On Demand Fuel Delivery App Development Solution

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Fuel Delivery App Development


One enticing field to start a new business with the possibility of getting a high return is catching the eyes of entrepreneurs. On demand fuel delivery is that new industry. This field is catching the attention of young minds which are in search of brilliant business ideas. With the help of on demand fuel delivery app development, one can explore this untouched field with productive opportunities with our uber for gas solution. It is an ideal option for those who seek for a kick start for a newly established business.

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Unique Offerings Of Our Gasoline Delivery App Development Solution


We Provide Great Features For Your Business That Help You To Stay Strong In The On Demand Gasoline Delivery Business.

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Fair Pricing

You can get a trust-worthy fuel delivery app development service for both the platforms Android and iOS in very fair pricing.

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White Labeling

Set a theme which suits the best for your brand identity. We will put your logo and name on the app with the colors of your choice.

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It is a featureful customizable solution. You can ask us to add more vital features into your fuel app according to your business needs.

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Easy To Use

Our on demand fuel delivery app is having a pixel-perfect, sleek and simple design which makes it attractive and easy to use.

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Want To Explore More Of Such Unique Features?

Chat with us to know more about exclusive features of our on-demand fuel delivery app development solution.

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What Is There In Our Uber For Gas App Development Solution?


We Offer a Package Of Futuristic Apps And Featureful Panels

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Apps and panel for the users


fuel delivery app development

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Real-Time Tracking

The rider can stay updated with the current position of the delivery provider. For this, the riders can use real-time tracking feature and track the delivery provider.

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History of previous order along with payment history can be checked by the rider in the history section. The detailed information of every transaction would be stored here.

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Online Payment

The riders have multiple online payment options to pay for their order. E-wallets are the popular once while credit or debit card payment is also available.

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Rate & Review

After getting the service, the rider can share their views about the service. They can rate the service and can provide their feedback with the review facility.

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Apps for the delivery providers


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On/Off Service

The service provider can select their time to provide the service. They are free to select a flexible and convenient serving time by using on/off service feature.

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The service provider can easily reach to the rider with the help of inbuilt navigation feature which will guide them with the real-time location on the map.

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Bank Details

The service provider can receive the payment in various ways. If they want to get paid directly in their bank account, they need to enter bank account details.

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Route Optimization

The service provider can optimize the route to reach the rider as soon as possible. The route optimization feature will show the optimum path to the rider.

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Apps and panel for the dispatchers


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Add Item

The dispatcher can add new items or products to their menu from the add item feature. They can add description and unit price from here.

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Earning Statistics

The dispatcher can check the earning details and check the earning statistics in the various graphical manner for a better and easy understanding.

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On/Off Product

In the situation of running out of supplies, the dispatcher can off the product to hide it from the rider menu and can turn it on as the supply becomes normal.

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Delivery Service Radius

The dispatcher can set the delivery service radius and set the prices according to that. For the delivery for out of pre-setted radius, they may charge extra.

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A panel for the admin


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Push Notifications

Push notifications are an advantage for the admin. The admin can use it to send different news and updates of the app or can send discount and offer news.

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Manage App Features

The admin can manage all the features of the app by adding new and highly advanced features to the app or removing outdated once from the app.

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Map View

The admin can check the location of all the service providers on the map view. They can even get the real-time location of the service providers from the map view.

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Force Update

The admin can go for force update the app if the business is not able to provide efficient services because of old app versions still running on user devices.

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How Does It Work?


Our App Will Get You Fuel In a Few Simple Steps

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Login Into App

The rider needs to register first and after that, they need to login into the app.

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Explore The Options

They can explore the menu and check out for the fuel type required for them.

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Place Your Order

The one can place the order by selecting the fuel type and the required quantity.

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Confirm The Order

The order confirmation will make the ordered fuel reach as soon as possible.

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Estimating The Price of Uber For Gas Delivery Solution?

Contact us today for a quote of our on-demand fuel delivery app development solution.


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