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Home delivery services are the most loveable services for all. People prefer the online delivery services. Do you want to provide the best home delivery services to your customers? AppEmporio offers a home delivery software with the best inventory system. With the help of it, you can supervise the multi-delivery business and provide the best online home delivery services to the customers. We offer a white label solution for the delivery service business. With the help of it, you can start your delivery business with your brand name.

Why Choose AppEmporio?

Turnkey Solutions

Our home delivery software gives you an independence to start your business from any place of the world. So you can start a business in Multiplace.

Hassle-free Management

To do the perfect inventory management, an advanced dashboard is available. With the help of it, they can easily manage their product’s records and details.

Perfect Branding

We provide a white label solution for the delivery business. In which, we do the perfect branding as per your requirements. It will help to do marketing of your business.

Rich Interface

Our designers craft the attractive UI & UX designs. A perfect pixel designs help to attract the more people. Our system’s interface is very simple, so users can understand it.

What We Offer in Our Online Home Delivery System


We Offer Business-friendly Features To Manage Your Delivery Business In Our Home Delivery System.

Web Panels


More Convenient Facility For The Users

home delivery software

Social Media Login/SignUp

Customers can use the social media accounts for the login and signup process. They can use Facebook or Google+. It’s an easy way for the login process.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers have a different type of payment options to pay for the items and services like Credit or Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallet Payment and Cash On Delivery.

Multi-Store Options

Customers have the multi-store options. When they set their address, they will get the list of nearby stores. They can compare the different store’s menu and items.

Add Favorite Store

If customers like any store’s services and products, they can add that store in a list of a favorite store. They can do editing on the list like edit or remove the stores from the list.

Easy to manage store items and services

Profile Creation

Store owners can create their store’s profile with all requires details like store name, address, contact number, and profile photo. As per the requirements, they can edit it.

Decide Delivery Service Radius

Store owners can decide the delivery service radius to avoid the unwanted delivery request at some far place where the delivery cost is high. They can set radius as per their flexibility.

Manage Product Items

It is easy to keep the record of sales with each payment detail assorted on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Manage Deliverymen Staff

To deliver the customer’s order, store owners can send the delivery service request to the delivery men. They can easily manage the delivery men with their services and earnings.

Easy to manipulate dome delivery business from any place of the world.

Manage Users

Business holders can easily manage all users like store owners, delivery men, and users with their profile details. They can edit or decline any user from the business.

Payment Mode

Business holders can make any changes in the payment mode at any time and as per the requirement, they can stop any payment system which is currently integrated into the system.

General Settings

Business holder has an authority to do the setting in their business and services. They can add or decline any service in the delivery business as per their flexibility and business need.

Push Notification

Admin can send notifications to the connected all users related to the updates of the business and services. They can also send the notification related to advertisement and offers.

Mobile Apps



Customers can do the filtering of different store’s menu, items, prices, and distances. So they can select the store which is flexible for them.

Real-time Tracking

Customers can do the real-time tracking of the service provider’s location and know that when the provider will arrive to deliver the order.

Review and Rating

Customers can share their review as per the store’s product and delivery services and rate them on the scale of five stars.

Order History

Customers can see all order history with all details. They can reorder the items from the list with new prices.

Document Submission

To do work as a service provider, a person has to submit the required documents to the admin that proves their personal identity.

Profile Creation

Providers can create their personal profile with all required details like name, contact number, profile pic and manage it as per the requirements.

Route Optimization & Navigation

With the help of GPS services, providers can do the route optimization and navigation of the customer’s location. So they can easily reach any place.

Earnings Management

Providers can manage their daily, weekly and monthly earnings report with all order history. As per the requirements, they can explore the history report.

Our Home Delivery Software Supports Multi Delivery Services

You Can Provide Any Type Of Delivery Service To Your Customers with home delivery software.


Meal Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Courier Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Flower Delivery

Water Bottle Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Clients Using Our Delivery App Across The World


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