Cloud Computing Challenges – Risk and Major Problem to Face

Cloud Computing Challenges – Risk and Major Problem to Face

Cloud Computing Challenges, Risk and Problem

Many of us have heard about “Cloud Computing,” right? It has been in the market for a long time and has been used by entrepreneurs for business enhancement and other aspects as well. The term revolves around managing data and software online. Firewalls guard your crucial data, but users face risks and significant problems while using the technology. Read more to know Cloud computing challenges and how you can use them for your business after overcoming them.
Most entrepreneurs these days prefer to use modern technologies like IoT app development, big data, and many more to enhance overall business operations. Advanced technology like cloud computing makes it easier for users to install data and utilize the same without complex devices.

Most of us might be using cloud computing in our routine life in one way or another. A few common examples of using this technology include developing documents online, email services, and much more. Numerous types of cloud computing are present in the market; this includes PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. In today’s competitive market, the cloud is beneficial as it helps brands with their operation upbringing and other things.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term that shows the on-demand presence of resources, including cloud storage and computing data. It enables users to manage all the users directly. It often offers capacities distributed over the various discoveries, specific areas being a data center. The technology widely depends on bestowing resources to accomplish coherence and economies of range.

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The availability of large-capacity networks, moderate-cost machines, storage media, appropriation of hardware virtualization, service-oriented architecture, and utility computing has resulted in the growth of cloud computing. It is measured that as of 2017, Linux runs 90% of the public cloud workload. The usage of a private cloud might be limited to a particular enterprise, whereas multiple organizations can utilize a public cloud simultaneously.

Different Risk and Major Challenges of Cloud Computing You Must Know About

Most clouds provide users with a “pay as you go” model. It helps to decrease capital expenses, ensuring to have a significant impact on your business sales. Most businesses these days prefer to invest their penny on one or another cloud that is private” or “public.”

It is found that more than 2.6% of businesses are currently using the public cloud, while around 2.7% prefer the private cloud. However, 1.1 of organizations are experimenting with public clouds, whereas 2.2 are practicing with private clouds.

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More than 36% of organizations agree that their investment in Software as a Service solution and cloud computing has increased to $12 million. It simply indicated that 83% of businesses prefer to invest around $1.2 million per year in cloud technology. Undoubtedly the number is estimated to grow by 20% in the last few years as businesses are investing more in cloud computing.

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Looking at the advantages of cloud computing, most businesses choose to go ahead with modern technology. Besides all advantages and potential of cloud technology, businesses face numerous challenges and risks while using these technologies. Check the list of risks and significant challenges that brands need to take care of to leverage worth for their investment in cloud technology.


One of the top risks of using cloud computing technology is security. Your crucial data is stored and managed by third-party vendors and can’t view who they are. Most of us might be hearing about cyber attacks, data breaches, and much more, hence it becomes quite risky to provide on third-party sites.

However, many cloud service providers are focusing on improving their security capabilities. Before providing your crucial information to third-party sites, verify if the cloud service provider is offering you the same management and access.

Expenditure Management & Containment

No matter whether you want to develop an app for iOS and Android or want to choose a storage service provider, budget comes at the top priority. In most cases, cloud computing helps brands save vast amounts by saving you from hardware purchases. Entrepreneurs can choose to go with the “pay as you go” model making it challenging to identify and predict expenditure and quantities.

There are numerous methods to retain cost in check. For instance, you can go with commercial analytics and research to know the cost, helping you know the management and reporting practices, helping you to deal with the challenge efficiently.

Lack of Expertise

With the growing workload and enhancing tools, it has become challenging for individuals to manage everything. There has been a constant requirement for a qualified workforce to distribute with the best tools and services. Most brands need to educate their employees and their staff to reduce the risk and other issues as well.

Managing Multiple Cloud

One of the most common challenges that businesses face is managing multiple clouds at the same time. Multiple cloud usage has increased in recent times. Most brands these days are shifting to a combination of public and private cloud computing. Business giants like Amazon, Alibaba, and many more are heading the way right away.

More than 81% of businesses have a multi-cloud approach. Most businesses prefer to choose a hybrid approach for their business. However, more than 58% choose to go with any single technology or choose hybrid technology.

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Most businesses invest in more than two to four clouds. The practice of the cloud will proceed to increase. Hence it’s essential to conclude the primary questions that businesses face; there are numerous difficulties that organizations face. But they can overcome them all easily by focusing on a few of the factors that come across them.

Does Cloud Computing Have a Long Way to Go?

The use of the cloud is increasing steadily over time these days. Gartner’s report shows that cloud services will increase by 17.3% during 2019, and 90% will prefer to use one or other cloud computing services by the end of 2022. However, there is no doubt that cloud services are evolving with the growing demand of businesses.

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With the growing popularity of cloud services, businesses have realized the importance of cloud computing. Some businesses have chosen the technology while some are thinking of choosing the one in a short time. Hence, cloud computing has a long way to go, but before investing in any of the cloud services, make sure to train and educate yourself about each issue and other things efficiently. If you have a really specific business that needs a custom cloud-based solution, it’s a good idea to look into popular cloud consulting services.

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