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Uber Like App Development


To become an excellent business person and in order to drive more and more new people each day to your business, it becomes necessary to create an app like Uber. Adapt the new way of doing business with Uber like app development to provide the exact service as the customer’s demand with all the convenience that they are seeking for. It is ideal to have an app that works well in any situation and for every scale of business. The global markets of taxi and delivery business are growing each day with the technical approach and providing the convenience that the customer needs.

Uber Like Apps Every Business Domain


Have a look at different fields in which you can serve with our uber like app development solution

uber like app development

App For Transportation Services

Uber like app development is an ideal solution to start an app-based taxi business that not only helps the business to grow but also simplifies the tasks.

App For Delivery Services

Enable your customers to get their favorite products delivered right at their doorstep with an ultra modern app that cares for each demand of them.

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How The Uber Like Taxi App Would Work?


To book a cab, registration is the first step to follow and then after login enables to enjoy the app.

Once the rider gets logged in, they can book the cab and can take the advantages of app features.

The nearest taxi service provider would reach the rider if the rider has booked an instant ride.

The rider can rate and review the taxi app service after the completion of the ride and payment.

How The Uber Like Delivery App Would Work?


The customer can enjoy simple social login, explore for the products and place the order.

The placed order would be received by the stores and they would start packing that order.

The delivery service provider would receive the parcel and deliver it at the customer`s home.

The customers can provide their feedback and share their views by rating the delivery service.

Create An App Like Uber For Taxi Booking Business


Upstries Your Taxi and Ground Transportation Business With Craeting Uber Like Apps

An excellent uber like app development solution for the riders to get the taxi quickly

Save Locations

The riders can save some of the frequently used locations into the app so that they do not need to type for entering the same location every time.

Payment Options

The app has multiple payment options for the riders so that they can select the most convenient one whether it is online payment or offline.

Fare Estimation

It is not necessary to book the ride to know the fare estimation. The rider can explore the fare estimations right when they login into the app.

SOS Panic Button

This feature helps the riders to get out of any kind of emergency. If the rider clicks this button, all the relatives and friends would receive the message.

An app for the drivers for a flawless working experience

Create Profile

The drivers can create an identical profile from the driver app by adding details of their choice. It helps to get more ride requests from the app.

Interactive Map

Interactive maps show the drivers the real-time locations and help to get at the desired destination as soon as possible without wasting the time.

On/Off The Service

The drivers are free to serve at their convenient time. When they wish to serve they can turn on the service and a single tap for going offline.

Cancel The Trip

While the driver faces any unwanted situation like the location address is wrong or trip details are wrong, they can cancel the trip in such situations.

Simplifies complex business task with just a single screen

Ride Request Management

The admin can manage a different kind of ride requests like completed rides, ongoing riders, canceled rides, scheduled rides from the console.

Advanced Filters

Searching for the required information becomes easy for the admin because we have attached advanced filters to retrieve the details quickly.

App Users Management

The admin can manage all the users like the riders, the drivers, the dispatchers, the partners, the hotels from the admin console with just a few taps.

Advanced Advertisement

The admin can promote the business with the help of promo codes, push notification, offering deals, mass SMS and bulk email marketing etc.

Expand the wings of your taxi app business with dispatchers

Social Media Login

The dispatchers can enjoy the easiest registration and login facility attached to the dispatcher console where they need to just tap on any social media icon.

Search From Request History

The dispatchers can take advantage of direct search from the request history that ultimately saves their time and allows to work on other requests.

Create Requests

The dispatchers can create the ride requests from the dispatcher console by entering all the necessary details of the ride into the system.

Future Requests

The dispatchers can generate and manage future requests as well, that means they can schedule the rides by following the ride-booking process.

An additional option for the riders to book the cab service

Ride Scheduling

The rides can schedule their ride for future. They can simply select the ride later option and enter the required details to complete this process.

Select Vehicle Type

The riders can select the type of the vehicle according to the need. They can select the gender-based, language-based or need-based vehicles.

Password Recovery

In case if the rider forgets the password, they can recover it from the rider console in the easiest way. So no worry about losing the ride benefits.

Ride History

It is easy for the riders to explore the history and all its records. The history section of the rider console enables the riders to do that easily.

Drivers can manage the rides easily from the driver console

Upload Documents

The drivers can upload the required documents which are necessary to start working as the driver. This task can be done from the driver console.

Bank Details

If the driver wants to receive the earnings directly in their bank account, in that case, they need to add required bank details into their profile.

Manage Vehicle

Managing vehicles is possible from the driver console. The drivers can add or remove any vehicles or can edit the details of any particular vehicle.

Earning Details

The drivers can check their earnings within the driver console and they can even filter it on the daily or weekly basis for easy analysis purpose.

Each partner can handle the business from their console

Create Profile

Each of the business partners needs to create their separate profile from the partner console in order to manage the taxi business tasks.

Create Request

Partners can create the ride requests by entering the required details from the partner console. They can even create scheduled ride requests.

Service Provider

The partners can manage their own service providers from the partner console where they can add or remove any providers and can edit their details.

Partner Earning

Managing the earnings is easy as all the earning details of each of the trip would reflect in the partner console and the partners can filter it.

Collaborate with the hotels as a part of an extended business with our uber like app development solutions

Easy Registration

The hotels can register with the taxi app business with just a tap on any of the preferred social icon, that will complete the registration process.

Future Request

The hotels have the facility to create the future ride requests for their guests. That means the hotels can schedule the rides for their guests.

Create Request

The hotels can create the ride requests from the hotel console for their guests. To do this, the hotel needs to enter all the required details.

Request History

The hotels can explore the ride history in the request history section of the hotel console. It is an important element from the analytical perspective.

Build An App Like Uber For Your Delivery Business


Enhance your delivery chain venture revenue with Build an app like uber for delivery business

Order anything from anywhere and at any time with the help of an uber like app

Multiple Outlets

The customers can place the order for multiple items from multiple stores at the same time and can pay for all that items in a single payment.

Map View

Map view provides the perfect insight of all the nearby stores or restaurants to order from. With the help of map view, exploration becomes easy.

Scheduled Ordering

The customers can schedule their order or place the order for instant delivery. They can schedule order for the day, next week or month.

Add Favorite

The customers can add the favorite items or food dishes to the favorite list from where they can enjoy easy ordering without any hassle.

The providers can reach the customer`s destination easily with an app

Bank Details

In case if the delivery service provider wants to get paid directly to their bank account, they can add the necessary bank details to their profile.


From the history section, the providers can explore the records of previous delivery service along with all the details including the amount.

Referral Codesharing

The delivery service providers can share the referral codes with others. The referral codes benefit the person who is sharing it and who is using it.

Route Optimization

Getting the optimum route to the destination becomes easy with the help of route optimization. Route optimization shows the most optimum path.

An advanced app for the stores to handle the orders and deliveries

Set Most Popular Item

It is one advantage for the stores where they can set the most popular item to attract more customers and increase the sales of particular items.

Minimum Order Amount

The stores can ensure the profit by setting the minimum order amount so that they do not need to do any worthless deliveries for small orders.

Manage Product

The stores can add, edit or remove the products with all the specifications from the store app. That makes the product management easy.

Categories / Subcategories

This is an identical feature of store app where they can set the categories and subcategories for each item to simplifying the category wise searching.

A single screen delivery business management with the admin console

Add Cities

As the business grows in the new cities and countries, the admin can add those cities to the app and can manage the business from the console.

Document Verification

Document verification process can be done online within the admin console where the admin can check all the documents and can approve or reject.

Payment Mode

The mode of payments is totally under the control of admin. The admin can turn any payment mode on/off anytime according to the policies.

Force Update

With the help of force update, the admin can ensure that the work efficiency of the app does not get compromise and the users always get the best.

An easy to operate console for the users as an additional ordering option

Product Detail

The customers can explore all the product details along with all the specifications and amount from the product details of user console.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is attached to the user console to know the real-time location of the delivery service provider and to check the status.

Payment History

Product history enables the customers to check the details of each placed and delivered orders with the paid amount and delivery charges etc.

Rate & Review

Once the product or food gets delivered right at the doorstep of the customer, they can rate and review the quality of the items and service.

Stores can manage the orders on a larger screen with store console

Earning Statistics

Earning statistics shows the analytical data and details of the earnings. This can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for easy understanding.

Max Item Quantity

It is a unique feature that ensures that the item sold by the store wouldn’t be resold again in the market. This feature limits the order quantity.

Order Cancellation Charge

The order cancellation charges save the stores in the situation of order cancellation. The pre-decided charge can be applied if the order gets canceled.

On/Off Product

Instead of removing the items from the list when it’s out of stock and adding it again along with all the details, the stores can simply on/off it.

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