UBER FOR X APP SCRIPT Start Your Delivery, Transportation or Marketplace Business Online With White Label Uber For X App Solution.

Uber For X


Uber is the new phenomena in the on-demand marketplace. Every business seeks to have Uber For X App Script for their business. There is an app for every business. For taxi booking, for product ordering and delivery, and for handyman marketplace facility as well. There will a bundle of different apps and consoles for the use or every app associated person. Whatever business you are running the uberized apps will never disappoint you. The modern uber like apps have lots of things to offer for the betterment of the business. The best part is the uber like apps work very fine for business in every domain.

Make It Work Out In An Ideal Way


Adapt Ideal Functioning Of The Business With Uber For X App Script



The idea is what encourages you to establish a whole new business. For that whole new business why to take the old pathway of doing business.



If the whole new business idea could be accompanied by the innovations in the app, that will not take too many efforts for successful business.



Use that app filled with innovative ideas for your business and see the powerful magic of the online system. A huge response would not be far.



Take a systematic path for marketing efforts of your business app. Try to do marketing with new ideas every time to get more users every time.



As the business expands you will need to do necessary changes in the app, especially when the business is blooming rapidly with good response.



All that steps will lead you to the ultimate goal of every business which is earning. Presenting your business online would get you more profit.

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Uber For X App For Transporation Apps


The Taxi Booking App Has Different Useful Apps And Panels as Follows

The rider can enjoy the convenient facility of online taxi booking and can enjoy a ride with the help of an easy to use and attractive mobile app.

uber for x

The driver can reach to the customer faster as soon as they receive and accept the request on the dedicated app designed for drivers.

The admin can control the whole business from the powerful admin panel which gives them all the facilities which are must for their business.

The dispatcher console is the link between online business and offline customer where they can request for ride and dispatcher will send taxi.

Big businesses have partners included in it. All the partners can have their separate manageable platform from where they can run the business.

The riders have an additional benefit of web panel. This is a convenient option for those who want to book the taxi from a personal computer.

Driver can enjoy the convenience of driving by using the panel. The driver panel is included in the bundle for an extended driving experience.

Hotels who would like to book the cab facility for their guests can do so and get commision in the hotel console specially designed for hotels.

Uber For X Script For Ordering  Business


The Uber For X Script Ordering Is The Bunch Of Following Apps And Panels

The customer can order the things like food from the restaurant, grocery, flowers alcohol, medicine, marijuana from the store, from the app.

The delivery provider person can take the advantages of navigations, route optimization and many more things from the app designed for them.

The store can handle day to day business related and sales related tasks within store app so they do not need to do manual exercise anymore.

The stores can take the advantage of the panel as well along with the app so that they can use the web panel when they are inside the store.

A powerful admin console allows them to keep full control of the business by including new features and even can ban any misbehaving customer.

The customers can have the enriching user experience of shopping with more features to enjoy with the help of ordering website for customers.

Uber For X Marketplace Apps


The Marketplace Facility Consists Of Apps And Panels As Given Below

The customers can book any of marketplace facility like a handyman, plumbing, electrician and many more directly online with the help of a user app.

The handyman will receive the request only for those services which they are providing. The requests will be received within the app.

The admin panel manages the business by adding new facility and providers and removing the non-working marketplace from the app.

What Do We Offer?


There Are Some Additional Advantages Attached With Our Uber For X App Script

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology for app development so the app could work to it`s fullest, we also care for while selecting platforms for development.

Pocket-Friendly Cost

Our whole bundle of different apps and panels is available at very reasonable cost that you could not even think of such reasonable pricing for app.

After sales Support

We provide after sales support to our valuable customers so that they do not need to face any problems after the installation and launch of the app.

Rapid Launch

The ready to use app will be white-labeled for you so that you can establish a unique identity in the market and in the customer’s minds and hearts.

Easy Customization

If you feel that the app is still lacking at any feature we will incorporate it for you so that you can have app of your dreams to work efficiently.

Platform Compatibility

The app is platform compatible so that you do need to worry about the platform specification every time. The app will commence with any screen size.

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