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Yummy pizza is the evergreen choice for ordering food online. Pizza is the highest ordered food online and it will always remain at the top. Online pizza ordering system is the best way to start on demand pizza ordering and delivery service. The fast food is the top priority to order online or dine in the pizzeria and pizza shop is the first name which sticks in everybody’s mind and everyone would even agree with that.

Almost everybody agrees for that because pizza has so many flavors and toppings for each different taste. This versatile nature of pizza makes them so much popular. If every work is preferred to be done online then why not the tasty task of pizza ordering? People prefer to place pizza orders on the app and if they get options to choose from many varieties from multiple pizzeria they will definitely go there to place the order.

Additional Advantages Of Our Online Pizza Delivery System


We Have Attached Additional Benefits In Our Online Pizza Delivery System.

Complete Customization

The app should be according to the need of business and for that, we love to hear for doing the customizations and we are always ready for that.

Scalable & Reliable

As a business grows the app would be needed to scale up to work efficiently. We provide a scalable and reliable app to fulfill your every need.

App With Brand Name

You need to be identified in the online pizza delivery system market. That will happen with your brand name on app along with a logo.

Setup & Support

Just purchasing an app would not be enough. Installation is the most critical task for which we support and continuous support for your business.

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How Will The Order Be Placed And Delivered With Pizza Ordering Software System?


We Have Kept The Process Of Ordering Simple With Pizza Ordering Software, So The Flow Of Delivery Remains Seamless

The user can explore the available choices and drop any item in the cart which they want to buy.

After confirming the order the users will be able to make payment for the order they have prepared.

As the payment process would be done, pizzerias will receive order and start preparing the pizza.

Once the order will be prepared it will be handed over to the service provider person to do the delivery.

Service provider person can take the help of navigations and route optimization for fast delivery.

The user can track the order with real-time tracking facility and they can even check for delivery status.

When the order will be delivered the user will be able to rate and review the food and service.

What Will You Get In Online Pizza Ordering System And Delivery Software?


It Is a Feature Loaded And Platform Compatible App Specially Designed For Simplifying The Complexity Of pizza ordering system & Delivery Software.

Web Panels


Maximize the chances of business expansion with store app

pizza ordering system

Set Most Popular Item

The pizzeria can set the most popular items as a featured item for promoting the business on the app. Popular item can be changed every day.

Order Cancellation Charges

The time and resources of the pizzeria could be wasted if the order gets canceled, there is an inbuilt feature of order cancellation charges.

Minimum Order Amount

Minimum order amount feature is present in the app so that the pizzeria does not need to do any deliveries for non profitable billing amounts.

Extra Charges

It is reasonable to charge extra for extra services, extra toppings, and extra cheese. Extra charges features allow the pizzerias to do that.

Enriched experience of ordering from the pizza ordering website.

Multi-Outlets Access

Users can access multiple outlets at a time from a single screen. That provides a wider variety to choose from and to place the order for the desired item.


Filters are the good option while the user is looking for something specific. Filters help to get the exact product which user is currently looking for.

Product Details

The users can see the complete information for each and every product with more specification in a detailed manner to get the exact idea about the product.

Add Favorite

Now the items can be added to the favorite list. The user can directly go to the favorite items to order the pre-saved items in the add favorites feature.

Powerful control on the business with the admin panel

Manage Feature

The admin reserves the exclusive rights to manage the features. Admin can add new features to app or can put outdated features out of service.

Promo Code

On the special occasion and festivals, the admin can do the promotions with the help of promo codes for different deals and discounts and offers.

Force Update

If there is the new update of the app has been launched but the users are not installing it, admin can use the force update feature for updating.

Multiple Payment Gateway

The admin can add multiple payment gateways for the ease of customers while they are making the payment. It increases the chances of earnings.

Mobile Apps


One stop solution for all the task of pizza ordering and delivery

Map View

The customers can see all the available pizzeria nearby them in the map view. It is used to get the better idea of the pizzeria’s location.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the most advanced features used to track the delivery person with whom the order is and to know status of the order.


ETA means the estimated time of arrival, this feature is used to know the estimated delivery arrival time of your order right at your doorstep.

Rate & Review

The customer can review the service and can give ratings as well. The reviews and feedback will help to improve the service of food and delivery.

The delivery tasks are now more simplified with service provider app


History of each and every delivery made by the service provider will be stored in the history feature to check it out and for taking reference in future.

Transaction History

Each transaction history can be checked in the transaction history feature where the record of each transaction history would be stored for reference.

Route Optimization

The service provider can optimize the route to the customer’s location with the help of route optimization feature. It will help to get the fastest path.


Navigations will help the service provider to keep away from the traffic jams and to avoid unnecessary delays due to road blockages and other reasons.

Who Are Involved In the Whole Pizza Ordering And Delivery Process?


There are different parties are involved in the online pizza ordering and delivery software. The first is the customer who places the order. The flow will not start until the user doesn’t get involved in the system. The second one who is strongly involved in the system is the pizzerias which actually prepares the food. The responsibility for delivery is taken over by the delivery service provides, without them, the order will not reach to the customer. And above all the admin is monitoring the processes going on in the system and also putting restrictions and adding new features to it.


The customers will place the order of favorite pizza at their favorite pizzeria. They will confirm the order and can choose to pay online/offline for the placed order.


The pizzerias will receive the order and start preparing pizzas. Once the pizzas are ready they will hand over the parcel to the delivery service provider person.

Delivery Provider

The delivery service provider person will take the parcel and track the customer’s location and optimize the route in order to make the delivery process fast.

The Admin

The admin will monitor all the ongoing processes in the system. They will reserve the exclusive right to add new features to the system and remove outdated.

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