Delivery Software Solution For Small Venture

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Delivery Software For Small Business


With the help of our delivery software for small business, you can run any small delivery business very smoothly with the advantage of technology. It is an ideal software for any kind of small delivery business like food, grocery, flower, alcohol, medicine, marijuana, water and even you can handle the courier delivery business sufficiently with our ordering software for small business. The real-time tracking facility and the delivery status are the most significant features of our app.

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Run Your Every Small Delivery Business Anywhere


Our Delivery Software For Small Business Will Help To Run The Business Anywhere

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Multi-Platform Apps

You will get the apps which will help you to target more customers, an Android and an iOS app would help you to expand your business and get more customers.

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Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking feature of our delivery app will keep the business and the client both aware of the delivery status and it will allow tracking parcel as well.

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Ease Of Use

Now anyone can use the app very easily, explore the products and services and with very fewer efforts they can get what exactly they want from the app.

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Who We Help


Every Small, Medium And Large Scale Business Can Take The Advantage Of Our Delivery Software For Small Business

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Food Delivery

It is a perfect app for delivering the food. This app will help you out to present your small business in front of a large online audience base earn more.

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Grocery Delivery

Fulfilling all the demands of the grocery industry, this app will help to handle the manual and hard delivery tasks of your grocery delivery business.

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Flower Delivery

The blooming flower delivery industry can get fulfilled all its needs with the help of customized and highly advanced delivery software for small business.

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Medicine Delivery

Easy categorization facility creates its ideal space in the medicine delivery business. Jump up in this highly productive field with our delivery software.

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Marijuana Delivery

One of the most untouched field for entrepreneurs now can be explored well and get the benefits of generating more revenue with our customized app.

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Alcohol Delivery

Grab your chance and start a whole new delivery business where you will find the least competition which will help you and your business to grow.

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Water Delivery

Water bottle delivery industry now can get online and present all the availability on the app and get more customers and grab more chances to earn.

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Courier Delivery

Handling the courier delivery business was never such easy. With the help of our app, you can handle your courier business seamlessly and effortlessly.

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Like What You See? Explore It Now

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The Streak of Delivery Software For Small Business


We Have Designed a Perfect Delivery Software Exactly According To The Needs Of Any Kind Of Small Business And Yet It Is Possible To Scale It Up As The Business Grows. Get The Streak So That You Can Have a Better Idea About The Working Procedure Of Our Delivery Software For Small Business.

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Multiple outlets for a wide range to choose the products

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Advanced searching and filtering options for easy search

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Advantage of highly accurate commission mechanism for stores

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Full control of the delivery procedure for each delivery

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delivery software for small business

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White Label Delivery Software For Small Business Have The Features As Per The Need of Your Business.

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Our Offerings In Ordering Software For Small Business


We Offer a Bundle Of Apps And Panels To Fulfill The Complete Needs Of a Business

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Multiple options to browse desired products


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Schedule Order

The customers can schedule the orders where they can add the date and time to schedule the delivery for an upcoming day of next week or next month.

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Track Delivery Provider

Order tracking is possible with the help of GPS based tracking facility which updates the user about the current location of the delivery provider.

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Multiple Order

Customers have the facility to browse and select from multiple stores at a time and they can even place the order from different stores at that same time.

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Secure Payment

Online payments are more secure because of the additional in-built security options and securing the payment with multiple steps of authentication.

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Multiple choices to handle the business efficiently


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Manage Product Showcase

The stores can manage the product showcase by adding or removing any specific items. They can on/off the items for the convenience of management.

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Earning Reports

Reports of daily and weekly earnings are available in the app. With the help of earnings reports, the stores can easily analyze the growth of the business.

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Manage Orders

Managing and handling the orders is easy with the help of different order details attached to each of the orders. stores can even manage dispatch orders.

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Manage Deliverymen

The stores can manage the deliverymen from the app. They can access the details of a deliveryman and have the right to accept or decline it for service.

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Easy deliveries with a separate app for service providers


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Email & Mobile Verification

The delivery service provider can verify their documents with multiple options. They can use the email verification facility or the mobile verification.

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Earning Details

The delivery service provider can check and see their earnings in the app. They can check it on the daily or weekly basis for easy analysis of earnings.

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The delivery provider person can provide the delivery service at their convenient time by going online/offline. It provides the flexible time of working.

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Service Status Update

The delivery provider can update the status of delivery at each of the step of the delivery procedure. They can update it like as on the way, delivered etc.

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Admin Panel” tab_id=”1529309220213-3e1764cf-54e3″ el_class=”tab_dt”][vc_column_text]

More control over the business with admin panel


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Map View

The admin can see all the affiliated stores and drivers with their location in the map view. Map view makes the delivery management easy from the admin side.

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Manage Users

The admin can manage each of the user profile whether it is the customer profile, store profile or the service provider profile. Admin can add, edit or remove it.

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Check Orders Details

The admin can check the order details of each order. Each placed order, accepted order, delivered order or processing order are under the observation of admin.

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Push Notifications

For the various business purposes, the admin has the facility to send push notifications. With the help of push notifications, the admin can notify about any information.

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How Does It Work?


This fully functional software is able to handle all the business-related tasks seamlessly. It facilitates the users to have a wide range of choice by providing multiple outlets on the customer`s screen. At the same time, the stores can handle the orders very efficiently with the help of business-friendly features. Additionally, such features help to grow the business by optimizing different tasks which ultimately benefits the business. There is an in-built tracking mechanism with the help of it tracking the order becomes very easy for the customer, store, and admin. The efficiency of delivery can be increased with the help of this software.

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A strong connection between the admin and the stores

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Stores can add or edit the products to showcase it online

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Browse and choose facility to enable a wide range of products

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A full-proof commission mechanism for fair earnings

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Clients Using Our Delivery App Across The World


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Get Your Demo Today

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