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Uber Clone


If you are an energetic entrepreneur and looking for something quick rewarding for your investment, you are in the right place. Our on-demand Uber Clone App is an ideal white label solution to kick start taxi booking business. You can launch your app and start the business in a short period of time. Our Uber Clone Script is a scalable, customizable and reliable solution for your business. You can ask us to add more features to the app source code for you. Our ready to use uber app clone will not disappoint you at all. You can scale up the app along with your business expansions.

Significant Unique Features Of Our Uber Clone App

Social Login

The user of the app can use their social media account to register with the app and also for doing login every time into the app. They need to just click on any of the social media icons to complete the process.


The app can be launched in any desired language. For users, the language creates a huge impact, they will prefer the app which is having their known language. So launch the app in the preferred language.

Multi Currency

The app can have multiple currency options to make the payment process easy. The multi-currency functionality helps the riders to pay in their preferred currency. It is useful for the countries where more than one currency is popular.

Fixed Airport Fare

Airports are among the most favored places to hire the taxi from and to. The uber clone app has the airport fix fare functionality to improvise the service and to increase the productivity of the business.

Our Useful Offerings In Uber Clone For Your Taxi Business


For The Flexible Use Of All The Parties Related To Your Taxi Booking Business, There Are Separate Apps And Panels For Them To Manage Their Tasks Easily. With Best Uber Clone Each App And Panel is Having Some Necessary Features And Facilities Included For Simplifying Daily Work With The Help Of Technology.

An Easy To Use Solution For The Riders

uber clone

Save Location

The rider can save the locations which they are using on the frequent basis. It will help them to get rid of typing the same location again and again.

Vehicle Selection

Various types of vehicles can be made available in the app like a van, mini, luxury, sedan etc. The rider can select any of them as per their requirement.

Schedule Ride

The rider can schedule the ride where they can book the ride for the next hour, next day or even for next week. It gives the flexibility of booking.

Fix Rate Rides

There is a benefit for the riders where they can enjoy the fixed rate rides. This facility may be available in the popular areas for the ride services area.

An Easy To Operate App For Drivers

Request Option

The driver has the option where they can accept or reject the ride request. It is useful while they are not providing the service or busy because of any other reason.

Social Login

The driver can use any of the social media platforms to register and login into the app. They just need to click on the social media icon and rest will be done automatically.

Interactive Map

The inbuilt map facility always helps the drivers to get the benefits of location tracking, navigation and other GPS based advantages with the interactive maps.

Invoice Details

Complete invoice details for each ride can be accessed by the driver. On the basis of the provided services, the amount would be reflected in the invoice details.

A Powerful Control Over The Business With The Uber App Clone Admin Console

Check Requests

The admin can see the different types of requests like today`s request, completed requests, scheduled requests, canceled requests etc from the admin console.


There are different types of settings are there like basic settings, notification settings, installation settings and many more which can be solely managed by the admin.

Map View

Admin can check for the real-time location of each users on their screen where there is a facility to check out the location on the map which makes this task easy.

Send Push Notifications

The admin has the facility to send the mass push notification to the users. There may be any news, offer, any policy change or any other thing in the notification.

Add Value To The Business With Uber App Script Dispatcher Panel

Create Request

The dispatcher can create a request on behalf of the rider with required details for the ride and send a taxi for them at their desired time and desired location.

Bank Details

The dispatcher can receive the earnings directly into the bank account and for that, they need to enter their various bank details into the dispatcher web panel.

Data Sorting

There is an inbuilt facility where the dispatcher can sort the data for managing it in the proper manner. The sorting pattern is up to the choice of the dispatcher.

Export Data

The dispatcher is having one more advantage to manage the data in a proper manner. They can export the data or even can download it.

Each Business Partner Can Manage The Business

Create Profile

Each of the partner can create a separate profile and all of their information can be managed from that. They can manage the business tasks too.


The partners can check the request details. They can see the pending requests, completed requests, ongoing requests, and canceled requests.

Service Provider

The partners can manage the service providers of the web console. They can check the current location of each service provider and their working status.

Partner Earning

The partners can manage their earnings from their profile, where they can see the service provider’s ID, name, amount of the ride, the profit they got etc.

One More Option To Book The Ride

Create Profile

The user can create a detailed profile from the customer panel. The user can login into the panel or register with the help of social media login facility.

Apply Promo

Promos can be used while the rider is doing the payment for the ride. It is one significant feature for the rider where they can enjoy some discounts.

Ride Now Or Later

The rider can schedule the ride for their desired time. They can book the cab for the next day, any day of the next week or even for the next month.

Vehicle Details

Each and every detail about the vehicle can be seen from the user panel. The user can check the plate number, car ID, service provider ID, etc.

One More Way To Handle The Tasks

Manage Vehicle

The drivers can manage the vehicles, they can change the details of the vehicle like vehicle type, vehicle number, plate number, vehicle color etc.

Bank Details

If the drivers want to get paid in their bank account directly, in that case, they need to enter all the required bank account details in their profile.

Upload Documents

The drivers need to submit the required documents for getting approval from the admin to provide service. After approval, they can start providing service.

Earning Details

The drivers can check the earnings in the earning details feature. They can check the detailed information of each ride along with the earning details.

Easy to Book a Ride For Guests

Social Login

The hotels can take the advantage of their social profiles for registering with the taxi business and for logging in into the panel. The login would be done in a single click.

Create Request

The hotels can create a request for the ride for any of their guests by adding the information like room number, floor number, name, service type etc.


The hotel can create and manage their own profile. From the hotel panel, they can maintain their profile by adding the necessary details into it.

Future Request

Hotels can schedule the rides for their guest. They can take the advantage of ride scheduling by adding needed details just like the user app.

Costless Features in Uber Clone Script


Some Of Our Costfree Features To Include In

Local Payment Gateway

We know the value and reputation of the business, and it matters a lot when it comes to payment. Any customer will seek a convenient, reliable and secure payment option. The payment platforms vary in every region. That is why we provide the facility to integrate any payment platforms with your app. Our default payment gateway in Uber Clone App is Stripe which can be replaced or added with any other payment options.

App Color & Logo Change

As a part of providing a complete white label uber clone solution, we offer to add the logo and color of your choice to set the exact theme that you want in your app. You can choose any color and logo which you think represents you the best and matches to your brand and it’s identity. All of these are offered at no cost and our experienced designers will help you out to get the app of your dream.

Language Change

The uber type taxi apps of nowadays are targeting multiple regions as a part of setting up a well-scaled business. Such expansions need some changes to be done in the app. Our Uber Clone App Development solution is so flexible that you can add any language into it. The rider of any particular region who wants to use the app in their local language, they can do so. So with our free of cost language change facility, you can add any preferred languages to your app.

Currency Change

A taxi business operating in multiple countries will need to adopt some system which reduces the stress of calculating the everyday currency change manually. Our currency change feature will handle this task efficiently for you so that you do not need to spare the time to keep watch on the currency value changes. Our feature will automatically capture the currency change of every day and will calculate the fare charges as per that.

Uber App Script – Multiregion Supporting Features of our


We Include Some Features In Uber App Script t Support The Business On a Broader Scale

Multicountry Support

At the time of operating the widespread business in multiple countries, our multi-country support system will definitely help you to expand and operate the business. This feature is integrated with the dashboard from where multi-country business could be handled and managed by applying different settings for the country code, currency, currency sign. The data for the particular country can be managed by on/off option attached to each of the added countries.

Multicity Accessibility

Just as the business will not be limited to one country, like the same way the business will not be limited to the same city. To facilitate a multi-city business there is the inbuilt feature which will help to manage and operate the business in multiple cities. The admin can add new cities with the details like city name, zip codes, service types from the dashboard and can simply on/off the city for easy management.

Multifare Feature

If the business is operating in the same city, multiple fares could be set for the routes. Such a feature is needed, especially while the traffic jams occur and the driver needs to drive the taxi from a different path to reach the location. The fare may vary for the same distance as per the facility provided to the riders. The same service for different location might also have different charges. To fulfil such needs multi-fare feature helps a lot.

Advanced Features


Features To Make You Stand Unique

Eye-Catchy Design

We focus on the app design by giving it a fair amount of time. Our designers are always ready to add trendy and eye-catchy design. The ease of use always remains in the central focus while designing the app. Our UX/UI designers take care of a richer user experience every time along with the user-friendly way of use. Simple yet stunning is the untold rule which our designers follow to generate the attractive and pixel-perfect designs.

Language-Based Driver Selection

It is one of the unique feature included in our Uber Clone App. Some rides might get communication problems if the rider can not speak the language which driver understands. To avoid such issues, you may include a language based driver selection option into the app. The rider can go for language-based driver selection so that they do not get any problem to communicate with the driver.


That might be possible that everybody does not have the Smartphone to hail the taxi. They might still be waving the hands standing by the road to hire the taxi. To serve such riders the drivers can get them the ride and add the necessary details like the name, current location, and destination. All these details will help to notify the admin about the ride. Such features help to serve a wide audience base beyond the app.

Fixed Airport Price Feature

Airports are one of the most preferred areas for the taxi business. You can target that area with higher business possibility by including a fix fare feature for going to or coming from the airport. Our Uber Clone App allows you to do fix this type of fare to make the taxi-hailing business more productive one. In this feature, the rider can hire the taxi from anywhere to go to the airport or can go anywhere from the airport at a prefixed price.

Taxi For Special Rides

There are some special riders out there whom you can target with a special feature. Handicap riders need special handling for the ride and they prefer only handicap-friendly riding options. At the same time in some of the regions of some countries, the women prefer a secured and safe riding option for them. The app can have a feature from where the rider can demand special handling for the ride or gender-specific driver facility for the ride.

Inter-City Fixed Priced Feature

The rides can be facilitated with the fix-price feature for riding into the city. The most popular locations can be covered as a part of fix fare riding feature where the rider can enjoy the fixed priced ride for the pre-decided locations. That is how the taxi business with Uber Clone App can target more audience by introducing special and unique features to them for an easy and convenient riding experience with the app.

Driver Wallet

The driver can be offered to manage a separate wallet for their earnings. The drivers can see the details of each ride and ride history along with the earnings. It will help you to get more drivers to work with you and make your service more efficient by providing more taxis. More number of drivers is an assurance that the rider would not need to wait long after booking the ride. Instant service will increase the business.

Hotel Panel

Working collaboratively with different hotels can be simplified with the help of hotel panel. The hotels willing to work with your app in order to book taxis for their guest can do so by registering into the hotel panel. Each hotel will have a separate profile to handle taxi booking tasks from their side. The hotel needs to enter details of guest like guest name, room number, floor number etc while booking a cab for them.

Explore Our White Labelled Uber App Clone Solution


Check The Demos And See The Flow Of Our Uber App Clones Each Apps And Panels

Entire Flow Of  Our Uber Clone App Script

Get the idea about how the uber clone app works by understanding the entire flow of the app.

Admin Dashboard

Know about the flow of app controller admin dashboard and it`s way of working.

Dispatch Panel

The graphical representation of the dispatcher panel to understand the flow of it.

Customer Panel

The customer panel has some unique features, check them out in flow manner.

Hotel Panel

Hotels have its separate panel to operate work, check the flow of hotel panel.

Partner Panel

A multi-functionality partner panel has many facilities, see each screen flow wise.

Driver Panel

How does driver panel work? Check the flow to get the exact answer to the question.

Uber Business Model

Know the complete business model of uber to understand the working principles and ways.

Price Table

Check out the price of different available packages specially designed for flexible choice.

We Use The Algorithm…


Fast Service With The Perfectly Implemented Algorithm


The admin can regulate the number of drivers who are likely to get the service request from the riders. If the value set by the admin is “X” then only that number of drivers will receive the booking request in order to manage this process.

For Example, The closest 5 drivers will receive the request for the service, if the admin has set X = 5 from the admin panel.

We Add Extraordinary Elements in Uber Clone App Development Solution


Providing Best In Quality Services To The Clients With Our Uber Clone App Development Solution


We use the advanced technological aspects of MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) Stack to develop the best Uber Clone App. This is the opensource technology with which we serve the best of it in our Uber Clone App.MEAN Stack technology serves as a versatile and flexible technology for any kind of development. There are plenty of advantages to this technology. Some of them are listed below for providing a fair idea of it.

  • It helps to create an isomorphic code with the help of JavaScript from the start to the end of the project.
  • It is an opensource language which makes it an ideal highly compatible and cost-effective technology.
  • The switching between client and server is easier and smooth process in MEAN Stack technology.
  • A high-speed technology with reusability of the code which makes the processing of code faster.


SonarQube is an authentic programming analytical tool. It checks and presents the overall report of the quality of the code. This report includes the graphical representations of the app`s health check and it is prepared by doing different unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, comments, bugs, and security vulnerability checks.

  • The quality gate result status is passed.
  • Bugs and vulnerability have scored A grade with no bugs and vulnerability.
  • Code smells test have also scored A grade with no debts or code smells.
  • The duplication is only 5.7 with 47 duplicate blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Those Android And IOS Apps Native?

Yes, all the apps in our Uber Clone App are native. The Android apps are developed using Java and the development platform is Android Studio while the iOS apps are developed using Objective-C in the Xcode. The supported versions of the Android apps are JellyBean and above and in iOS, the apps are supported in any version above 8.0.

What Are The Licensing Policies?

While you are purchasing any app from us, you will get a single user license with the product. That license will allow you to run only one business. If you are willing to start multiple businesses with the same license, please contact us at: [email protected]

Which Payment Gateway Is Available In The App As Default?

We use Stripe as the default payment gateway for making payment in all our apps. This can be replaced or added along with any other payment gateway of your choice which is popular in your region and that also at without charging any extra cost.

What Is The Time Period For Free Support And What Will Be Included In That?

The time period for free support is 3 months. It will include fixing the issues of the crash and resolution, the update of apps due to OS updates or any other issues. The 3 months support does not include any feature addition.

Can I Get Support Even After The Free Support Time Period Ends?

Yes, you can definitely get the support with our paid support packages. We offer several such packages from which you can choose one according to your need and we will continue supporting you with your project.

Can I Add Customized Features Into The App?

You are free to add any of the features to the app. You can ask us about your needs and we will provide you the quote for your project including the quote of the special requirements you need in the app.

Can You Provide Uber Clone Source Code With This Solution?

with our advanced package your can get uber clone source code.

It There Any Easy And Fast Way To Register And Login In The App?

Yes, there is an inbuilt option called social media login from where the user can click on any social media icon to register or login into the app. It is the easiest way to complete the registration and login process.

Is There Any Easy Way To Do The Payment?

The rider can use any of the payment gateways to make the payment from the available options or they can even add local e-wallets as well into their profile for easy and comfortable payment process.

Can The Rider See The Previous Ride Records?

Yes, from the history feature the rider can check all the details of each ride provided previously from the app. The rider will be able to check the details like the total amount paid, payment gateway used for the payment, the total distance of ride etc.

Is There Any Requirement To Upload Documents?

Just in case, if the admin presents the requirement of any documents the rider needs to upload that. The app facilitates the rider to upload the document image and details within the app.

Can The Riders Make Request For Future Rides?

Yes, there is a feature in the app called rider scheduling. With the help of that feature, the rider can book the taxi for the next hour, next day or even for any day of the next week.

Can Admin See All The Billing Details?

Yes, The admin can see all the billing information from the admin panel. The information about billing like the total billing amount and payment method will be there in the billing details.

Can The Admin Add New Hotels?

The admin reserves the exclusive right to add or remove any hotel of any city or country from the admin panel. It depends upon the business policies according to which the admin can take the decision.

Is The Partner Management Possible?

Yes, The admin can do so from the admin panel. The admin can manage all the partners, their profiles and the details added into the profiles.

How Would The Dispatcher Be Added In The Business?

The admin can add the dispatchers in the business from the admin panel. The dispatchers will generate the taxi request on behalf of the customer by adding all the required details into the system.

Is There Any Reporting System Incorporated In The App To Check Earnings?

Yes, the admin can get all the reports of each ride along with all the details of it. Such data can be split on the daily and weekly basis for easy analysis of the reports.

Can Dispatcher Create Request For Ride?

Yes, The aim of dispatcher panel is also the same. The dispatcher panel is the platform from where the dispatcher can create ride request on behalf of riders by filling up all the necessary details in the system.

Can Dispatcher Handle The Ride Request?

Yes, the dispatcher can handle the ride request of all the riders. They can handle the information like pick-up and drop destination along with the name and the current location of the rider.

Is That Possible To Create More Than One Dispatch Panel?

Yes, The admin can create as much dispatcher panels as they want as per their requirement. The admin can do so from the admin panel.

Does The Dispatcher Need To Add Bank Details?

Yes, if the dispatcher wants to get paid for their services directly in the bank account. For that, the dispatcher needs to add necessary bank details to their profile.

Can Dispatcher Set Future Ride Request For The Riders?

Yes, the dispatcher can book the taxi for the riders for the future rides. The dispatcher panel allows the dispatcher to schedule the ride with ride scheduling feature.

Is There Any Special Panel For The Hotels?

Yes, the hotels do have a separate panel from where they can create their own profile to start booking the taxi for their guests. The hotel panel includes all the necessary and dedicatedly designed features to book the taxi from the hotel side.

Can Hotels Book The Taxi From The Panel?

The hotels can do so with the help of the features integrated into the hotel panel. The features included in the hotel panel are developed by keeping the need of a hotel in the center focus.

Can The Room And Floor Number Use As The Destination Address?

Yes, From the hotel panel the hotels can set this information as a part of the destination address. It is for making the taxi booking more easy from the hotel panel.

Is There Any Panel For Partners?

Yes, the partner panel is specially developed to handle the partner related tasks which generally need authorized permissions.

Does The Partner Have The Authority To Add New Drivers?

The partners can add new drivers if they need. They can do this process from the partner panel itself.

Can Partner Manage Earnings?

Yes, partners can manage the earnings inside the partner panel. They will be able to manage the all the information like daily earnings, weekly earnings etc.

Can Partner Create The Ride Request For The Riders?

Yes, the partners can create ride request for the riders. The partners can do so by adding details like pick up and destination, the current location of the rider and name of the rider into the system.

Does The Partner Need To Add Bank Details?

If the partner is willing to get paid directly into their personal bank account, in that case, they need to add necessary bank information to their profile.