Intermittent Fasting Apps – Top 5 Effective Platform to Consider in 2021

Top 5 Effectual Intermittent Fasting Apps to Consider in 2021

top 5 intermittent fasting apps

Losing weight is the most challenging task for many. But adopting the fasting methods can blow up the losing weight process. Intermittent fasting balances things you eat, and the time you eat schedules aids you in lessening your obesity. It further has substantial results like raising the metabolism and lowering heart disease chances. Moreover, intermittent fasting apps are making it simpler to attain strategic goals.


Intermittent fasting apps are designed such that it traces the performance to support intermittent fasting schedules. Apps make fasting way easier, and managing it all on your own. This software keeps on track what and when to eat, reminding you about your schedule to eat in your busy daily schedule. One can depend on these platforms for fasting to reduce obesity.

In the corona pandemic, the people at home were stuck in-between homes and were forced to avoid the outings, which helped them maintain their weight. But on the other hand, several people have grabbed the opportunity to give more time to lose obesity working at home, taking complete care of their diet and fasting habits. In a survey conducted in September 2020, among the assenters globally, 32.17% of them managed to lose weight.

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What is Intermittent Fasting?

In intermittent fasting methods, alternating eating and fasting habits are balanced without restricting what to eat. This method gives significant importance to when you eat. It drives new healthy habits and regulates the weight, causing minor side effects when followed properly. There are a number of intermittent fasting ways.

16/8 Fasting Schedule:

This method involves restricting meals for 16 straight hours and obstructing a meal to 8 hours of gaps. One has to skip breakfast and either eat at noon. Further, this skips eating at other times of day, ending up the day with dinner. One who is habitual of eating breakfast may find it difficult. All-day, any beverages low in calories may succeed to pass on the fasting time. Plus, one can skip high-calorie food in the meal, which will be way too helpful.

5:2 Diet – Intermittent Fasting

This method is scheduling the eating such that one can eat for five days a week retarding to eat twice a week. On regular days, one can eat their regular meals. The two days in a week can be chosen, for example, you skip Monday and Thursday, or you can also plan to not eat on Tuesday and Friday. On the fasting days, the meals are so planned that one can take half of what they eat on regular days, resulting in an effective method to get rid of obesity.

Alternative days of eating

In this method, fasting on alternate days is predicted to lose weight. Or, one can also plan to take low-calorie meals. However, this method doesn’t have useful results. Sleeping hungry at night might not be gratifying.

Impulsive Skipping Meal

This method doesn’t have any strategized meals to skip or any planned diet chart to take any meals. One can skip their meals due to lack of time to make food, or when not feeling hungry, or not needing to eat on off days and having no work schedules. One should know themselves well to adopt this fasting method as spontaneous fasting can be prone to your health.

Eat Stop Eat

While you follow this method of fasting, you have to bypass meals for a whole day. You are eating breakfast for today, followed by restricting the rest of the bites and taking the next meal the following day. You can even take lunch or dinner during the day and avoid any solid intake for the following day.

Several other methods are also there, which fall into intermittent fasting. Skipping bites or fasting for the whole day seems burdened. Or some may suffer from tolerable hunger. Nevertheless, the online world is making things possible to a great extent. Intermittent fasting apps are helping a person track their calories intake, reminding them to take meals according to the schedule.

They are designed with vast characteristic integration allowing convenience to the followers. The technological world has proffered numerous applications. In the following blog, a few notable intermittent fasting software are mentioned to help you choose from.

Top Five Prominent Intermittent Fasting Apps That are in Trend

1. Zero


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Fasting becomes more straightforward with the Zero App, which has completed 300 billion fasting hours for its users. It maintains the calorie intake clock with alerts, which has integrated timers. These timers are notified at dusk and told to eat before 8:30 pm. After which, it starts counting the fasting time. It tracks user’s locations to mark sunsets for alerts.

Zero software grabs and saves data in the app, which the users can download anytime to analyze offline. Users can choose the fasting type from any popular options to build their schedule on their own. The app has easy-to- understand features. It has no cost installation and is counted amongst the best fasting apps.

Ratings: Zero is rated 4.6 stars in the play store and 4.8 stars in the apple store.
Downloads: Has 10 lakh plus downloads
Compatibility: Available in all devices with Android and iOS mobile installations.
Price: Has no cost installation, with in-app paid plans

2. BodyFast


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In the fasting application world, BodyFast is a popular name in 28 countries. Its popularity is the result of allowing it to choose the coach for supporting the fasting method. They get tips for calorie intake in meals. It provides various intermittent fasting methods to select from, according to the user’s eating habits.

Moreover, Body Fat solves all the doubts for its users, paving them an easy way to understand the app, especially for the users. Users can choose well-features free planes; nevertheless, the paid plan helps a personalized experience in planning fast. The app is compatible for all devices.

Ratings: BodyFast has 4.6 ratings in the Play store and 4.7 stars on the Apple store.
Downloads: Has 20 million downloads
Compatibility: Available for Android and iOS mobile installations
Price: Has free installations and subscriptions with paid coaches plans

3. Vora


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In versatile apps for fasting, one notable name is Vora, which provides an eminent way to lose weight. These apps provide virtual storage to store the data of your fasting habits. This lets the users update their fasting plans whenever they want. The also connects similar people in the app helping the users to obey a schedule for an extended period for efficient outcomes.

Vora app grants you to pick from multiple intermittent fasting methods that give excellent sync between fasting and eating hours. Apps provide reports of user’s performance as statics and charts. It has a feature to share the schedule of the weight loss plan in the app and get motivated by the reviews and suggestions to it.

Ratings: Vora has 3.7 stars in the play store and 4.3 stars in the apple store.
Downloads: Has more than 1 lakh downloads
Compatibility: Available in both Android and iOS
Price: Free installations and paid plans.

4. Fastient


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For a thorough and orderly app to trace fasting habits, Fastient is the apt choice. It allows you to track progress towards your goals via a broad interface. It facilitates the consumer’s intelligible features for any device. One can reach their goals easily with the help of this app. It has several pages in the app resulting in instant recognition of the weight gain process.

In Fastient, users can store all the activities that bother the weight loss process like exercise, food intake, sleeping hours, mindfulness, etc. The app is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It also includes a web app allowing broad compatibility for the users. Moreover, it offers paid plans for yearly and lifetime plans.

Ratings: Fastient has 4.4 stars in the play store and 4.7 stars in the apple store.
Downloads: It has 10k plus installs
Compatibility: Compatible in Android, iOS, and web panels.
Price: Has yearly ($5 ) and lifetime subscriptions ($12).

5. FastHabits


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The best app for beginners who intend to lose weight with the help of intermittent apps is FastHabits, providing streamlined features. It apprises users of every necessary information or alert to bring forth a successful weight loss plan. It carries out past fasting records making it easy to analyze forms for the consumers.

FastHabits is a well-known app on android and iOS devices. Users can select the fasting tab available in the app and follow that to lose weight. The free plan for the fasting plan has limited features, though helpful. However, a premium plan is worth using to aids you get rid of obesity.

Ratings: FastHabits is rated 4.3 stars in Android and 4.7 stars in the iOS store.
Downloads: Has more than 10T downloads
Compatibility: Available in Android, iOS, and desktops
Price: Inclusive of paid plans

Ending Up

Obesity is a rival for many. People keep on trying and quitting several dieting methods, but none of them work. But balancing regular eating habits and fasting long hours is one of the result-gaining ways to lose weight. The intermittent Fasting method deducts obesity and drives new healthy habits. One can adopt these new habits under the observation of Intermittent Fasting Apps.

In this method, individuals follow an eight to ten hours gap in between the two meals. In the fasting time, insulin levels drop, which in result burns the fat. The fasting applications are a work guide or teammate to lose weight without getting off trace of the goals. Above mentioned apps are designed for the consumer’s convenience.

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