White Paper Examples – Explore Best For Inspiring Format and Designs

White Paper Examples – Explore Best For Inspiring Format and Designs

white paper design and format examples

The importance of the internet world has been increasing, and nowadays, just like the offline market, business people are also looking to establish a strong presence in the online world. Marketers are trying all their luck to establish a strong presence in the internet world. One of the methods for ensuring a strong and impressive online presence is the white papers. It is one of the ways to create impact, and here we will check out some white paper examples with its design guide.


Content marketing is one of the powerful concepts as the internet world is full of content, and people are consuming content like never before these days. The white papers are one of the excellent ways for digital marketers to execute their content marketing strategies and leverage the power of content.

We will further discuss the importance of white papers and how they can affect your online presence. Also, we will see some of the white paper examples which can be helpful for the marketers and their design guides.

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What Actually Is White Paper?

White papers are detailed reports on a particular subject or topic related to their business. They will cover how different services they offer are helping the users and their consumers. The white papers can also be published on the basis of research your business conducted or a detailed study about the products and services you are offering to users. Businesses publish white papers to create awareness and influence, and educate people about the products or services offered by them.

In this way, any keen users or prospects who find interest in your business will get every detail perfectly, and that will allow them to figure whether to move forward or not. White papers often consist of in-depth guides and research, which takes time and effort. Results are very important when you put in so much effort. Hence, you cannot afford to make mistakes with your white papers, and that is the reason you need to explore white paper examples and a comprehensive guide on designing white paper.

Some Popular White Paper Examples

There are some popular and perfectly crafted white paper examples that we can take inspiration from and follow.

1. Siemens – Driving Digitalization And Automation

Siemens is a popular name in the industrial automation sector, and over the years, they have done some fascinating work in the industrial sector. Siemens white papers are the classic examples for anyone to follow. All the details correctly mentioned and designs are a visual treat for readers. It is an excellent white paper example for marketers to take inspiration.

Siemens White Paper Driving Digitalization And Automation – (Link)

2. Fiserv – Push Notifications Are Redefining Financial Communications

Yes, simplicity is the key when you are designing white papers. Fiserv releases many white papers, and their white papers are the best in terms of simplicity. One of the latest white papers on push notification released by them shows the greatness of white space, and one can understand the importance of having white space after giving a look at this latest white paper.

Have A Look At Push Notifications Are Redefining Financial Communications White Paper By Fiserv – (Link)

3. HSBC Global Asset Management – Factor Equity Investing Considerations For Reserve Managers

HSBC is a well-known name in the finance sector, and it is one of the large scale firms across the globe. Their white papers have strong graphics that are visually awesome, and if you want to use the perfect graphics for designing your white papers for marketing, you must give a look at these amazingly designed white papers.

Factor Equity Investing Considerations For Reserve Managers – (Link)

4. Backbase – 10 ASEAN Banking Leaders On Digital Reinvention

Backbase is one of the popular fintech service providers, having helped many well-known banking systems with their digital solutions. The way they craft their research in-depth is the specialty of their papers. The right display of information is very important for designing white paper, and that is something you can see when you go through their latest white paper on banking leaders.

Backbase White Paper 10 ASEAN Banking Leaders On Digital Reinvention – (Link)

5. Wolters Kluwer – Taking Digital Regulatory Reporting from Concept to Reality

Wolter Kluwer has published some excellent white papers, which you can definitely take inspiration from for creating your white paper. The combination of using the white space with required graphics is well displayed on their white paper. You must have a look at it for your designing problems to get solved.

Taking Digital Regulatory Reporting from Concept to Reality – (Link)

6. Aetna – Diabetes: The world’s weightiest problem

Aetna is one of the leading healthcare industries, and their white papers are very attractive and written with key insight about the particular subject. Their latest white paper on Diabetes is an example of how beautifully they craft white papers. Every minute detail and relevant graphical presentation makes it more comfortable for readers.

Aetna White Paper – Diabetes: The world’s weightiest problem – (Link)

7. AT&T Business – Cybersecurity And The Remote-working Revolution

AT&T Business is a technology freak firm that offers a wide range of technology solutions using their advanced infrastructure all over the world. They have published quality white papers, and their methods for designing are awesome. One should surely check out their white papers and explore for design guides.

Cybersecurity And The Remote-working Revolution – (Link)

8. Javelin Group – Invest In Digital

Javelin Group is the leading retail industry providing technology solutions. They release white papers once in a while and are great to read. You must go through their well-researched and designed white papers with perfection. Their portfolio of white papers is something that you must go through and follow their methodology, and all your hurdles will be solved easily.

Invest In Digital – (Link)

9. Hitachi – Connected Cities: Smart Infrastructures through IoT solutions benefiting Italian Urban areas

Hitachi is a well-known brand with many wings from technology to infrastructure to finances. Their white papers are pleasing to watch and read. The center of attraction is their detailed research, and the way they craft these details is amazing.

Connected Cities: Smart Infrastructures through IoT solutions benefiting Italian Urban areas – (Link)

10. IBM – White Papers

IBM is the technology giant serving in multiple nationals and is attaining newer heights every single day. Their white papers are certainly something you should look forward to as they are many in numbers, and extracting out one single paper is difficult. You can check out all the latest white papers for essential design tips and guides to follow. Their white papers can be good for marketers as a marketing reference.

IBM White Papers – (Link)

11. Synopsys – How to Navigate the Open Source Risk Landscape

Synopsys is a software technology firm that helps different sectors seeking technology and software solutions. Their white papers can be given a look as they have done a good job in preparing them. Their latest white paper on the open-source risk landscape is good to look at because of the structured details.

Synopsys White Paper – How to Navigate the Open Source Risk Landscape – (Link)

12. UN Global Compact – Sustainable Agriculture Business Principles

UN Global Compact is the partner of the UN, which helps businesses all over the world to take social responsibilities and become sustainable. The level of simplicity displayed in their white papers is exceptional, and every detail mentioned is to the point. Their sustainable agriculture-related articles are good to look at for using the white space.

Sustainable Agriculture Business Principles – (Link)

Design Your Own White Paper Format That Serve Your Business Goals

The white papers are an exceptional way to leverage the power of marketing and also to create a good impression. You can frame yourself in people’s minds the way you want by writing quality papers. The designs, as well as the content both, are very important in designing the white papers. The white papers examples mentioned herewith are of quality writing as well as beautifully structured, which can definitely inspire to create some magic.

It is essential to be creative and innovative and generate new ideas and not to copy and design. People are here to look for something new every new day, and hence, it is important to create something new and relevant. The same philosophy applies when preparing white papers. Thus, check these white paper examples and put in some efforts, which will eventually result in success.

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