Foodora Like App Development Solution

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Foodora Clone


Online food delivery venture has been praised right in the beginning. It provides such a great service to the customers to order their favorite food from the list of restaurants online. Do you want to start the online restaurant business like Foodora with your brand name? You come to the right place. AppEmporio offers you a white label solution for your online restaurant business with Foodora Clone. It will help you to provide online food delivery services at your customer’s doorsteps. Let’s convert your traditional restaurant system into online services with our Foodora App Clone and provide online food ordering services to your customers.

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What We Have For You With Foodora Clone App


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Good Interface

We crafted our Foodora Clone in a good and attractive interface. Easy interface helps users to understand easily the process of online food delivery

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Efficient Tracking

We integrate tracking facility in our Foodora Clone App. It will help the customers to track the delivery providers on the Google Map and know their current location.

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100% Customization

We provide a complete customization facility in our Foodora Clone Script. We will customize the app as per your requirements like customization in color, theme, and design.

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An Advanced Dashboard

To handle the single/multi-restaurant business, we provide an advanced dashboard to the admin. With the help of it, Admin can do the monitoring of the online services.

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What We Offer in Foodora Clone Script


We Offer Different Apps And Panels To Make An Easy Process Of Online Food Delivery

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Web Panels


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Restaurant owners can manage the online delivery process easily

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Manage Order

Restaurant owners can easily manage the incoming food orders with their details. They can handle the multiple orders of customers at a time with accuracy.

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Manage Delivery

They can manage the order delivery service. To dispatch the customer’s order, they can send the delivery request to the delivery provider with order details.

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On/Off Products

They can On/Off the food items as per the availability of the food. If any food is not available, they can hide it from the customer’s menu so customers don’t see it.

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See History

Restaurant owners can see the complete history of completed and pending food orders with their details. They can check the daily, weekly, and monthly payment details.

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Flexible solution for the customers

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Search Food Store

Customers can search the food stores which are nearby in their location. They have multiple options for food stores to compare and select the best food store.

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Add Items

Customers can add the requires food items in the basket with customization option. They can customize the food as per their taste.

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Product Details

Customers can see the categories and subcategories of the product items. They see the details of every item like item name, price, and images.

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Add Favorite

Customers can add any food store as a favorite in the list of favorite food stores. If they want to remove the food store from the favorite list they can remove it.

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Easy to handle all over the process of online food services

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Push Notifications

Admin can send the notification to the users related to the business advertisement and updates of the services so users can know about it.

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Admin has an authority to do settings in the app services. They can set the request timeout, time zone, default search radius, min/max item quantity, etc.

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Check Documents

Admin can check the documents for the registration process of the users who apply to connect with the business like restaurant owners and delivery providers.

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Promo& Referral Code

Admin can set the promo code with any extra offers like a special day and first-time order discount. They can set the referral code so users can share it with their friends.

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Mobile Apps


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Social Media Login

Customers can use the social media for the login process like Facebook and Google+. They can also use the Email ID and password.

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Real-time Tracking

Customers can do the real-time tracking of the delivery provider and know about their current location. And know that when the order will arrive.

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Call and Message

Customers can do the call and message to the service provider and supported agents if they have any query regarding food order.

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Customers have a feedback form to share their experience related to food taste and delivery services of the delivery providers.

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Submit Documents

To do work as a service provider, they have to submit their documents to the admin. After getting approval, they can start their work.

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Create Profile

To create the personal identity, providers can create their personal profile with all required details and profile picture.

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Get Delivery Request

Delivery providers get the order delivery request from the restaurants. They have an option to accept and reject the delivery request.

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Route Optimization and Navigation

Providers have GPS function for the route optimization and navigation. With the help of it, they can easily find out the destination.

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Clients Using Our Delivery App Across The World


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Wants to Know More About Foodora Clone App For Your Business?


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