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Legal marijuana delivery business is one of the most rewarding business. People prefer to order legal marijuana online and if you are having weedmaps clone, the chances of getting high sales would be definitely increased. Because weedmaps has set a milestone in the legal marijuana delivery so the people want to get successful in their authorized marijuana delivery business. The best way to get success in short time span is to have a weedmaps app clone for your business.

The weedmaps clone works just like the popular weedmaps app, and additionally, it is going to be your app so you can add up more features as well. This app has all the necessary feature which are must for any legal marijuana delivery app. The convenience of ordering medicinal and authorized marijuana attracts more and more people every day to use the apps. The market of marijuana delivery app is still blooming!

Advanced Features Of Weedmaps Clone App


Without a multilingual app, you will get restricted to specific geography but our app gives you independence of running your business in any corner of the world.


If the app can have multiple languages then why not the multiple currencies? Our weedmaps clone is having multi currency for flexible payments.

Attractive UI & UX

Easy to use and attractive in look our UI & UX is so perfect that you won’t need to worry about it and you can focus on your other business tasks.

GPS Services

One of the most highly advanced features of weedmaps clone app. The user can easily track the parcel and know the estimated time of arrival(ETA).

Know About More Features

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Our Offerings In Weedmaps Clone Script


We Offer Business-Friendly Features In Our Weedmaps Clone Script App And Web Console

Web Panels


A Customized Solution For Your Customers

weedmaps clone

Social Sign Up/Login

The user can take the advantage of social sign up or login where they need to just simply click on any social media icon to sign up or login or they can do the manual process.


Filters are helpful to search and get any particular product or service quickly. Applying filters will show the specific availabilities of any product or service.

Create Profile

Adding more details to the profile and making the profile more strong is now possible with the profile creation option of user panel where the user can add more details.

Multi-Outlet Access

The users can access multiple outlets at the same time so they can simply see and compare the pricing, details and many more things on a single platform.

Easy To Manage Products And Services For Stores

Set Most Popular Item

The store can take the advantage of promoting themselves and the products or services they are offering with a feature where they can set most popular item.

Extra Charges

For expensive or limited edition items the stores can set extra charges. So the store does not need to do delivery for free if the cost price is high.

Delivery Service Radius

The store can decide the delivery service radius to avoid any unwanted orders requesting delivery at some far place where the delivery cost is high.

Max Item Quantity

To avoid the chances of reselling, the app has an inbuilt feature for the store where the store can set maximum order quantity for each customer.

An Advanced Admin Panel For Ever Growing Business

Force Update

If any user is avoiding the updates given by the app continuously and the app is not able to serve at its best, in that case, the admin can go for force update.

Payment Mode

The admin can make any changes in the payment mode at any point of time and can stop any payment system which is currently integrated into the app.

Profit Mode

Profit mode like percentage of profit, absolute price per delivery, commision of stores can be instantly changed by the admin with just a few simple steps.

Add Countries

An advanced feature for an ever-growing business. The admin can add new countries as the business grows and gets expanded in the new countries.

Mobile Apps


Store Details

The user can explore the available stores and check out all the details of each store available on the app to get a better idea and choose a convenient store to order from.

Get Notifications

The users are now able to get notifications for each delivery activity. Whether it is ordered packing or order dispatch or even if the status about delivering the order.

Payment Options

Making payment is easy like never before with multiple payment options where the user can pay online with cards or e-wallets or can go for COD option as well.

Order History

The order history would be always available with the users so they can reorder the desired things. It is also used for checking the store details to get a better choice.

Route Optimization

The service provider person can optimize the route from the pickup point to the destination. It is useful to avoid traffic jams and reduce the chances of delay.


Navigations through GPS and Google Maps is inbuilt in the app for making the delivery task hassle-free and convenient for the service provider person.

On/Off Service

The driver can on/off the service as a part to facilitate them for serving at their convenient time. It gives freedom to them to serve at whatever time they want.

Referral Codesharing

Referral code sharing can give benefit to the driver and to whom the driver is sharing the referral code with. It gives discounts, cash backs etc.

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