On Demand Service App Development Solution

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On Demand Service App


Pack up the trunk of doing business in an old way because the customers are demanding on demand service app for ordering products and booking services online. We are here with all new paraphernalia for your business that will help you to earn more by targeting a whole new audience base who prefer to shop and order online for their different needs. Whether it is taxi booking or delivering food and grocery or even booking the service of a handyman for various purpose, the on-demand service app is the perfect fit for you, for your business and for your business needs as well!

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On Demand Service App – That Work Well For All Domain


Explore The Different Services Opportunities You Can Provide With On Demand Service App

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For Taxi Booking Service

The taxi booking apps are among the most popular apps nowadays, you can shift your traditional taxi business online with the on-demand service app.

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For Ordering Service

The customers prefer shopping online on the apps, you can start grabbing those orders and can deliver it to the customer`s doorstep with your own app.

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For Marketplace Service

The chances of more earnings are waiting for you if you are ready to provide the facility of an app to book any Marketplace service like handyman, plumbing, electrician etc. online with an app.

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Do You Want To Explore More About On Demand Service App?

Chat With Us To Know And Explore More About The Apps And Services

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The Flow Of Our On Demand Service App


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The customer can book taxi, place order for food or grocery, book any handyman service.

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After selecting a particular service, product or requirement they can confirm the order.

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After the confirmation, the customer will be able to do pay for their desired order.

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The order or the service request will be passed on to the driver, store or handyman.

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They will instantly move to fulfill the requirement of the customer as per their demand.

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If the taxi has been booked by the customer, the nearest driver will move towards rider.

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If the customer has ordered food or any product from the store will start preparing order.

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If user has booked any handyman service the handyman will move towards user location.

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The customer can enjoy getting any service or product seamlessly with the help of app.

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After getting the service or product the customer will be able to give ratings and review.

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On Demand Taxi Service App Solution Highlights


Have a Look At The Bundle Of Most Useful Apps Panel Of Our Taxi App

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The rider or say the users can easily book the taxi or schedule the service with the help of rider app where the rider can enjoy lots of other features as well

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The driver has its own app so that they can easily receive the ride request and can respond as fast as possible. The app will increase work efficiency of them.

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Admin console the most powerful console for the app bundle. Admin can monitor each and every ongoing task on the app and can make necessary changes if needed.

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Dispatch console is helping hand for those who are not having any device to book the cab, they can contact the dispatcher and they will book the cab for rider.

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The big business with every partner can be managed seamlessly with partner console where each partner will have their separate console to operate the business.

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If the rider does not have the mobile device or any other handy device to book the cab, they can do the same from the rider console and can enjoy the service.

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The drivers have the multiple facilities to use. They can use the driver console as well along with the app. Selection of device is totally depended up to them.

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Different hotels can book the cab service for their guest, they can tie up with the app and use the hotel console to book the cab for a particular day and time.

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On Demand Delivery Service App Solution Highlights


All-in-one Delivery App Works Fine For Multiple Business Domains

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The customers can order food, grocery, flowers, alcohol, medicine, marijuana, water, and even handle and manage courier with the customer app.

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The delivery provider has the app to make the delivery faster. There are plenty of features for the ease of use and convenience to do delivery.

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Stores selling different products will receive the orders in their personal app and can manage the orders and earnings and other order details.

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There is another provision for the stores, the stores can manage the daily tasks from the store console for handling everything effortlessly.

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Admin Console” tab_id=”admin-panel”][vc_column_text]

Admin console with simplifies the work of admin by keeping everything online. Admin can control and manage the business with the admin console.

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Ordering Website” tab_id=”user-panel”][vc_column_text]

The users have another advantage to order their needed goods. They have facility of a website to order their required products online from web.

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On Demand Marketplace Service App Solution Highlights


Provide Marketplace Service With The High-tech App

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Customers can place the service request for any handyman service like a plumber, electrician, dog walker, beautician, the painter from the app.

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The handyman will have their own app. As per the demand of the customer, the relevant handyman will receive the service request in their app.

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The admin can manage and monitor the ongoing activities in the app. Admin reserves the exclusive right to add new things or to remove anything.

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Why Choose Us?


We Provide Significant Services In App Development

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Ready To Run Solution

We provide a ready to use app solution according to your business and you will be ready to launch your business working on the app within a few hours of purchase.

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Scalability With Customization

The on demand service app solution we are providing is easy to scale up as the business grows and we are always happy to do customizations you need in your app.

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Time And Money Saver

The ready to use solution needs just a few customizations if you wish to do which does not only saves the time but not starting from scratch saves you money also.

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Want To Know The Pricing and Other Details Of Our App

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