Top 16 Email Marketing Tools to Save Your Money and Time

15 Email Marketing Tools to Save Your Money and Time

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Advertising ways and trends are transforming over time. However, some trends are like the wind, which passes away quickly, while some are here to stay for longer. And one such trend is email marketing; it plays a crucial role in the business advancement and success of any brand. Check the list of the top 12 email marketing tools to save your money and time.

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Email marketing is considered the top advertising method for most businesses worldwide. More than 87% of B2B businesses and 77% of B2C businesses prefer email marketing to attract new customers. It helps them to keep existing customers coming back.

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Email marketing can assist enterprises in extending their promotional channels. However, individuals can face numerous hurdles while considering different marketing methods, including email advertising. One such issue is to create eye-catchy and appealing emails for the ideal audience.

But the hassling task can be more spontaneous with the precise email marketing tool. It can help individuals to save their time and efforts to portrait and send emails to ideal customers.

Top Email Marketing Tools to Use for Your Business in 2021

Most brands are struggling to ensure their survival due to the global pandemic. They are learning new advertising methods through different marketing blogs and other sources to drive sales and profit for their business.

They are making use of powerful tools to leverage the desired results for their brand. And advertising through email is one such way that helps brands to deliver their message to more targeted users in no time.

However, several companies aren’t furnished to subsidize their penny in advertising approaches as they are costly. Nevertheless, they need to understand that every tool isn’t expensive. They can find a significant number of tools that encourage them to conserve their money. If you are looking for the same email marketing tools that save your time and money, then explore the top 12 list right here.

1. MailGenius


It’s a valuable and free-to-use tool that manufacturers can use. MailGenius can be practiced to check the solution for your query like “why did your mail land down in the spam folder?“. It will help you determine whether the email will relinquish the right person you want to deliver it to. It helps to secure your mail and send it to the right person at the appropriate time.


Forestall unauthorized person from fooling your domain;
Helps to know server if blocked;
Make it more comfortable to know how engaging the subject line is;
Eliminate spam filters;
Search broken links;
Tailored option for email markets;


Simple features and functionality;


Free to use tool;

MailGenius collect price for monitoring domains:
One domain: $99 monthly;
Two domains: $198 monthly;
Three domains: $297 monthly;
Four domains: $396 monthly;
Five domains: $495 monthly;

2. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

Looking for free app promotion through email marketing tools? You can go for Mailchimp as it’s the most suitable option. The service was launched in 2001 as a paid one and introduced a freemium option later in 2009. Within a year, Mailchimp held around 85,000 to 450,000 users. By 2014, the email marketing tool served to transmit around 10 billion mail per month, and in 2017, it surpassed 14,000 new customers every day.


Permits to import email templates;
Multiple integrations option;
Provides access to comparative metrics;
Facilitates to remove the MailChimp logo.


Holding a membership-based site is a tricky process;
The service platform has the right to cancel the account;
You have to write to build the templates;
You pretty to create templates;
The interface is cumbersome and clunky for users.


Premium: ₹23,000
Standard: ₹1,150
Essential: ₹ 770
Free Plan: ₹ 0

3. Litmus


Litmus is a proper alternative to experiment and follow mail. It assists you in making sure that your crafting is perfect for every device. You are allowed to test mail on the network or intelligent devices. You can perform various tests with one click on the platform. Within moments you are allowed to explore details of browsers. However, you can also check the details about whether the recipient has accessed the mail.


Helps with testing and creating mail campaigns;
Litmus provides the most helpful set of tools;
Spam testing guarantees to maximize the email marketing campaign.


Absence of notification system for campaign approval.


Free Train: 7 days;
Premium Version: $399 a month;
Plus Version: $149;
Basic Version: $79.

4. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is a valuable tool. With 70+ creating functionalities, it becomes more expeditious and faster to portrait an excellent-looking mail. Additionally, it gives users additional features making it the most desirable choice. Most of the templates available on Sendinblue are responsive. It enables you to check the result on the screen to know whether it has proper formatting or not? You can still make use of A/B testing to enhance your campaign.


Great customer relationship;
Customization is achievable;


The collaborative portal is comparatively weak;
Sometimes the system crashes.


Free Plan: Enables to Send 300 Emails;
Paid Plans:Start at $25.

5. BayEngage


BayEngage is an all-in-one email marketing software with over 380 email templates with drag and drop functionality, pop-up builder, SMS marketing, coupon builder, email automation, A/B testing, advanced reports, sign-up forms, and more. BayEngage’s innovative platform allows you to generate sales and helps you until the leads convert to customers.

With BayEngage’s easy-to-use interface, you can start using the features mentioned above to the fullest. In addition, you can A/B test every element of your email to find the best working email for your subscriber list through accurate real-time data on the email campaign performance.

And if you have an online store in Shopify, this is one of the best email marketing software for Shopify!


  • Over 99.88 % of email deliverability
  • Exclusive email deliverability team to help you with the best practices
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses
  • 24×7 reliable customer support on chat, email, and call
  • SMS marketing included
  • Everything can be personalized


  • The free plan is only for 250 subscribers and 2500 emails per month.


  • A 14-days free trial is available.
  • Free plan with a 2500 email limit/month and a 250 subscriber
  • The basic paid plan starts from $10
  • After that, pay as you go

6. EasySendy


EasySendy Pro is an email marketing platform for online gig creators like bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, business coaches, YouTubers, makers, writers, course creators, consultants, freelancers, authors, coaches, musicians, photographers, and startups.

With EasySendy Pro, you can launch various personalized email campaigns to engage your subscribers and customers with autoresponders and automated drip email campaigns.


  • Connect multiple email delivery API relay servers
  • Connect multiple SMTP email delivery services
  • Connect email list verification tools
  • Run Email Warmup Process
  • Run A/B Split test along relay servers
  • Easy Email Campaign Sending
  • Reliable Email Deliveries
  • Create Lists with Searchable Custom Fields
  • Easy to Use Email Campaign Editor
  • Create and Embed Email List Forms


  • Free Plan includes only 2000 Subscribers
  • To set up your first email marketing campaign, you require lot of email marketing knowledge


  • Hacker Plan – $0/Month – 2000 Subscribers – 30000 Emails
  • Starter Plan – $19/Month – 50000 Subscribers – Unlimited Emails
  • Business Plan – $39/Month – 100000 Subscribers – Unlimited Emails
  • Growth Plan – $169/Month – 500000 Subscribers – Unlimited Emails
  • Enterprise Plan – $299/Month – 1000000 Subscribers – Unlimited Emails

7. SendX

Trusted by 3000+ companies worldwide, SendX is an easy-to-use and affordable email marketing software. It allows you to send unlimited email campaigns, build your email lists, and automate advanced email sequences. There is 24×7 Live Support, a free migration service from any ESP, a bundle of responsive email templates, and half a million stock free images for your email campaigns.


  • You can send unlimited emails per day using SendX;
  • A bundle of professional-looking and well-optimized email templates to choose from;
  • An agile drag-and-drop editor with simple and easy navigation and edit, undo, and formatting;
  • Optimization for mobile ensures that you are not left behind in catering to the mobile users;
  • Offers the collaborative capabilities required, if multiple users need to work on different aspects of a project;
  • Features such as Countdown timers, Modal popups, and Share buttons to improve conversions;
  • Heatmap report that gives you a quick overview of which CTAs are working and which links people are clicking visually.


  • Advanced workflows are not available.


  • $7.49 per month (billed annually), for up to 1000 subscribers, and goes up depending on the number of subscribers.

8. NotifyVisitors


NotifyVisitors is trusted by clients worldwide and is among the best email marketing tools. It combines email and SMS marketing functionalities. Its robust segmentation helps you personalize your emails effectively. With this intuitive tool, you can plan, coordinate, automate, manage, and analyze all your marketing efforts.


  • No coding Required
  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Email list building tools
  • Campaign management
  • Automated Campaigns


  • Limited Pre-made templates
  • Enterprise plan pricing should be available.


  • Three plans are available; Free, Startups and Enterprises. You can use the free plan to learn more about the tool and consider upgrading as per your requirements.

9. Moosend


It automates monotonous tasks and preserves time. You are obliged to devise and execute approaches based on tracked details. Impressive characteristics make it more straightforward for you to assign appealing mail to the recipient, ensuring the open rate. Read Moosend’s detailed review


Easy to understand interface;
Best templates to pick from;
Understanding templates.


Lack of regional integration;
Fewer opportunities to pick from.


Free Plan: Up to 1,000 supporters;
Paid Plans: Start at $10.

10. EngageBay


It offers numerous options assisting you in encouraging leads. Email marketing is included in the approach pattern and its line. You are permitted to pick from excellent templates available as per your advertising requirement. You can personalize the pattern to suffice your mail advertising approach.


Loads speedily;

Its combines a sophisticated CRM and CMS;
Fantastic customer support and features.


Don’t support reusable headers and footers;
You get mad when it comes to apprehending the contacts;
Limited landing page.


Free Plan:

Up to 500 contacts;
1,000 emails per month.
Paid Plans:
Start at $7.79

11. Omnisend


It is a complicated eCommerce advertising approach assisting you in creating awareness about your water bottle delivery app development, restaurant app development, and many other topics you aim to grab traffic with. Its marketing approach enhances your efforts. It facilitates users to automate their mail delivery and quickly time their interactions based on the recipient’s satisfaction.


Notable features for users;
Omnisend eliminates the requirement to add pictures and information manually;
The easy-to-use platform makes it more relaxed for users to enjoy the service;


Limited design options;
Lack of interaction;
Lack of customizable themes;


Free Plan: Up to 2000 emails each day;
Standard Plan: Starts at $16.

12. Benchmark


It’s one of the prevailing alternatives to building responsive mail that looks wonderful. No matter which device your potential clients are using, they will find it engaging if you craft it using Benchmark. It makes it prosperous for you to add pictures, manuscripts, and much more to make your mail more engaging and improves open email chances.


Ease of use;
Amazing design;
Make it easier for users to track email marketing performance.


Difficulty in uploading new subscribers list
delays in solving your issue.
Email automation is available, but it’s fundamental.


Free Plan: Up to 14,000 emails per month;
Paid plans: Excite at $13.99 per month;
Basic Plan: 600 emails at $9.95/month;
Standard Plan: 2500 emails at $19.95 per month.

13. EmailOctopus


Operates on the Amazon SES infrastructure, EmailOctopus is a free tool. The platform makes it easier for users to deliver numerous emails as they want, making EmailOctopus a perfect option. However, its basic Plan doesn’t present you with all the characteristics.


Extraordinary delivery rate;
Easy to build approach.


Lacks a bit on engaging templates;
Lack of live instruction.


Free Plan: Up to 2,500 subscribers;
Paid Plans: Begin at $19.

14. GetResponse


GetResponse allows users to add practice domains to the list and enables them to copy connections and explorations. They can even check the information of mail that failed to arrive at the location along with the reason.


Effective services and features for crafting list;
Provide required functionalities;
Excellent customer support.


Lack of ability to analyze data;
Limited tracking links.

GetResponse Pricing:

Basic: Starting at $15;
Plus: Starting at $49;
Professional: Starting at $99;

15. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Every individual is intimate with the working of the HubSpot Marketing System. It’s a free tool that provides excellent support to brands and satisfies all their requirements. It comes with pre-built templates that make users much more accessible and speedier than ever before. With the fantastic marketing approach of the platform, it becomes easier for brands to monitor, manage, and list their email marketing performance.


The CRM is Free;

Live Chat;
Thoroughly Customisable.


Lack of flexibility;
Only basic reporting available.


Free Plan: send 2,000 mails each month;
Paid Plans: start at $480 per year.

16. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact enables you to choose from multiple options available on its platform. You can leverage great features when using pictures, text, or other things you’re required to deliver your message to the recipient. You also allowed building a report on the mail advertising approach to know what response you have received. It helps you plan the strategy that helps in boosting your web presence in no time.


Drag & drop email editor;
Connection list management;
Mail automation.


Comparatively less intuitive interface;
Lack of integration with third-party tools;
Sometimes users face glitches;
Lack of storing promotional emails.


Basic Plan: starts at $20 per month;
Plus Plan: starts at $45 per month.

You Have Far More to Discover!

There are several more tools that you can consider to magnify your email marketing efforts. All the tools provide a few basic features free of cost, while some offer more than you imagine. Hence it becomes significant for you to choose the perfect one that caters to all your promotion requirements.

You can choose to upgrade your marketing plan to enjoy the best services provided by email marketing tools. Just learning to make most of them will help you save your time and money.

Even though you choose the premium plan, you will find it beneficial for you and land down in your budget.

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