smells
  • Duplications: Only 5.7 with 47 Duplication Block

Fleet Management company across the globe that used our taxi dispatch Software Solution


List Of Taxi And Ground Transportation Firms That Used Our Cloud-based Dispatch Solution

Choose Your Favourite Color and Language


We Provide ‘X’ Type Theme Variation With Our Custom Taxi Dispatch Solution

Frequently Asked Questions


Does your taxi dispatch app suitable for small/large taxi companies?

Yes, AppEmporio provides the cloud-based solution for taxi dispatch app and our software is suitable for small, medium and large companies.

Which technology is used in the taxi dispatch app?

We used the native Android and iOS platforms to build a taxi dispatch app. In which Android application build by using Java and XML language. And iOS application build using swift language.

At the purchase time, which type of license we get?

You will get a single user license at the purchase time. Means that, you can use the purchased product with only one business. If you want to use it for multiple, then please contact us.

Which type of service do you provide in 3 months free support?

In our 3 months free supported service, we provide the services for bug fixed, crash and resolution issue, and system version update support due to OS updates. Any feature and service addition request is not included in the free support.

After the completion of 3 months free support, can we get the support?

Yes, we have several paid support packages. If you will choose any of them, we will keep on supporting your product’s technology part as per your selection of supported packages.

Can users use social media for the login process in the Web Panel?

Yes, we provide the facility of social media login in our taxi dispatch app. Users can do their trip’s registration by doing login on the social media account.

Does the vehicle selection option is available for the users?

Yes, users have multiple vehicle selection options in the user panel like Minicab, SUV, Luxury etc. They can select as per their requirements.

Can users Pre-book their schedule for the future ride?

Yes, with the help of user panel, users can pre-book their schedule for the future ride with all details.

Multiple payment options are available or not for the payment of riding services?

Yes, riders have multiple payment options to pay the charges of the riding like Credit or Debit Card, Netbanking, and Cash.

Can riders see their previous trip and payment history?

Yes, riders can see their previous trip and payment history with all details like trip date, place, payment etc.

Can admin manage their international business from the one place?

Yes, we provide an advanced admin panel for the administrator to manage the business. They can easily manage their international business.

Can the admin add Hotel in their business to provide more reliable services?

Yes, if admin wants to connect the hotel with their business, they can add the multiple hotels to provide more reliable services to the users.

Can the admin add the vehicle to their business?

Yes, if admin wants to add more vehicle to their business, they can add. As per the requirements, they can on/off vehicle’s services.

Can the admin check the reviews of the riders and drivers?

Yes, admin can check the reviews of the riders and drivers. They can take an action on the reviews if they have requirements.

Can admin see the strategies of their business?

Yes, admin can see the complete strategies of their business with all details like the profile of all users, all trip history, payment details, feedbacks, etc. They can filter the details and explore it if they want.

Can dispatchers create the trip request?

Yes, dispatchers can create the trip request instead of the users with all details of the trip.

Is there the functionality of more than one dispatcher panel?

Yes, we provide the functionality of more than one dispatcher panel in our taxi dispatch software.

Can dispatchers get the fare estimate of the rider's trip?

Yes, dispatchers can get the fare estimate and other details of the rider’s trip and they can say these same things to the riders.

Can dispatcher send the trip request for the future trip?

Yes, dispatchers can send the rider’s trip request for the future trip with all details and manage it with the trip’s date and time.

Can dispatchers handle the trip requests?

Yes, dispatchers can easily handle the trip requests with the help of dispatcher panel with all details of the trip and users.

Can hotel create the trip request on behalf of riders?

Yes, we provide the extra facility of the hotel panel in our taxi dispatch softer. Hotels can create the trip request on behalf of riders.

Can hotel get the commission to create the trip request on behalf of riders?

Yes, riders get the commission to create the trip request on behalf of the riders. The Commission rate is decided by the Admin.

Can hotel set the details of the floor and room number in the destination address?

Yes, the hotel can set the details of the floor and room number in the destination address.

Can hotel see the rider's history?

Yes, with the help of hotel panel, they can see the history of the rider like the location of pick up and destination, date and payment details.

Is there a separate panel is available for the Hotel?

Yes, we provide a separate panel in our taxi dispatch software for the hotels to create the taxi request on behalf of riders and manage it.

Can partners create the taxi service request instead of riders?

Yes, partners can create the taxi service request instead of riders with all required details.

Can partner add the drivers and vehicles in the business?

Yes, partners have an authority to add drivers and vehicles in their business if they have requirements.

Can partners manage the earning details in the partner panel?

Yes, partners can easily manage their daily, monthly and yearly earnings reports with all the details.

Is there a separate panel is available for the partners?

Yes, we add a separate panel in our taxi dispatch software. Admin can add more than one partner in their business and provide the separate panel for them to manage the business.

Is there partners has requirements to attach the bank details?

Yes, to get an earning amount from the administrator, partners have to attach the bank details.