What is Ruby On Rails? ROR Used For: A Brief Walk Through

What is Ruby On Rails? ROR Used For: A Brief Walk Through

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Staying aware of emerging web development trends is essential to develop user-friendly products and services in this unstable market. Earlier, only programmers had knowledge of various development trends and techniques but now entrepreneurs even taking a keen interest and want to know what specific technology they are going to use for product development. If your answer is Ruby On Rails, you additionally need to explain the reasons. All things considered, there are numerous programming languages and frameworks for back-end advancement, like Python, Java, PHP, and so forth, so why use ROR? All things considered, to respond to this inquiry, you need to go through this blog. If you want to know why Ruby on Rails so a popular framework, here is a concise outline with examples.

What is Ruby On Rails?

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ROR is an abbreviation of Ruby on Rails, introduced by David Heinemeier Hansson, and is regularly known as Rails. Rails can be used with other front-end languages and frameworks to foster the web development process.

ROR is the oldest and most used framework as it consists of some unique features, modules, and libraries. Generally, new businesses and emerging organizations utilize Ruby On Rails. Subsequently, it is otherwise called the “startup innovation.” Most web designers use ROR for prototyping and MVP development since it requires less investment and allows new businesses to hit the market soon.

Today, ROR is quite possibly the most mainstream framework when we talk about web development. Indeed, even CEO of Engine Yard, John Dillon, asserted that the usefulness of ROR is much higher than regular java developers.

ROR Revolutized the Web Development Trend

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As said before, the web advancement world continues to change with time and development in innovation. At the point when ROR entered the web development world, it came up with some new ideas to make and develop web applications.

Something ROR designers find intriguing is it allows developers to work on multiple levels. For instance, developers no longer need to write repetitive code lines. In the same year, Django and Python were also introduced but they could not surpass the popularity of ROR as it is easy to learn and offers several premium features.

So as should be obvious, ROR has gotten popular for a valid reason; it has been assisting designers with conveying MVPs a lot quicker. There are many features where Ruby On Rails is tough to beat, for example,

  • Simple language
  • Get rid of manual testing
  • Localization
  • Platform
  • Libraries

Alongside the above highlights, it is a simple framework that allows any web developer to create virtual objects in code without much effort. Let’s understand it with an example. The figure beneath clarifies how a straightforward Hello World code in Ruby with something similar in PHP,

echo”Hello World” puts “Hello World”

Got the point? In PHP, you need to utilize semicolons and the order “echo” but to achieve the same thing in ROR, use the common word “puts.” Thus, it saves time and enhances productivity in writing long and complex functions.

Ruby on Rails is antiquated innovation and enters the development stage that rapidly empowers designers to construct web applications. SimilarTech stated that more than 390,300 sites right now using ROR and it will continue to grow.

Pros of Ruby On Rails

Whether you are new to the web development world or experienced, you know how Ruby on Rails for web advancement is valuable. Consequently, it is necessary to pay attention to the main perks of using ROR; going through some major benefits helps you understand the exact project requirement and explains why Ruby on Rails is the way to go.

Broad Range of Gems

Gems represent free open source libraries. These gems generally accelerate the web application development or adjust the current usefulness of Ruby applications. What could be better than this? At present, there are 153733 gems and this number is slowly expanding. These gems allow developers to execute the necessary features so rapidly and fix the most common bugs. In a nutshell, these gems can

  • Great help in optimization
  • Help you in bug fixing
  • Help you in the testing
  • Huge active community


This is another major reason behind why numerous new companies pick ROR over different frameworks. It is an adaptable framework that accompanies huge instant modules and premium features needed for prototyping. It implies designers can begin with a couple of capacities and dispatch it within a couple of hours.

Scalability and flexibility

Scalability is an important facet to consider while developing any web application. The architecture and libraries of the ROR framework have great scalability potential due to its modularity.

Drawbacks of Ruby On Rails

Every coin has two sides; along with benefits, Ruby On Rails also has several limitations, including:

Runtime Speed and Performance

Numerous ROR developers face this issue, which makes it more testing to scale the ROR applications. Nonetheless, different structures, for example, Node.js and Django are significantly more mainstream and speedier than ROR because ROR’s boost speed is not up to expectations.

Price of a Mistake

This disadvantage is highly connected with the performance time. If you can be thorough and pay attention to every small thing from the beginning, Ruby on Rails will be your best friend, or else it will cost you more.

What Makes Ruby On Rails Distinct From Other Programming Languages

Ruby On Rails is the oldest and popular web application framework. So it is very normal that developers compare ROR with other languages and frameworks. Here we have presented a quick comparison of ROR with its close competitors PHP and Django that gives you a clear insight about which language is best for your next project.

ROR PHP Django
Open-source Open-source Open source system
Short learning curve Affordable solutions Simple syntax
Active community Huge developers community 11000 people’s community
Great language design Multiple frameworks Customizations, API
57% of developers enjoy ROR 87% of developers prefer PHP over anything else 62% of web developers enjoy Django
Quick to market Quick to market Fast development
Easier to find developers Easy to learn Knowledge resources available
Ever evolving A lot of resources available Best performance

Trio languages were launched to serve the web and make web applications easy, but take a closer look at their pros, features, and cons. You can also refer to some real-life examples to decide which one is the best fit for your requirements.

Projects that Leverage the Benefits of Ruby On Rails

Due to the amazing advantages ROR offers to developers and entrepreneurs, Ruby On Rails turns out best for all projects and websites. With dozens of different technologies available in the market, it is cumbersome to choose what works best. This is the reason here we have arranged a rundown of classifications that can use Ruby On Rails

eCommerce Sites

Remember the eCommerce giant Shopify, which is fueled by the ROR framework. As it offers numerous premium features, Ruby On Rails makes it simple for business people to run and manage online stores seamlessly.

Content Sites

If a website offers lots of reading material or audio-video files, RoR ensures the best user experience.

Social Networking Sites

Ruby on Rails is not that suitable for large-scale social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Still, it offers plugins to fix the common issues.

Regular Web Applications

As said before, because of its straightforwardness, ROR is a decent decision for static and normal web applications. If your major goal is not to drive much traffic, you should opt for ROR without any second thought.

What is Ruby On Rails Used For Real-life Examples

We have gone through the definitions, pros, and cons of ROR now; you must be eager to know which are famous organizations utilizing Ruby On Rails? Here’s a gathering of the best five organizations utilizing Ruby On Rails in 2021.


Number one design directories, founded in 2009 developed with ROR framework.


Situated in San Francisco, GitHub was totally developed with the Ruby On Rails structure.


Fiverr is a popular online marketplace offering tasks and services; it has over three million gigs listed and operates in more than 190 countries using the ROR framework in its back-end.


Established in October 2006, SlideShare is running on the ROR framework.


Airbnb is the leading rental accommodation website developed with this framework.

The Future of ROR Framework

To date, many well-known organizations and brands are utilizing ROR for their web applications. Besides, there are rumors spreading around the internet that Ruby On Rails is dead but looking at the popularity of it is a myth. The future of Ruby on Rails is brighter like the sun as it is the oldest framework and continually coming up with new features.

Its last version 3.0 comes with exciting features three times faster and comes with premium features such as Ractors and Schedulers. This update has fixed many issues, and new exciting features are added. Hopefully, this would help ROR developers to come with quality products.

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