How to Make an App Prototype for Free (Mockup Design + Resources)

How to Make an App Prototype for Free (Mockup Design + Resources)

Do you know what is a great idea to build a worthwhile project? It’s to focus on prototyping. When it comes to making a prototype, many come across how to make an app prototype for free. How can they create a Mockup design? What resources they will require and much more. To help you out with all the questions, we have listed everything in the article right below.

According to a survey, more than 2000 web and mobile apps are crafted by developers. And when it comes to mobile app development, every individual needs to create an app prototype. It can be a costly process if you don’t plan it smartly. Let’s explore more on the topic right away.

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What is Mobile App Mockup Design?

No matter whether you want to develop a mobile app for Apple, Android, or Windows phones, you often fall under the situation where you aim to present your app design and features to the platform users. It becomes essential for you to make the best mobile app design using advanced tools and technology. When it comes to mockups, then we can’t depend on screenshots.

With mockup design, your mobile app will be placed in a connection of an actual device or a professional 3D render without composing a line of code. It will help developers and designers figure out how the project will work and look in real-time situations. Your app patent, proposals, ads, and other things will look better than your imagination.

What is a Mobile App Prototype?

A prototype is a model or launch of a product developed to test a theory or process. It also can be termed as an act or process to perform or learn something. In the IT sphere, an app prototype is a visual model of a project that needs to be built per the client’s requirement.

Most times, a prototype is developed to bestow the logic and validate the app idea. It’s not functional; the features are crafted on the MVP boards. Developing an app prototype is essential as it seems exciting. However, its initial stage needs to be considered as it saves enormous time and money for individuals. It is as essential as getting a certificate in telecommunication technology when you’re working in the area.

Steps to Follow to Make an App Prototype for Free

A mockup design and resources help individuals to elevate the design of their software within a few minutes. There are many best tools that mobile app designers can use to leverage numerous advantages. Developing a prototype for your brand can help you eliminate the need to support a time-consuming and expensive process.

You don’t even need to hire professionals to design and develop your business software or app. Good mockup design and less use of resources can prove very beneficial for your business advancement and growth. It helps brands to drive sales effortlessly like a magnet.

You might be aware that the layout of your business platform and services is crucial, helping you build a unique presence in today’s competitive market. Great looking app crafted for multiple platforms can make your business shine. But there are few crucial steps that you need to follow to make an app prototype for free and accurately.

Step 1: Understand the issue;
Step 2: Identify all critical functionality needs;
Step 3: Create a design of every screen;
Step 4: Utilize your design into wireframes;
Step 5: Apply wireframes into a prototype
Step 6: Move to final design;
Step 7: You are all set to share your prototype with investors.

Most consider the prototyping process as a time-consuming one. But they need to understand that it’s not very time-consuming, it can save you from redesigning and bug fixing at the same time. It helps you from making mistakes and designates resources for a perfect prototype. It helps non-designers to cope up with their needs by themself.

List of Top Prototyping Tools to Check it Right Away

Designing a prototype is the best tool for discussing and collaborating. It can be shared with everyone at any time. Depending on the prototyping tool, you can easily count a few of the advanced features. Designing the frames of your intermittent fasting apps, delivery app, or ride-hailing apps is the best way to make it more realistic. You can’t think of avoiding this step while developing any type or size of an application.

You can boost app user experience to the next level by using numerous prototyping tools listed below. It helps you develop interactive mockups that can be managed and exported on any device, working as a real solution. It’s one of the exciting methods to test the premises of your app. It offers complete instructions for developers, executing their job more comfortably and immovable. Mockups are essential when you work with a prominent development firm. Let’s check the list of tools that you can consider using for your subsequent project development.

  1. Figma;
  2. Sketch;
  3. Adobe XD;
  4. Marvel;
  5. Craft;
  7. Origami Studio;
  8. Vectr;
  9. Adobe Comp;
  10. Mockplus;
  11. Balsamiq;
  12. Mockingbird;
  13. MockFlow;
  14. HotGloo;
  15. Ninjamock.

There are many more that you can use prototyping tools to choose from. Prototyping and mockup of apps make it easier for you to design professional and easy-to-use solutions without spending giant pennies. To make an intelligent choice, you need to consider a few of the essential factors such as:

  • Secure collaboration;
  • The significance of the template library;
  • Quick and effective layouts and screens liking;
  • Provides in-built design tools;
  • Helps to develop a responsive solution;
  • Advance design functionality support like a sketch, animation style, and photoshop integration;
  • Provide efficiency to create app mockups in different formats
  • Make it easier to design any size or type of app.

However, the editor’s preference and the ultimate verdict is to choose the best prototyping tool. Choose the one that provides you with all features that you require for your software development. Make sure to choose supports that are best in their sector. Moreover, the app speed will affect the download and usage of the solution. Hence focus on making designs that don’t take much time to load.

Ending Note

Developing an app prototype is essential that involves design work. Years ago, you needed to hire a designer to install prototype tools. Luckily numerous tools help you perform numerous tasks within a couple of seconds. It is a crucial part of the solution design process. It helps individuals simulate platform design, search user experiences, and test the user flows within the software you want to create.

Prototyping is not an arduous process as you consider it. It follows a great toolset and methods for your skills, helping you create a project with limited cost and quickly. There are plenty of prototype tools set to cater to all your requirements, no matter whether you want to build a technical idea. With a prototype, it’s essential to inquire and engage with your interface, helping you improve the overall feel and look of your app.

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